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Pillow Talk

Nothing is what it seems

Tyler Crowly. Age 25. That's all I know about him. I'm wearing the deep blue, Alexander McQueen dress that Rose picked out for me. My hair is swept up in a messy bun and my makeup is barely there. I have my new Jimmy Choo's on, courtesy of a bonus, Rose decided I had justly earned.

Yeah, Rose is good like that. We've known each other for ten years now. We're like sisters, only in the emotional sense. We look out for each other. I make sure she doesn't drink too much and she makes sure she uses her intuition to choose the right men for me. She's two years older than me, five inches taller, has a good right hook when needed, believe me, that one has been tested. Rose is beautiful. Sex on legs. The sort of beautiful that make men's trousers become very uncomfortable as they watch her walk through a room. And she knows it. She is so confident. So why are we good friends? Simply put, she needs me.

I don't frighten the shy men. I'm shorter without heels. Long, dark brown hair that has been described as mahogany. I have a good figure and I make sure I keep it that way. Yes, I have made my fair share of men stop and stare but I don't cope with that as well as Rose does. I suppose I never will feel completely at ease about it. It's not in my nature to be the centre of attention. I have to work at it, outside the sanctuary of my apartment.

I've been sitting here for some fifteen minutes now. The seat is quite comfortable and no-one has bothered me. Just the odd look in my direction, from the clerk behind the front desk. I really need a drink but that will have to wait for now. I'll have to decide when I meet this Tyler, how much drink may be necessary.

My phone rings. I remove it from my purse, flipping it open. Rose.

"Hi sweetheart. Has he turned up yet?" Her voice sings to me.

"No. I have a feeling he's not going to, Rose." I scowl down the phone.

"Of course he will. Patience, Bella! And don't frown. I can practically hear you frowning. Smile, Bella." She can be so annoying.

"Okay, is that better?" I smile as I reply.

"Much. If he doesn't turn up in the next ten minutes then ring me, okay?" That's the Rose I love.

"Okay, Rose. I'll be in contact, don't worry." I shut the phone and put it away again.

"Bella?" I look up in the direction my name is called. He is tall. Well most men are taller than me. He has kind brown eyes and his hair is cut short. His suit reeks of money. What is his problem? I inwardly debate. He's good looking, presentable, obviously has money and he doesn't look like an axe murderer.

I smile at him. "Yes, you're Tyler I assume?"

He nods and holds out his hand for me to take and I do. His hand is warm and soft. He must have a desk job or going by the brilliant white smile he may even be a dentist. I stand and follow him out of the hotel doors. The concierge nods his head as we pass him.

A black limo pulls up. Our ride for the evening. Plenty of room and privacy to talk without being overheard by the driver. The driver holds the back door open and Tyler gestures for me to enter the limo. I manoeuvre myself into position, conscious of not showing too much leg. Tyler sits an acceptable distance on the large back seat.

Before the vehicle is brought to life he offers me a glass of champagne. I accept, remembering to smile. As he offers the glass to me, he looks at me intently.

"I hope you like Italian? Miss Hale said that you liked most types of food except sushi." The last sentence is spoken as a question needing confirmation.

"That's right. No sushi. Italian sounds good." I turn slightly in my seat to face him. He has a nice smile. "So how long have you been in New York?"

"I arrived two days ago. I'm here for a couple of meetings and then I fly back to Washington State on Friday." He relaxes into the seat and sips his champagne.

"So, have you been to New York before?" I give him my full attention.

"Yeah, a couple of times. Mind you this is the first time that I've been put in a five star hotel. The Company must be doing well even in these times of economic hardship." He pauses to take another sip and looks at me again. "So, how long have you lived in New York?"

I look at him for a moment trying to decide whether or not I would share anything personal with him, including how long I have lived here. This is not about me.

He notices my hesitation. "I'm sorry. Miss Hale said that you may or may not answer personal questions. You can lie if you want, if it's easier for you?"

"Does it make it easier for you if we talk?"

He smiles and nods. "Yes, it helps me to relax more. I've never been the silent type."

I shift my position to face him a little more. "Talk about yourself then. I only know your name and your age."

He takes a deep breath. "Okay, I'm a dealer in the futures market. I'm here to finalise a deal."

I'm intrigued. "Are all the dealers as young as you?"

"Mostly. It's a job that requires energy and quick thinking on the floor." He drains his glass.

"And you're good at closing deals?"

He smiles broadly and stretches his arms across the back of the seat. "Yep."

"So, where in Washington State do you live? You don't have to answer that one by the way." I reassure him.

Without hesitation he answers. "Originally I was raised in a small town called Forks. Eventually I moved to Seattle to find work. I got the job via a friend. As the saying goes; it's not what you know, it's who you know that counts."

"So how did you get Miss Hale's number?" I take another sip from my glass, watching him over the rim.

"A friend of a friend, let's say. He comes to New York on a regular basis and always contacts Miss hale when he's here. He says he's never yet been disappointed." That would be Alice working her magic as usual.

"Umm. That's good to hear." Rose will be pleased.

The limo pulls up outside Scalini Fedeli. One I haven't been to before. Tyler steps out of the limo first and then turns to take my hand to help me to step out. I'm warming to him. But not too much. He let's go of my hand and holds the door of the restaurant open. He gives his name and we're ushered to our table. We sit opposite each other. I make my choice and he orders and selects the wine. So what is his problem? It's beginning to bug me now.

Conversation is easy. He's quite funny and makes me chuckle a couple of times. He tells me he's one of five brothers. They are all married and all have least two children. One brother has three boys. I smile. He has a big, close family. Something I have always wished for. He talks about his family with smiling eyes. He tells me stories about some of the antics he and his brothers got up to when he lived at home.

He's been engaged. Now we're getting somewhere.

"What happened?" I lean forward in my chair to show him I'm listening.

"She found someone else. She said I worked too hard. Didn't spend enough time with her." His face is reflective and a little sad.

"Maybe she didn't deserve you." She sounded like a total bitch.

"I thought it was the other way round." He smiles and shifts nervously in his seat.

"Not from where I'm sitting." I reassure him.

"You don't know me." He sounds a little indignant.

"I know enough." I finish my meal. "Do you want to me to stay?" The ball is in his court.

"What would you think of me if I said no?" Is he challenging me?

"Nothing. It's entirely your choice." And he knows that.

He sets his knife and fork down on his empty plate. "Would you like a coffee?" He hesitates. "We can have a nightcap back at my room."

His decision is made. I smile and nod.

Over coffee we talk about nothing in particular. We don't need to. There's no history between us. There is no future either. It's just the present that counts.

We arrive back at the hotel. The ride in the lift is silent. He looks over at me a few times. He knows he can back out any time. He opens the door and I step in. The room is large and airy. I make my way across the room to sit in a comfy chair next to the window.

"What can I get you?" He surveys the mini bar as he removes his jacket and places it over the back of the desk chair.

"Vodka on the rocks, please." I slip off my shoes and wiggle my toes.

He pours my drink and hands it to me. He pours himself a JD, straight.

He sits on the edge of the bed, leaning forward on his thighs, his hands cupping his glass. As he drinks he looks over to me, speechless. I smile at him to help him relax.

His eyes soften and he sighs.

Putting my drink down I stand and walk over to him, standing close to his knees.

"Tyler, do you want me to go?" I speak softly but I know he can hear me.

He looks up from his drink, slowly, his eyes moving from the hem of my dress, resting at my cleavage for a moment and then to my face. But not my eyes.

He shakes his head. "Don't go, please stay." I reach out my hand to stroke his face. He leans into my touch, shutting his eyes.

I take his glass and place it on the bedside table, not breaking contact with him. I cup his face in both hands now. His eyes are still closed. I reach for his tie, undoing the knot and letting the tie fall to the floor. I undo the buttons of his shirt one by one, pulling the hem out from the waistband of his trousers and then reach for the cuffs undoing those too. Sliding the shirt down his arms slowly, his breathing deepens. He has a good body he must work out, probably in the Company gym. They call it stress relief, of sorts maybe. With the shirt discarded, I run my fingers over his shoulders, down his upper arms and back again. His skin is smooth under my fingers. His muscles tense slightly and he shudders momentarily.

He opens his eyes and stands, inches from me. I reach up and let down my hair. He watches as it cascades over my shoulders and down my back. He reaches with his hands to run his fingers through the length of my hair. He turns me around and pushes my hair to one side to gain access to the zip of my dress. He pulls it down gingerly and places his hands on the shoulder straps, pushing them down past my arms. The dress falls and pools around my feet. He runs his hands down my exposed back and places his hands on my hips to turn me again.

"I want to kiss your mouth but I'm not allowed am I?" He knows that but still he asks hoping the rule can be relaxed.

"No, Tyler. You can't." I reply softly.

He begins to kiss my shoulders, stroking my stomach and waist. I rest my hands on the waistband of his trousers. As his kisses move to my chest, I reach for his belt. Moments later it's undone. The button and zip follow. I push the trousers down and he steps out of them. He climbs onto the bed, holding onto my hand and takes me with him. We lay on our sides facing each other. He strokes my face and I stroke his.

Shutting his eyes he says softly, almost a whisper. "I need you to hold me. Just hold me, Bella." I smile to myself and kiss his forehead.

I pull the sheets back from under us and lift them back up the bed to cover us. He rests his head on my arm, his face nuzzled into my chest. His breath is warm and gentle. I wrap my other arm around him and hold him just like I would hold a child, cruelly woken up and upset by a bad dream. He drifts into a heavy sleep.

I don't leave. I stay and sleep until the morning sunshine filters through the curtains.

He rolls over to see if I'm there. He smiles.

"Thank you, Bella." I slide out of the bed and pick up my dress, making my way to the bathroom. Minutes later I'm ready to go. My work is done. He's sitting up in bed and watches me gather my purse and slip back into my shoes. He smiles, his eyes finally meeting mine.

"Tyler?" I gain his attention. "She didn't deserve you." I smile and leave, making my way down to the front doors of the hotel.

I reach in my purse for my phone. I press number one.

"Hi, Rose. I'm on my way home." I hail a cab and head for home.

End of Chapter

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