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The door burst open and I blink looking as the group from the imagination department walked in up to my desk. "Hello gentlemen. How may I help you?"

"Gogeta-san... We can't comply with your plans for 30 and 31... There is not enough to put it out between the two... It fills a perfect final chapter..."

"Oh? And I thought you; the self proclaimed 1# Uchiha hater would love this chance?"

"I've gotten bored now. Every here has agreed with held on long enough. It's time to end it here. This is the final chapter..." The paper is slid before me and I read it over. "As you can see, we've got plans to begin the next series... But this means full focus. This is your ending with what you requested." I nod looking it over.

"Saiyan reborn, and my minor work... What will happen to them?" I ask looking up.

"If anyone requests a chapter for it... Then we will do it. The minor work... That is going to be nothing but something you can do after all this."

"Great... So many ideas... I've even got some more..."

"We know... We've seen your idea's... But you've got no choice. We want this series to get under way. So you've got to let everything go and focus on the now. Npoc is the best story you've got. Give up on sr and anything else. If you get bored. Type it up for future times."

"Sigh... The life of a writer... I was planning on an origanl story..."

"Which you can't even seem to get the story's first area out. Right now you're not ready. Get to what your good at. And look for that in future. Your nineteen. You've got years before you can make your first book. Now let's get too it!"

"Ok!" I yell in agreement. "Naruto path to a warrior begins November 1st. So let's get to it!"



And there you have it. Now it's time to begin. The final chapter.

Chapter 30

Kimimaro's eyes narrow. The three he could pick up following, were just following him... They're not his comrades... So the blond must have removed the team.

Then why follow? Was the blond unsure of Kimimaro's power? No, he attacked with no worry the first time. And has been noted as an attack first person. So why wait...?

The battle field had to be the answer. Kimimaro could only guess that as the reason. A change in battle field determined winners and losers.

Sasuke was hours away still to awake. So when it came to a fight. He would have to act fast. A bone grew from under Kimimaro's right and left wrist at the sides. Ready to strike the blond down.

Time rolled by, no attack yet. Why did they just follow? It was getting dark, meaning they would only be able to attack clearly at day time... It was strange... So strange of this strategy.

As night fell. He changed directions. But the team followed. One was defiantly the tracker.

Though he was calm. He had some nervousness in his body. It made him feel nervous they're constant following. But he had to remain focused. His body was dead. They didn't know that. All he had to do was make sure Sasuke got to Orochimaru. That was his last task for the man that saved him, and gave him a reason to live.

As day rose into the sky. Kimimaro found himself jumping out into an open field. "Damn..." Naruto appeared in front of him and he swung. Naruto smirked as he left an after image. Naruto was below and a spiral of wind shot the barrel out of Kimimaro's steel bone like grasp. Naruto appeared above and ran up the side up the barrel and kicked it away in his flip.

"Take it and get back!" Naruto called as Chouji jumped. Kimimaro landed and began to turn.

He froze.


"Kagemane no jutsu successful..." Shikamaru called as Chouji grasped the barrel and moved away. Naruto landed in a crouch and looked at Kimimaro.

"Let him go Shikamaru... Stay by Chouji..." Shikamaru nods.

"Good luck..." With that he took off. Kimimaro huffed and turned his calm look on the blond.

"Why wait so long to attack? You followed me for hours without a sound..." Naruto smiled as he grasped his katana.

"There was something different about you... That's why I gave us an open battle field. You're the strongest among them and I want to see what you can do..." Naruto said as he drew his katana. He pointed it at the male. "When you're ready..."

Kimimaro's hands rose and he fired out round after round of small nail bullets. Naruto's katana swung and a pulse of wind stopped the nails. They scattered the floor. "Please don't waste with long range efforts. That's one of my skills. Give your best..."

"Very well... I shall give you it..." Kimimaro sprouted a bone out of his shoulder. He grasped it and drew it out. "These bones are as hard as steel. Nothing can break them..." With that he took off at the blond.

"We'll see..." Naruto leaned to Kimimaro's left as Kimimaro swung down with his right. Naruto's blade connecting and deflecting the blade out to Naruto's left. Naruto elbowed with his right rapidly, sending the male skidding back." Kimimaro scowled and moved forward.

"Tsubaki no mai..."

Then it began. Naruto watched with precision as Kimimaro delivered a series of strikes. Naruto blocked the blade on a down strike and kicked forward. But bones grasped round his left foot. Naruto smirked as he spun. Wind grinding away at the bones, pushing them apart.

"Konoha senpuu!" Naruto roared as his foot connected with the males face. Kimimaro flew across the ground and bounced to a stop. Naruto spun and landed. His ankle dripping with blood from the sharp bone. Kimimaro stood and rubbed the blood from his chin. His left wrist convulsed and four bones pronged out. He drew them up and rushed the blond.

Naruto swapped his left held katana to his right. And reached across his body. He drew his wikizashi to meet the long bone. Naruto spun his grasp and blocked the four prongs with a downward held katana.

The pair battled at close range and pushed apart. Naruto twisted his foot and vanished. He appeared behind and swung with his left. Kimimaro caught the blade with his bones, as they shot out his back. Naruto grunted and jumped back and flipped backwards. Two long bones shot out at him. Naruto flipped to his feet and vanished.

'This guy's good... Time to show him what he's up again!'Naruto gravity seal vanished.

Kimimaro saw the ground begin to smoke. Naruto appeared one after the other. In lots of different places. The males eye's glanced about. Seeking the young ninja's true image.

"Katto!" The naruto's vanished and Kimimaro turned to the blond and spun. Naruto's blade connected and his grinned. "Ha!" The pair was engulfed in a blast of smoke.

The sound of clashing rung and Kimimaro was kicked out by a powerful kick. Naruto appeared long aside and kicked with his right. Before vanishing and appearing behind. Naruto gave a powerful kick to the air. Naruto flipped over and his katana flipped into the ground behind him.

Naruto's hands shot out to his sides and he gathered chi. Time to test a new move. The orb's coated his palms and he faced them to the sky. "Argh!" Naruto roared as the two beams fired to the sky. Both spiralling round each other.

"What the..." Kimimaro grunted before flipping aside. The beam passing him.

"You think that's it!" Kimimaro's eyes widen as a high pitched pulsing noise. Naruto's arm hignabove his head as chi formed in a spiralling disk. "Kienzan!"

'Damn...' Kimimaro turned to face the disk. Naruto smirked as the disk spiralled off at the past second and Naruto double kicked Kimimaro in the gut. Sending the male crashing into the ground. Naruto smirked as he flipped and landed.

The smoke settled. "Why do you toy with me...? Why didn't you kill me when I had the chance."

"Simple..." Naruto said looking up. "I won't..."

"What?" Kimimaro questioned. "Why do you not kill me?"

"You may be part of Orochimaru's minions... But you didn't play part in the old man's death. I only planned to kill the four from that day... You were never my target. I will not kill you... You are someone strong... And I want to fight you again."

Kimimaro sighed as his cursemark glowed and spread. "Shame... I plan on dying soon... And I will take you with me for my master Orochimaru!" Kimimaro roared as his body transformed.

Naruto sighed and held his hand out. His katana rose from the ground by rotating wind and shot back at his grasp. "Then I will put you to the ground... But I will not strike you down..." Naruto said as he slid the katana's tip on the ground. Dragging dust up in an arc. His wikizashi shattered and discarded to the ground always from them. Having been shattered by Naruto's kick to Kimimaro's back. Kimimaro rushed forward as he drew his spine out.

"Tessenka no mai: Tsuru!" Naruto ducked and stepped out of the bone whips attack path. Naruto grasped his katana.

"Take this!" Naruto drew his katana blade back and swung as a glow of energy swirled at the tip. An orb of wind shot forward at the male.

Kimimaro jumped, not even looking at the cut ground below as he lashed out. Naruto leaned to the side and grasped the bone. Pulling Kimimaro forward.

"Hana!" Kimimaro roared summoning a long spiralled bone cone. "For Orochimaru-sama!" Naruto gathered chakra round his left arm.

"See sense! Kattoken!" Naruto yelled punching the bone. The bone shattered. "Wake up!" Naruto roared as he punched Kimimaro back. The male skimmed the ground and slid to a stop. His body failing under his will. Naruto stood over him.

"You're life force is fading..."

"My body has already died... Even I... have lost the will to move now..." Kimimaro panted. "I only wanted... To give the one man who saved me from death... A token of my gratitude..."

"It was doomed to fail the second I was your opponent..."

"What will you do now...?"

"Take Sasuke back... I'm sorry... But you will die alone it seems... Even I can't save the dead..." Naruto said with a sigh.

"Then do me one final request..." Kimimaro spoke up as Naruto left. Naruto stopped and glanced back. "Help... Juugo... He..." Kimimaro's voice stopped at that.

Naruto glanced forward and nods. "I will... From one swordsman to another. I will help Juugo... Whoever he maybe..."

As Naruto walked off. Kimimaro's hand twitched slightly.

"Well that seemed easy... And again... Something very different..."Shikamaru said as he and Chouji stepped before Naruto.

"Yeah..." Naruto blinked as he felt killing intent. Instantly the ground exploded in bones.

"Argh!" Was the roar of a pure white Kimimaro. Naruto gathered his left arm back.

"Baka!!!" Naruto yelled firing a white beam of energy at the bone wave. The bone's crumpling and fading into nothingness. Kimimaro's body had a smile as he faded into the blast.

Shikamaru and Chouji stood dumbfounded at the display. The large wide smoking trench before them. Naruto bite his lower lip. "You should have stayed down... Baka..." Naruto muttered as he sat down.

"Chouji..." Naruto spoke up. "Put Sasuke's crate in the middle of the area... We wait till he comes out... Then we decide what to do from there..." Chouji nods and walked out to the centre.

"What do you plan on doing?" Shikamaru asked sitting down.

"Sasuke's a weird case... Always seeking power. Now that he's got it..." Shikamaru gave a curious look and Naruto answered. "Otherwise why would he be in the crate, slowly increasing in chakra. Does he go to Orochimaru, or come back."

"Where will this lead then?" Chouji asked walking up.

"If Sasuke goes on... I bring him back beaten..."

"And if he comes back."

"Then I will say I'm sorry for thinking so little of him and we all go back to konoha... But I will still mock him for leaving only for power..."

"And what if neither happens..."

"Guess we'll find out soon..."

The team sat and waited. It wasn't long before the crate smoked and exploded. A figure standing in the smoke.

"Stay here..." With that, Naruto stood and vanished. He appeared the other side of Sasuke. "Sasuke... Bout time you got your useless ass out of there..."

A light chuckle echoed out. "Good to see you've come, Naruto... I was hoping you would."

Naruto sighed. "Sasuke... You fight, I will take you beaten form back to konoha. You can't win..."

"We'll see!" Sasuke roared as he rushed the blond. Naruto deflected the right punch bye pushed out with his right hand. With his arm stretched, Naruto punched forward. Driving the pain home and Sasuke flying back through the air.

The male skidded and glared. The black marking's fading. His sharingan glaring holes. Naruto looked on calmly. "Give up... You can't win Sasuke. I've been beyond you for years... You fight, you will lose... You will gain nothing from fighting me."

"Wrong Naruto..." Sasuke snarled as his cursemark formed completely into second stage. "I will kill you!!" Sasuke roared. The two tomes spinning.

Naruto watched as Sasuke rushed him. 'Baka...' Naruto mussed as he moved to the side and flipped back. 'I guess I had some blame... But this is not the way to get stronger...'

"See sense!" Naruto yelled kneeing Sasuke in the chin. The teen stumbled back. Naruto stood straight. He reached into his vest and removed his gravity seal. 'I won't need this any more...' Naruto sliced it in two with wind chakra and let it float away. "You gain strength from those you wish to protect. You gain nothing being alone!" Naruto yelled.

"Enough!" Sasuke roared forming a set of seals. 'Katon: Goukakyuu no jutsu!' Sasuke unleashed a powerful rush of flames. Naruto remained still as the flames whipped round him.

As the flames faded from Sasuke's mouth he watched with a smirk and glanced about. Like the fool would really stand in that fire.

He glanced forward as he heard yelling. And the flames were blown away as sparks of electricity sparked along the floor. Naruto was a glow with white chi as if he was on fire.

"You..." Sasuke growled. "What the heck are you?!" Naruto looked dead on at Sasuke.

"A warrior..." Naruto vanished. He appeared by Sasuke's form and the boy's curse mark faded. Slowly his eyes rolled back and Naruto caught him in his right arm. "I've trained to become something beyond this world... Even if you did change now... Nothing would change..." Naruto said solemnly. Sasuke was then flung onto his shoulder and he walked to Shikamaru and Chouji.

'It's weird walking without the gravity seal. But I don't need it now...' Naruto looked at his friends and they nodded. With that, they took off into the forest and back to konoha. 'I'm strong enough to protect my friends... But I will continue to improve.'

As they travelled Naruto noted to a new presence. And a medical ops team appeared. "Shikamaru-san. What is the team's current statues...?"

Naruto didn't note to the fact he was the one in charge. And let Shikamaru speak.

"Chouji and myself are unharmed... Naruto?" Naruto glanced back.

"Just hot... But that's from the fact I stood in the centre of Sasuke's fire jutsu."

"And Sasuke?"

"Out cold. Naruto was forced to knock him out as he attacked him." Shikamaru stated. The medical team leader nods.

"Uzumaki... Please place Sasuke-san on the tree branch. We wish to carry him back to sustain less injury." Naruto sighed with a nod.

"Very well..." Naruto landed on a tree and set him down. As the medical team checked him over Naruto hopped on a branch. 'I feel so light... It's like I'm not even walking on ground but air.'

The ninja team followed behind the medics. And as soon as they entered the village. They found some of the rookies waiting. Sakura, Kikan, Lee and Hinata. Even Ino for her teammates.

"Yo..." Naruto said landing.

"You know... I never thought he would go so far..." Kikan said watching Sasuke be carted off.

"Yeah well,.. Anyway, I'm heading to see Oba-chan. I've got to give my report. Shikamaru... Chouji." With that the pair followed.

"Naruto-kun." Lee spoke up.

"Yeah?" Naruto asked looking to Lee.

"You could have been faster..." Naruto smirked at that jab.

"Yeah well... In your current state... I'd be a month ahead of you... on the same mission..." With that the team walked off.

"Why did Naruto choose those two anyway? What's so special about Chouji and Shikamaru, that he wouldn't turn to people like Sai, Neji, Ten-ten or Hinata?" Ino asked.

"Because they were his first friends..." Hinata spoke up. "That's why..."

Naruto, Shikamaru and Chouji gave their report before leaving the office. As they did. The two advisors for Tsunade passed them. Naruto glanced to them and then turned back to where he was walking.

As they left the building, Naruto turned to his friends. "I'm going for a walk... I'll see you guys later..." With that Naruto walked off. It was time for his answers.


"Homura.... Koharu..." Tsunade spoke as she eyed the two advisors. "What brings you here."

"Naruto Uzumaki..." Both spoke. Homura spoke up.

"He is too dangerous to remain in konoha."

Tsunade raised an eyebrow. "Oh...? And why would he be so? Normally when someone like Naruto appears. You would throw out the red carpet for them."

"He's different Tsunade..." Hokaru spoke. "We belive the Kyuubi has its own influence in the blonds power. And that's why the village council and clans men believe keeping the blond from the village would be wise."

"So what do you mean? Banish him? After he just brought Sasuke back? You've got to be joking..." Tsunade growled.

"You have to see sense. Till the blond is deemed safe." Homura spoke up. "If the kyuubi is doing this and weakens the seal... The Kyuubi will destroy konoha... We can't take that chance... We don't say banishment... More that he leaves for the time being. He will be connected as a ninja of leaf. But not under the title of a working ninja for our village. So anything that happens is his choice. Not ours. It is until the jinchurriki is believed to be of no danger."

"And how long will that take? To just send a child like Naruto out on his own like this..."

"He will understand... He wishes to protect his home. So in doing this. It will keep the ones he cares for safe."

'You rats...' Tsunade sighed as she sat down. The hand was played and she really didn't have a choice. It was a fact that Naruto's power was beyond the current world. So being scared of it was understandable.

'Sorry Gaki..'


Naruto walked in silence through the forest. His mind coming over all that's happened. And what he's picked up from his time as a ninja.

Small noticeable things had cropped up. And now Naruto needed his answer. And he was sure he was right. And if so... He wished Goku had told him sooner.

Upon entering the area. He found Goku resting on the roof. Looking to the sky. "I know what you're going to ask... But I want to give you something instead."

"Why don't you just answer this then? Ever since you told me I was the hokage's son. I've begun to think on what you said way back. These thing and more have made me wonder."

"To many people's knowledge... Yes. You are the son of the fourth hokage. But, there is more than that." I wondered what you meant. To people's knowledge... And the but, there's more to that." Naruto then moved on.

"Then there was this point... You said you know one other person with the level you used it today. At first, I thought you mean the 4th. You didn't, did you?" Goku remained quiet. Looking to the sky.

"What you said those years ago... Have been making me wonder. And I think, after I made this..." Naruto said as he formed the rasengan. "I figured it all out." Naruto sighed. "I'm the..." Naruto blinked and caught the scroll.

"Open it... Everything will be answered then." Naruto looked at the scroll. His name on it. Naruto sat down and rolled the scroll out. A seal with two palm release circles. "Put both hands on it... And everything will become clear..." Naruto nods and put his hands down.

"Kai!" The seal's glowed and the main seal at the centre glowed and vanished.

To Naruto, there was nothing but darkness... He blinked as he began to fall. But what stunned him was the fact he was falling away from his body. "What the... Hell...!!!" Naruto yelled.


"OW!" Was the loud yell that came from behind the hokages desk? "Damn it... I've got to stop leaning back after all that work..." The male voice spoke. Slowly an arm reached up and a male with blond hair appeared behind the desk. "Oh... Man this just kills the back. Sitting like this is a pain..." Minato growled as he pulled his chair up. The door knocked and a young female opened it.

"You ok Hokage-sama?"

"I'm fine... But I'm heading out... Get a break... If someone comes looking for me..."

"I didn't know you left..." She said with a smile and shut the door. Minato smiled.

"Now... Time for some good old ramen!" Minato said turning to the village and vanishing from the room.

The street's continued on as Minato walked the streets. He enjoyed it when it was like this. He could still walk without a care. True sometimes people would come up and greet him. But he liked it when he could just walk the village at a leisurely pace.

"Now... Where is it...?" Minato muttered as he smiled at the ramen stall. He sat down at the counter with a grin. "Hey Teuchi-san... Ready to serve your favourite customer...?" Minato asked with a grin.

"On the way Minato-san." Minato smiled, this was one of the few places he could be called Minato anymore. It was always Hokage-sama to the village.

"Minato-aniki!" Minato jumped out of his wits as Ayame. Teuchi's daughter yelled out in front of him. No matter what training he got from Goku-san. This girl would get so close to him it scared him sometimes.

Ayame laughed at Minato's spooked face. Teuchi chuckled.

"What sort of Hokage is scared of a little girl?"

"She's very skilled at hiding her presence... Must be because you sense no real danger from children. But that's just as deadly." Teuchi nods. He glanced up and smiled as he turned back to his work. "Good day to you too."

"Thank you..." Minato sighed as he found his vision blocked. Only he would know who this is...

"Onee-chan!" Ayame called the woman smiled from behind.

"Hello Kushina..." Minato spoke as the woman sat beside him. The red haired woman smiled.

"Good to see you in a tired mood... nii-san..." Minato smiled. Kushina Namikaze, his sister was the only other alongside him to be trained under Goku. And he was annoyed by the fact she was stronger than him when it came to a fight.

"Paper work is a killer. I can see why the old man was so quick to vanish as I took over. Heh, probably still enjoying that retirement."

"You asked for it... But then again... You've got no choice. You are the strongest ninja known."

"True..." Minato muttered. "I haven't heard word from Uzumaki-san yet... Seems the mission must be longer than expected.

Kushina sighed as she rubbed her palms. The ring shining. "He better be back soon... We were to start planning a date to get married..." Minato smiled.

"Just don't hurt him Kushina... He's a strong man... But you could bend someone like him in two if not careful." A red faced glared was returned.

"Watch your tongue Minato-chan... Or you'll walk with a limp..." Minato chuckled and Kushina smiled as the ramen was placed before the pair.

"Dig in..."

"Itadakimasu!!" Both called as they ate away. Teuchi smiled. He could still see the two children that would come and eat after the academy was over for the day. And then be dragged off by one of their parents for wasting money when they have dinner at home for them. 'Ah... good times.'

The pair blinked for a moment. And frown. Minato sighed. "Sorry, Teuchi-san... I have to go..." Minato said as he put his payment down. "I'll have to get take out later. Sorry..."

"Same..." Kushina said paying. The pair then took off. Teuchi sighed as he picked up the bowls.

"Those two... Only one bowl... So much for a boost in profits today... I can't wait till they each have a kid, they still have the love for ramen in their children."

"It's strange that he would be calling for us..." Kushina muttered as she and Minato jumped the roof tops.

"I know... Goku wouldn't have called unless he had good reason too..." Minato replied as they took off into the forest. It took them minutes before they reached Goku's. The old man stood looking to the sky.

"Goku-san... What's the trouble..." Goku turned to the pair with a sad look.

"Minato... Kushina. In a few weeks... The kyuubi will attack konoha..."

The pair was silent. "What..." Minato asked. He didn't just hear that.

"The kyuubi will be summoned to attack Konoha..."

"B-but how? The Kyuubi is one of the 9 who control the lower worlds. I know some have been cropping up in villages. But not many can summon the kyuubi. Even at his power..." Minato muttered at the end. "Then, who could summon that man."

"Someone I will let you figure out... I'm sorry, but this is your fight. I want you to prepare." Minato and Kushina glanced to each other.

"Goku... If that's true. Can you tell us our chances of survival...?"

"I'm sorry... Neither of you will come out alive... At this current point."

"I... See..." Minato muttered. He glanced to Kushina. "We shall do our best... Don't worry. I'll not let you down... I'm just... Saddened by the fact you had seen such high hopes in us as your replacements..."

"I know..." Goku said as the pair leaved.

Since then, the pair had prepared. Minato had spent some time during is paperwork. To come up with battle plans.

But... A week later... Something unexpected happened.

'Damn...' Minato stared at the paper as he looked up at the team. He closed his eyes and let a tear fall. 'Damn it... Why did it have to be you...?' Minato put the paper down. With the encountered mission with a team of rouge ninja. The team before them had been a search team after Uzumaki's team had yet to return.

They had found the remains of the team... And had found out what had just happened through studying the area. They had all been killed.

Kushina was devastated with the outcome. Minato had not left her side after he found her hours later, trying to take her own life.

He had put suppressors on her and had her watched by a team of anbu.

But now he was in trouble. He was beginning to think it wasn't a good idea like this... He had found away to take the Kyuubi down... But with Kushina... He couldn't leave her like this... He had to think of something...!

The day's rolled by and finally, at the last moment, having heard a comment between drunken mates. Minato had come up with the plan.

The next day he went to see Goku. He requested this.

The day the Kyuubi appeared. He would seal the demon away. But when he did this, instead of dying. He would be regressed to an infant to contain the power. Kushina would follow suit.

The reason for this. A new life. Give Kushina a better one. And Minato would grow up once again to protect the village. But only when Goku believed it time.

Minato straightened out every detail. The changing of people's memories to set a new time line. The set up of how he wanted things to flow. He wanted nothing to mess with this plan till he was old enough to know for sure.

Goku nodded. It sounded sound. It would be a good idea. True to the fact he would have to use shenlong to make sure everything went to plan. But it was do able.

Minato made two scrolls. And with the help of the Yamanaka clan. He created two scrolls with a memory replay to reveal to the two younger selves much of the important parts of who they really are.

Now it came down to the final points. The names... Minato would be named the character in Jiraiya's first book. And Kushina would be named who she was called going to call her first daughter.

And so time came as ninja stood to face the nine tailed fox.

Minato sighed as he formed the seals and a bright lit the sky.

Behind the battle, a large dragon appeared in the air. Its golden form spoke. "The wish is granted... Fair well..."

Everything rippled and Minato's form shrunk into the infant form. He lay crying next to the deceased form of his body beside him.

The dragon faded into Goku and he sighed. 'I will see you soon Minato... Or should I say...'



Naruto blinked slowly as his vision returned to him. He stood slowly and looked to the sky. He looked down to the scroll. '....' He looked up and found the area once again empty. A note was hanging off his katana, which was stabbed into the ground before him.

"Naruto... I know you will have a lot of emotions and questions now... But I will tell you this now. When you return... You will begin your own journey. You will learn more out in the world and gain comrades to back you in the fight to come... I will come to you when it is time to give you your final lesson. Put everything you've learned to good use. And also... Think closely... I'm sure you will figure out, who Kushina is..."

"Goku..." Naruto growled clenching his fist. "I'll get you for this old man!" Naruto yelled. "You should have told me that thing to begin with!" Naruto growled as he drew his sword. To have not told him that... Now he felt disturbed and bad for what he'd done. He walked home with his thought of what Goku meant from the rest of the note.

Slowly the blond looked to the sky, and then turned to the village. His mind going over his new information. He entered the village and walked the streets home. When he got home, he didn't expect to see Tsunade sitting in his home.

But that afternoon. He was left stunned. But part of him felt glad about this. He was going to improve and get stronger.

"Naruto... They have given you a week..." Naruto looked to the window. The sun was on the down fall.

"I'll be gone before the sun has set."

"So... Soon?" Naruto nods to Tsunade. He smiled.

"I have a journey ahead... One I plan to learn as much as I can from..." Tsunade nods with a smile and ruffled the blond lad's hair.

"You going alone?"

"Yeah... It's the only way I can do my journey..."

"I'll let Jiraiya know..." With that she left. Naruto sighed and went to his room. "Time to gather the essentials..." With that he pulled out scrolls from under his bed and got to work. His ninja scrolls. Clothing, money, weapons... All he would need sealed into scrolls and then sealed in another with a name under each seal.

He tied a ribbon round and pocketed the scroll. His home looked bare... He smiled, it looked like when he first entered this flat...


The door creaked open and a 5 year old Naruto blinked. "This place... Is mine?" Naruto asked the 3rd. The old man smiled.

"It is your home from now on... If you ever need something, do not worry about it and come to me... I will do what I can." Naruto looked about as they walked in.

"Thank you Oji-san... I'll take care of this place." The old man chuckled.

"Don't worry about keeping it too clean. I'll make sure to keep it up to scratch till you can do it yourself... Now, how about some ramen?"



Naruto smiled and closed the door. "Farewell Hiruzen-oji-san..." Naruto then turned to walk off. His hands in his pockets.

As he entered the streets. It was quiet. Strange for an evening like this. Naruto turned and walked down the path to the gate.

As he walked he blinked as pot hit the ground in front of him. "Gomen!" Naruto looked up to Konohamaru. "Naruto!" Naruto smiled and he jumped up. "What you doing?" Naruto sighed as he looked up.

"I'll be going for a long time..." He said looking at the area before him. The roof top he first spoke to Shikamaru and Chouji...


Shikamaru was laying flat on his back and enjoying laying in the sun. His friend Chouji sat next to him eating his chips. As a shadow loomed over, he frowned. He glanced to the blond. He knew this guy...

"What do you want...?" Shikamaru asked.

"You're Shikamaru right?"


"I was wondering if I could join you guys... It's sort of part of my training?"

Shikamaru glanced to the blond. "Training?"

Naruto grinned. "Yep!" He chirped with a fist against his chest. "The Kame-sennin teachings. Move well, study well, play well, eat well and rest well."

"I like the last one..." Shikamaru mussed. "Fine... take a seat. This here, is my friend Chouji."

"Nice to meet you Chouji..." Naruto said with a grin as he sat down.

"Nice to meet you too Naruto..." Chouji glanced down at the bag. "What you got there?"

Naruto glanced down. "Something I went looking for... It's call Shougi."

"Shougi?" Shikamaru asked sitting up. "My dad plays that... I hear it's a hard game to play."

"You never play it?" Naruto asked. Shikamaru shook his head as he lay back down.

"It's too troublesome..."

"Want to have a go? I brought two books on the game play... But I've got no one to play with..."

"Sounds like fun..." Chouji spoke. "I'll play." Naruto nods and both set up the board.

Shikamaru closed his eyes to rest. But he couldn't when he kept hearing the taps of pieces and the pair's reading of instructions and then game play. Only then to go consult the book.

After half an hour of getting nowhere... He sat up." Hand me that book..." Naruto and Chouji blink at him and Chouji nods.

"Here..." Shikamaru looked at the book and then flipped through. After 5 minutes he turned to the blond.

"Let's go..."

And ten minutes later. "Checkmate." Shikamaru blinked and looked at the piece set up. He miss something? "Hehe..." Naruto said grinning. Shikamaru glanced back up. No way was he about to look bad, if his dad heard, having tried to teach him...


And thirty minutes later. "Check... mate." Shikamaru said with a smile. Naruto sighed as he looked at the set up. Then looked to the book.

"Damn... it... Ok, let's go again..." Naruto said as they set up again.

"You won't win..." Shikamaru stated.

"Heh. I won't need the book now. Everything from here on out, is my own style of play."

Chouji sat happily with his chips as his friends engaged war on one another.


Naruto smiled as he waved by to an upset Konohamaru and friends. "Take care... Make sure you improve as much as you can..."

"I will Naruto! No matter what anyone says. We're rivals..." Naruto smiled as he walked down the steps.

Naruto walked on in silence, he reached the fountain. 5 minutes from the gate and found Hinata sitting at the fountain. Naruto smiled.

"Hey Hinata..." Naruto said as the Hyuuga looked up. She gave a sad smile.

"I... I've heard about what they're doing too you... It's not right."

"But they have their reasons... I'm heading for the gate. I'll see you there..." Naruto said walking on. Hinata. She watched Naruto walk off.

"Naruto-kun... I love you..." Hinata spoke up. Naruto stopped in his direction and glanced back.

"Hinata... I'm sorry... I had some idea you did... But I knew it would only cause you harm..." Hinata looked surprised. She saddened afterwards.

"I-I wouldn't care... You're the one I've aimed to surpass... Too become your equal and be at your side... Than behind." Naruto turned to Hinata.

"Hinata... I see you as a good friend... I know you have seen me differently... But my feelings arn't that..."

"I wish they were..." She muttered. She blinked as she found Naruto's hand on her shoulder.

"Hinata... You are one of the few people I've come to care for the most. Lee, Gai-sensei... Shikamaru and Chouji... You're all very close to me..." Hinata blushed and glanced away. "It's going to be hard knowing I can't return your feelings... But they'll pass. You'll find someone." Hinata looked into Naruto's eyes as tears formed in hers.

"But... You're the only one... Your smile... The way you would keep going when you were brought to exhaustion before your tenth birthday... I longed to have that kind of will... You made me stronger..."

Naruto hugged the girl. "Then you know that I will be waiting to see how strong you've become. I'm your friend. So don't let your friends down. They are what make you stronger." Naruto smiled as he stepped back. "Never give up, always keep fighting when you know you have the disadvantage. Even if you're body has to recover for months. If you know you've given you all to do what you did. Then you know how strong you've become... I'll see you at the gate..." Naruto said turning to leave. Hinata watched the blond leave before turning and running off.

The blond sighed as he looked to the sky.


Appare harebare Mirai mezashite yukô All my friends!

Saa ima Ore-ra no pawâ
Yoseatsumerya maji de saikyô sa
Burenai negai no chikara de sekai o kaero

You know? Donna sugoi yatsu mo
Moto wa kodomo na no sa
Tôi yume o miagete dekaku naru
Osoreru koto naku Say yes! go! go! go!

Ikeru toko made high, high, high Tonde yukô
Genkai wa nai nai
Appare harebare tsukuridase
Hikari no sasu All my world!


Naruto stopped as he looked to the what he was surprised to see was two rows of ninja. Tsunade, Jiraiya, Gai, Ryuunosuke and Lee. Even some of the rookies.

"I… Didn't expect such a farewell…" Naruto said walking forward.

"You may not think it Gaki… But everyone here and thoughts on missions have high respect for you…" Jiraiya stated.

"Naruto-kun… Make sure you continue to get stronger. Let you youth"

"Gai Please… No youthful stuff… Be sensible for once…" Ryuunosuke stated. He smirked. "Take care Naruto. I hope to see you within in these walls soon…" Ryuunosuke said as he handed the blond a scroll.

"Keep training. If we meet again. I want to see if you've kept to my methods." Naruto nods.

"I will…" Naruto stated as he pocketed the scroll. He blinked as Gai hugged the blond. He could only sweat drop with other ninja as Ryuunosuke sighed in annoyance as Gai gave a heartfelt farewell to his young student.

"Gai…" Tsunade growled. As the join stood, Tsunade pulled out two scrolls. "Naruto, each one of the ninja here before you. Have given you one Kunai, shuriken and some money for your travels. With you still being classed as a ninja. You can take missions were ever you please. So do me proud. I want to hear you name out there." Naruto blinked at the scrolls, then the ninja.

"I… I can't take this…"

"Nonsense…" One jonin spoke up. "We will have none of that Uzumaki!" Another called. "Do the leaf proud!" Naruto smiled as he scracted his head. As he put the scrolls away. He stood before Jiraiya. He put a scroll in the blonds hands.

"Keep up your training… The toads will be there when you need it… And watch out for Akatsuki…" Naruto nods.

"I'll be fine… Later… Jiraiya-sensei…" Jiraiya blinked. He could have seen Minato flicker in front of the blond. Jiraiya smiled.

"Good luck…" Naruto nods and walked forward. He glanced at the ninja left and right. Each one giving their silent good luck. He stopped before Lee.

"Take cares Lee… I want to fight you again someday." Lee nods as both shook hands.

"I too Naruto-kun. I'm sorry but Hinata didn't come…" Naruto smiled.

"She's said goodbye her own way… And I've given her my goodbye… Lee, when we meet again… We'll need a mile wide island for us to fight again…"

"Naruto-kun… I will never be able to truly be your equal… But I will continue and make sure you keep on your toes." Naruto smiled as Lee stood aside.

"Goodbye Naruto-kun…" Lee spoke.

"Goodbye… Lee-kun…" Naruto said with a smile as he walked to the gate. He looked up. The sun was on it's final point. His chi spiraled round him in a white flame. He turned to his village. He has gained lots of friends in this village. Now it was time to make more…

"Naruto-kun!" Naruto blinked as he saw Hinata. She jumped with her right arm back. "Catch!"

Naruto blinked as the object flew to him and he caught it. He looked and smiled. He removed his headband and pocketed the band before he attached a pair of goggles. "I'll keep them in good condition!!" Naruto called. Hinata smiled and Naruto turned to the gate. He crouched and vanished before every one's eyes.

"He's gone…" Some ninja muttered to one another. Lee, Hinata and Gai all looked to the air. They could see Naruto gliding through the air as the light rested on his form.

"Thank you everyone…" Naruto mussed as tears dropped into the sky. He then vanished like diamond dust particles… And his tale now begins…


Sô moshi hekonda toki wa
Toriaezu wa waraitobasha ii
Ikete 'ru Ore-ra ni naru no wa kore kara na no sa

I know Tsuyoi hîrô de mo
Nayamu hi mo aru darô
Tsuyosa sore wa katsu koto dake ja nai
Tachiagaru koto sa Say yes! go! go! go!

Yabai bôken hi, hi, hi hajimeyô
Zenshin de zenshin
Appare harebare Pikkapikasa
Mirai no sora All my world!

Ikeru toko made high, high, high Tonde yukô
Genkai wa nai nai
Appare harebare tsukuridase
Hikari no sasu All my world!
Hikari no sasu All my world!

Hey boys,
Look for the Dragon Ball
No pain, No gain
I believe
You can be real heroes

Hey boys,
Look for the Dragon Ball
You can make it
I believe
You can be real heroes

Hikari no sasu All my world!


Thank you for reading Naruto's path of chi. I hope you enjoyed the ending and I would like to thank everyone one of you. Sadly I can't thank everyone with names… As I have so many who gave their reviews. But as I said. I gave you quiet an ending story. And yes I know I changed the character rolls with Kushina and Minato. But I did it for my story. Sorry if this has annoyed you,

And don't worry. He won't be calling himself Minato… He is Naruto Uzumaki and will remain Uzumaki Naruto.

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Let's set our sights on the brightly shining future, all my friends!

Well, now, our power
If we gather it up, it'll be the strongest for sure
Change the world with the power of your unwavering wish

You know? No matter the incredible guy,
He used to be a kid, too
Dreaming of far-off dreams, they become huge
Fearing nothing, Say yes! Go! Go! Go!

Let's fly high, high, high as we can go
There's no, no limits
Make it to shine brightly
The light shines on all my world!

Yes, if you should ever cave in,
Just push back out with a laugh
Our becoming awesome starts now

I know that even mighty heroes
Have days when they worry
Strength isn't just winning,
It's standing up for yourself! Say yes! Go! Go! Go!

Let's get started, hi, hi, hi, on a risky adventure
Pushing forwards with all our might
Shining brightly with a sparkle,
The future sky—all my world!

Let's fly high, high, high as we can go
There's no, no limits
Make it to shine brightly
The light shines on all my world!
The light shines on all my world!

Hey boys,
Look for the Dragon Balls
No pain, no gain
I believe
You can be real heroes

Hey boys,
Look for the Dragon Balls
You can make it
I believe
You can be real heroes

The light shines on all my world!


Water dripped from the roof of the cave as cloaked figures stood in the darkness.

"So... The Kyuubi jinchurriki is out of konoha?" One spiky haired figure spoke.

"It would seem he was too powerful to be deemed safe in his home village. He has been allowed to travel as he pleases till they see him safe to return." One large headed figure spoke.

"I see... Itachi, Kisame... You are to follow and bring the jinchurriki, Naruto Uzumaki in to us... That is your mission."

"Good..." Kisame growled. "I have to repay him for his attack on me..."

"Kisame... You attack him again. He will defeat you again... Even I will not have an easy task." Itachi spoke.

"Both of you will defeat and bring in the jinchurriki. This will be the last time we meet for three years... After that we begin the mission. To gather all the bijuu... Till then, everyone is dismissed." With that they all vanished. One figure stood amongst the darkness. A lone red eye glowing.

"You're power will be mine... Juubi..."