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Shadow headed down the white halls, the fluorescent lights reflecting in his red eyes. He had a bouquet of red and black roses in one hand, the aroma of which he thought smelled so good that it was a shame to part with them.

It was three days since Eggman had been defeated aboard the ARK and his subversive Eclipse Cannon had been destroyed. After the battle had been finished, the group had tied up the unconscious Eggman and Commander and then all filed into the X Tornado. Tails had flown them back to the planet as quickly as possible, but it still took several hours. Many of them had been wounded, and first aid had been applied immediately. Shadow had found himself bruised and bloodied, but nothing too serious. He was the Ultimate Life Form, after all. He'd been more concerned about where Storm had been shot in the leg. But after it had been wrapped secure enough until they got to a hospital, she had assured him she would be fine. She was his prototype, after all.

Once they had reached the Alpha base on the planet, they had turned Eggman and the Commander in and news had quickly spread of what they'd done. What had resulted was lots of celebration while the GUN soldiers were sent out eliminate any lingering mechs and begin the process of rebuilding much of the world. It had only been three days, and Shadow knew that they were still carrying out that mission. It would take time, but soon, things would be back to normal.

He had only needed a short visit to the hospital to patch himself up. Something he disliked very much. But since all the rest of friends were going, he had gotten bamboozled into it, too. Storm had been detained there so that her leg could be monitored. But she was being released today and Shadow was going to pick her up.

He couldn't help but smile as he turned the corner to her room, eager to spend time with her again.

"Shadow!" she exclaimed, sitting in the bed with her legs hanging over the edge. "How dare you come by unannounced!"

He laughed, stepping into small and square room. It had a few chairs in it, ones that had been temporarily occupied by Sonic and friends when they'd gone to visit her. Sonic himself had had to spend longer in the hospital than the rest of them – save Storm – and kept complaining the entire time.

"I told you I'd be picking you up," he stated.

"You're a few hours early."

"I always am."

She grinned, her red eyes dropping to the flowers. "For me?"

"Yes." He held them out. "As a Recover Quick present."

She took them, looking them over with shining eyes. "Beautiful. Just like you."

Shadow felt his face burning and he gave her a shy smile. "Are you, um, ready to leave?"

She reached for a single crutch beside the bed, waving it melodramatically. "They told me I have to use this for at least a week so I don't put too much pressure on my leg. Can you handle such a slow pace?"

He bit his lip, suppressing a laugh. "I'll be fine."

She hopped from the bed, using the crutch to support herself, the roses in her other hand. "Do you know where everyone else is?"

"Helping GUN, I believe. There's much rebuilding to do."

She cocked one brow. "Is that what you want to do?"

He shook his head emphatically, smirking. "You know how much I hate GUN."

"True," she laughed. "I'm just glad the Commander is going to get what he deserves. And Eggman."

They both turned and headed out of the room, Shadow replying, "I agree. Though I wouldn't count on the doctor staying in prison for too long. He always escapes."

She heaved a sigh, shaking her head. "Let's not talk about them, or GUN, or responsibilities. Let's just talk about you and me. Now that I can waddle out of this hospital, let's go get a quick dinner followed by an action-packed movie, and then late-night ice-cream. Double-dip chocolate."

One red brow rose. "How long have you planned this out?"

"Since five minutes ago. You in?"

He smiled – a pure, genuine one that reached his eyes and answered, "Sure, why not?"

The End

Ah, sad to see this story finished. Anytime I put an OC in a fanfic, I'm nervous as to how the audience will react. After all, it's not my OC they came to read about! Thanks for all of you taking a chance on my story! I've only gotten positive feedback about Storm, and I'm so thankful for it!

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