Naruto's path of chi.

This is just a test run of Naruto's path of chi. Tell me what you think or if I should go back and change some stuff... It is helpful if readers give advice. Otherwise how can they enjoy it.


Thunder roared over the night sky as rain poured. A figure walked down passed the trees in the rain. 'The heavens have a reason to cry tonight...' The figure looked up from under his umbrella at the large gates.

A small building where chunin greet travellers sat off to the side of the gate. Inside it a chunin slept. Only to jump awake with the thunder. "I wasn't sleeping sir!" The chunin yelled looking about. He sighed. "Damn thunder..." He muttered sitting back down. "Like anyone would be travelling in this weather. I just wish my time would finish and the next takes over...' He sighed and glanced over to the gate. Lightning flashed and the chunin blinked.

A man had appeared in one flash and vanished with the next. Slowly, the chunin grabbed a touch and made his way over to the gate. He scanned the darkness. 'Must have imagined it.' The chunin looked into the village to the bright light. 'When my break comes... I'm getting a drink.'

As we move from the chunin, we move deep into the village. Just south of the hokage's building just a bit east from it. We come to a large bon fire. Small stalls set about with people cheering and having fun. Children stood by their parents as they watched wooden, soft toy and paper designs of a fox with nine tails burn before them.

This night... Ten years ago was the night the Kyuubi no kitsune, the nine tailed fox attacked the village hidden in the leaf. The man known to people as the 4th hokage. The village leader. Gave his life to stop the demon.

But were as that is true. It is only known to the children not old enough to remember or born since then. That the kyuubi was killed.

But, to those with memory of that night... It was sealed into a new born. A young boy named Naruto Uzumaki.

While people feared the boy, many left him alone. Believing it is safer to stay away from what could escape from the child.

But others... many of which ninja who lost a friend or family member to the beast. Let themselves on this night go a bit over board with too much sake to drown their sorrows.

This has caused, which this night holds of great importance. Many of them drunk or slightly drunk angry ninja and villager. Turned this night into an attack to get revenge.

While people laughed and danced. Not one knows what was happening to one boy of ten. Who now... Lay on his back in an alley. Blood soaked with rain and mud as the blond haired child looked to the skies. His eyes slowly losing focus as his blood left his body.

'Am I going to die?' Naruto asked himself as he lay there. He didn't even look to the noise of approaching footsteps. Nor did he look up as the rain was blocked by cover.

"You've had it pretty bad." Naruto glanced to a darkened figure. A hand touched his forehead. "Rest... You need to recover now." Naruto vision went black as he passed out.


Crackling... A nice smell and warmth was what brought Naruto back to his senses. Slowly his eyes open to a dim glowing roof over his head. Slowly he glanced to his left and found a figure sitting and looking at the fire.

"You awake?" Naruto blinked and slowly sat up. He winced as he felt the pain in his right arm. "Relax... You're in no danger here. You took quiet the beating." Naruto sighed as he lay back down.

'How am I not dead?' A plate was placed on the stool beside his head.

"Eat up... You need the energy." Naruto looked to the plate, then the man.

"Why did you..."

"Save you?" Naruto nodded to the man. The man chuckled as he sat facing the fire. "I'm doing this, because I promised a friend." Naruto took a bit of meat from the plate and took a bit. Naruto's eyes lit up as he mused at the taste.

"Good?" The man asked as Naruto nodded with a hum as he ate. "Glad you like it Naruto-kun." Naruto blinked and looked over to the man.

"How do you know me name?" The man glanced to the boy. But not enough so he could see this man's face.

"I'll tell you someday." Naruto put the plate to the side.

"Where are we?"

"We are in the forests around the village. But it would kind of like to stay here in piece. So please... Don't tell a soul I live out here." Naruto nods, even if the man did have his back to him. "I'll have a new set of clothing for you tomorrow. Your others were to bloody and torn." Naruto looked back over to the man and now noticed the small discarded pieces of orange from his vest and his white shirt and black shorts.

Naruto lay back down with a tired breath. The man glanced back a bit. "Rest Naruto. It's still early. We'll talk in the morning. Naruto rolled over on his side and slowly went to sleep with a warm stomach. The man glanced back to the boy and waved his hand at Naruto. The covers rolled up the boy's side.

The man smiled and closed his eyes. 'I should get some rest as well...'

As the morning sun began to rise. With the fire slowly burning out. Naruto's eyes twitched as birds chirped. 'Did I forget to close my window?' Naruto slowly opened his eyes to a wooden wall. 'What the...' He slowly turned to find that what he thought was a dream... Was reality. He slowly sat up and looked at his arm. The pain had faded and felt good as new.

The sound of digging got the boys attention and made his way to the door. He stopped as he saw on the stool was the new clothing.


The man sighed as he rubbed his forehead. 'This rain is going to kill the crops at this rate...' The man had a large mass of grey hair. His hair spiked out like a palm tree. He had a grey beard that went round his jaw. He had black eyes that showed anything but an old man. There was too much youth and energy in them. He wore a white vest with grey sweat pants. He wore black boots as he stood in his small muddy field outside his house. And the most noticeable thing's on this man. Was that he was built like a body builder. No wrinkles on his body and he had a large green dragon tattoo along his right arm, from shoulder to wrist.

The door opened and the man looked to the door. He smiled. "Like the clothing?"

Naruto nods. "Yeah... But it's a little strange..."

Naruto wore a light blue slip on top with white pants. Orange shin ribbons and wrist bands. He also wore black sandals.

"Well... I know the clothing is a little strange to what people wear normally. But they are a stronger cloth than normal. Even strong enough to repel low level ninjutsu. If you want... I could get you something different?"

"N-no... This is ok thank you." Naruto said looking to the floor. The man nods. "I mean it's just that you're being so kind... It's a little strange for me." The man nods.

"I see... Would you like some copies?" Naruto looks up with a nod. "I'll get some for you by tonight."

Naruto nods and could be only amazed by the kindness of this man. But this wasn't the only thing. There was a complete calmness about this man. He could see this man was strong. But there was no hint of it coming off him at all. This man was really well trained.

"Naruto... Do you have school today?" Naruto blinked and then his eyes widen.

"Oh man! I'm probably late!" Naruto yelled in panic. His new sensei Iruka was going to have him up against the wall with the leaf test again if he doesn't hurry to school. The man chuckled.

"Relax... You're not late... But I best take you to the village. Come, I'll show you the way." Naruto watched as the man walked off and Naruto followed. They walked in silence for a bit before the man spoke.

"If you want... You could come and visit. It get's quiet boring out there with no one to talk to."

"What do you do out there Oji-san?" The man glanced to the boy in surprise. But quickly shook his head before looking back down the path.

"I just work out. I do a lot of taijutsu."

"I've noticed." Naruto stated. The man chuckled.

"If you would like... I would be happy to teach you my style..." Naruto came to a stop and looked at the man blankly.

"Train me..." Naruto repeated. The man nodded.

"Hai... It's the promise I made to my friend. Besides looking out for you."

"Who asked you..."

"Like how I found out your name... I'll tell you someday." The man turned to Naruto.

"So... Do you want to learn tai-jutsu. My style is called kumite. But, unlike ninja, I can't teach you ninjutsu or genjutsu. But I have a similar ability."

"You do?" The man nods.

"Yeah... But it will come when you begin to master my style. What do you say? The training isn't easy." Naruto looked at the ground as he thought if he should.

After a few seconds, Naruto looked up. "I'll do it." The man smiled.

"Then you will come to my place to night. I'll have a few things ready to begin teaching my hand to hand combat style." Naruto grinned as he quickly followed.

As they walked Naruto blinked as he realized something. As they reached the gate Naruto turned to the man. "I never asked you your name Oji-san." The man chuckled.

"That's ok… My name is Son Goku."

"Son… Go-ku…" Naruto muttered. Goku chuckled, patting Naruto's head.

"I'll see you later Naruto." Goku said walking off. "Remember… Don't tell anyone about me…" Goku called as he walked home. Naruto waved before he blinked.

"I better get to class… I hope I'm not late."


"Sasuke Uchiha…"


"Naruto Uzumaki…" Iruka looked up to see the blond was late. That or he's doing a prank. 'I'll give him ten minutes… Then I best go find him.' The door slid open and Naruto panted.

"Sorry… I'm late sensei…" Naruto breathed out. Naruto blinked as everyone was looking at him. "What?"

"Oi Uzumaki! What's with the weird clothing?" Kiba called out.

"I… Got them today." Naruto said as he made his way to his seat.

"From where? The lost and found? I've never seen clothing like that before." Naruto shrugged.

"I just got them today. I don't need to tell you where."

"Fine whatever…" Kiba said turning to the front. Iruka just shook his head.

"Naruto, please take a seat. I would like to continue the registration." Naruto rubbed his head embarrassed and sat down.

As the classes went by Naruto was left to ponder on the man known as Goku. The man had been so nice to him and showed him kindness with new clothing. He also wondered what this style would be like. This left him to imagine him standing over Sasuke in victory. Sadly this got him in trouble for spacing out.

Lucky for Naruto, he wasn't held back after class, so when the bell went he blurred out the room before even Iruka got a word to him. A soon as he got to the gate he glanced about. He would be in trouble if he was caught leaving the village on his own. So when it was safe he rushed into the forest.

'This is going to be so cool… I can't wait to begin my training.' Naruto grinned as he made his way down the path he came to Goku's. When he got there he rushed right up to the door and knocked. "Oji-san!" Naruto called out. "I'm here for training!" There was a call and Naruto glanced to the left of the house as Goku came round. He found a long clear path. "What's this for?"

"I want to see your speed. This is 100 meters. Now… You know nothing of hand to hand combat right?" Naruto shook his head. "Ok… Stay here. When I call, you are to run as fast as you can." Naruto nodded. "And don't stop till you get to me." With that Goku walked some distance away. Goku pulled out a pocket watch. "Ready…" Naruto crouched forward. "Go!" Naruto then ran full on down the path. As he passed Goku, the man nods as Naruto panted.

"Not bad… but we're going to have to skim these 15 seconds away." Naruto blinked.

"How much by?" Goku looked up for a second. "Well, when I did this first with my sensei. I was about 8 seconds. And my sensei the turtle hermit could do near 5 seconds. But with what we'll do, it will be covered easily." Naruto could only blink.

'Not even some of our teachers could run 8 seconds down a 100 meter track.' Naruto grinned. 'I can't wait to leave them in my dust with my next prank.' Naruto blinked as Goku spoke again.

"Now Naruto… You got school tomorrow?"

"No… It's the weekend." Goku nods.

"Then follow me. We'll start with a light jog." Naruto nods and followed. Naruto followed Goku for awhile and jumped as Goku spoke. "Ok Naruto. We skip from here." Naruto blinked.

"What?" He watched Goku skip.

"Come on… This is all part of training. We'll skip for 2 kilometers." Naruto blinked.

'What he say?' Naruto was sure he heard Goku wrong.

But no… It did feel like 2 kilometers. Naruto panted as they reached the hut. Goku took a light breath. He wasn't even fazed. Naruto on the other hand was leaning forward panting.

"Don't lean forward Naruto. Keep yourself straight when you doing that. It's not good for you to do that." Naruto stood straight and panted.

"That was insane…" Goku smiled at Naruto.

"Yes… But since you're only a beginner… That was the easy run. Every day, morning, afternoon or both. You will do that route." Naruto didn't know what to say to that. "Once you begin to get the stamina for it. We'll move the path longer and different style running."

"Do I really have to skip after so long?" Goku nods.

"This is all for helping your stamina. You don't do it, and you won't improve to greater heights."

"I don't know if I can do this." Naruto groaned.

"Then let me tell you this. At your age the 4th hokage trained like this. And look how he turned out. Trust me… If you're anything like him. I'll give you near a year. Before I think you're ready for the main stuff." Naruto's jaw dropped.

"A year?" Goku nods.

"But Naruto, I plan to help you lower this. In the weeks and months to come. You will help me here, be it cutting wood or working on the field. This will all lead to your training. You have potential. Trust me Naruto. You'll do even greater than the 4th if you continue under me." Naruto nods with energy back in his eyes.

"Then let's continue!" Goku chuckled.

"Sorry Naruto, but it's getting late now. You can stay here. I have something for you to sleep in tonight. So we'll eat and I'll set up your sleeping space." Naruto nods.

"Thank you sensei."

As night fell Naruto sat looking at the small fire as his sensei cooked the food. "Oji-san."

"Hm?" Goku looked to Naruto as sat back down.

"Have you lived out here all your life?" Naruto asked. Goku nods.

"Yeah… Ever since I was a born, I've lived in the woods. I used to live with my grandpa… But he died not long after I was 8 or 9." Goku smiled as he looked to the fire.

"Must be lonely out here?" Goku shook his head.

"It never is… There are the animals around the forest. I have friends in places. And people like you that I train." Naruto glanced to Goku.

"What was the 4th like to train?" Goku blinked. He then rubbed his chin.

"Well… He's energetic that's for sure. A genius like many of his teachers said. With his current skills it took him the year I've given you to train up and be ready to learn my style." Naruto looked down.

"And you really think I can meet his standards…?" Goku nods with a smile.

"No doubt about it. He was a bit older than you. They say you can grasp things better when you're younger." Naruto sighed lightly.

"I'll do my best." Goku nods before standing. Naruto watched the man leave to the door. "Where you going?" Goku looked back.

"To set your living area up." With that Goku walked outside.

'I'm sleeping outside?' Naruto stood and made his way to the door. Naruto watched as Goku threw something to the floor and a white dome appeared. Naruto's eyes widen. 'H-he said he co-could do ninjutsu.' Naruto stuttered to himself. Goku glanced to Naruto with a smile.

"Come over… You'll sleep here tonight." Goku said entering. Naruto walked over from the hut.

"But you said you can't do ninjutsu…" Naruto said walking up.

"It's not." Goku said. Naruto was about to speak, so Goku continued. "I have a friend who can make special items that can store objects of huge size into a capsule with no chakra." Naruto blinked as he entered the dome.

Naruto was awed by the fact Goku could carry a small house around with him. He could only imagine the amount of ramen he could store away.

There was a lounge… Kitchen, bathroom and bedroom! All in such a small place. Naruto could only look left and right at the place. The electricity worked as well as the water and heating.

"Like it?" Naruto turned to Goku with a nod. Goku smiled. "I'll wake you up early tomorrow." Naruto blinked.

"How come?"

"Well… Tell me Naruto. Do you think it's fair you get all this training free?" Naruto blinked.

"It's not?" Goku shook his head.

"With training with me. You'll have to help about. But don't look so sad. This work helps with your training." Naruto blinked. But before he could speak. Goku stopped him. "I'll explain more in the morning." With that Goku turned to the door. "Night…"

The door shut and Naruto sighed in defeat. 'What's he going to have me do?' Naruto made his way back to his room and found spare clothing for him.

As Naruto went to sleep. He was soon to find out as the years come. That there was more to this training, to Goku, to himself and soon, to everything around him. Was more than meets the eye.