First Impressions


The first time I saw them – or rather, I should say the first time I sensed them, for it was another long year before I laid eyes on them – I was filled with such awe and wonder. I knew we had created a child that night, and rejoiced as I heard the first faint, joyous song of new life. And then to my greater wonder an echo followed it, a second song perfectly blended in harmony with the first; and I could scarce believe that we had been blessed with the gift of twins, a joy I had never imagined.


The first time I saw them they seemed to me so very beautiful – small yet perfectly formed, each with a fluff of dark, downy hair and cloudy grey eyes. It was clear to see that they would grow to be far more like their father than me. As we held them one apiece, their mouths opened in identical wails of protest – wails that did not stop until they were laid side by side in their cradle once more. The cries ceased as they turned to face each other, their tiny hands clasped together, and they fell into a peaceful sleep.

An Elf Maiden:

The first time I saw him, I could not believe my eyes. He stood tall before me, and I looked up and found myself lost in fathomless grey eyes the colour of twilight. He had dark hair and those eyes were as clear as the seas surrounding my home.

Then he smiled, and it was like the sun emerging from behind cloud to dance upon the waters.

"And this is my brother," he said. Tearing my gaze away I looked to his side to see a mirror image – and found myself again lost in the same fathomless grey eyes …

An Orc:

The first time I saw 'em were the last time too. They came charging down on me'n the lads on their dirty great horses; faces like thunder and their eyes as hard as steel. The Grey Riders, just like our old captain told us tales of when he wanted to terrify the young 'uns. Ha! It were a tale he told right up until the time I slit his throat and made meself captain. Perhaps old Snagrat knew more'n he let on …

Then, like a nightmare, I saw one riding straight at me, his sword in his 'and …


The first time I saw them, I could not believe it. After waiting so long, I had given up all hope that they would come on this last ship. If they did not come now, they never would.

But there they were, standing at the prow; searching the quayside and looking so worn and weary. Then Elrohir – how strange that I could still tell them apart after so long – seized Elladan's arm and pointed. With the identical grins that I knew so well they leapt over the rail, diving into the waves as they began a race to the shore.