Here I am sitting on a private jet headed back to Forks, Washington remembering why I left in the first place.


I was walking in the school, with my head down. I noticed that everybody was quiet. I looked up and noticed that everybody was whispering and snickering as I walked by. I walked to the lunch room to get breakfast, when there on the wall was a blown up picture of my head on a naked model's body saying Virgin Mary call for a good time and then my number. Tears started filling up in my eyes when Rosalie Hale and Alice Cullen came walking in laughing. When they notice I was crying, they laughed even harder and called me a baby. I just ran away from all the humilation towards the office. I was blinking back the tears when I got to the office, I walked in and noticed my dad was already there with Emmett by his side crying too.

That was the last day I had to deal with the Cullens and Hales


That day, Emmett and I decided to move in with mom and Phil. So, we left that day and haven't been back since. That was 2 1/2 years ago. We were home schooled and traveled a lot. Emmett and I are fraternal twins, he is a minute older than me. Back then, I was 5'2 and little over weight. I had long dull brown hair and chocolate brown eyes. I had an acne problem, wore thick rimmed glasses, and wore braces. If you look at me now you wouldn't believe I was the same person. I'm now 5'5 with long mahongany-brown hair that is curly/wavy. My deep brown eyes pop out now that I wear makeup. I had my braces taken off, I wear contacts and my acne was cleared. I am petite with an atheletic body but I had curves in all the right places. Lets just say I was HOT!! Look out Forks, Bella is back and I'm taking nobody's crap.


I can't believe I let Bella talk me into coming back. " Just imagine what they will say when they see us" she said. " We could show them that they can't hurt us anymore. We deserve to go back and finish high school like normal teenagers. Dad would be excited for us to come back. I can't do it without you" I was not convinced till she did the ONE thing that she knows will break me. " Please, Emmy!" Then she batted her big brown eyes at me with a pout. What could I do, I'm a sucker when it comes to my lil sis. So I agree and here I am thinking back to why I wanted to leave in the first place.


I had parted ways with Bella right at the walkway. I was walking to Gym, my first period, when none other than Jasper Hale and Edward Cullen came walking my way. I tried to dodge them, like I do every morning, but they just wouldn't have it. They started calling me names and pushing me around. They was laughing and would laugh even harder when they seen me start to cry. The thing that broke me down was when they told me that my sister and I were never loved by our mom thats why she left. I knew it wasn't true, but I just couldn't take it anymore. I started running towards the office. When I got there I called my dad and he came to pick me up. Right when we was getting ready to leave, Bella came in the office. Her eyes were all red and puffy from where she had been crying. I don't know what happened but I was beyond mad. It's one thing to bully me around and make fun of me but its another thing when it came to my sister. After we got home, Bella, dad and I started talking and we decided to move in with mom and Phil.

That was the new beginning of our new life.


I look back of the last 2 ½ years and I smile.

"What are you smiling about?" Bella said.

"Oh nothing really. Just thinking back on the last 2 ½ years."

"Yeah, me too. She said and then a smile was on her face.

"They're not going to know what hit them when they see that The Swan twins have returned."

A lot has happened to us in the past two and half years. We don't look the same, actually you couldn't tell we are twins. I am 6'3 with a very muscle toned body. Everywhere I went people was afraid of me because of what I look like. I have short brown curly hair with hazel eyes. I got my braces taken off and my acne was cleared. What do you expect when you have money available to you.

I was pulled out of my thoughts when a voice over the intercom stated: " Please buckle your seat belts, we are getting ready to land." I put my seatbelt on and out of the corner of my eye I seen Bella sigh.

"Whats up lil sis?"

"First of all Emmett we are only a minute apart. Second, Nothing is up. I just can't believe we are coming back to this place. The place we left and haven't been back for two and half years." As we got up to leave, I grabbed her and gave her one of my bearly hugs.

"It will be ok, Bells, I won't let anything happen to you."

"Thank you, Emmy." She said.

As we walked in the airport, we noticed dad waiting for us. I started towards him with Bella behind me, I notice my dad was getting nervous.

"Hey dad whats up?" You could see the disbelieve in his eyes.

"Emmett is that you?" he said. I let a loud bellow laugh.

"Yeah dad it is!" I said laughing.

"Wow! Look at you, your…Huge!" He grabbed me and gave me a hug. As we was hugging I heard a small chuckle and my dads eyes went wide with excitement and disappointment. I turned around. I forgot all about Bella. She was behind us with a huge smile on her face watching our reunion.

"Emmett, who is this lovely lady and where is Bella?" I let out a laugh and Bella just chuckled.

"Man, dad, you don't even recognize your own daughter!" she said while giggling.

"Bella…is that you?" His face expression was hilarious.

"The one and only." She said with a smile.

"Wow! You look good." He said with a laugh. Of course knowing Bella, she blushed to a tomato red and dunked her head.

"Well how about we head home. I am tired and hungry. They don't serve good food on the plane." Bella and dad both just shook their heads.

" Duh, Emmy, it's a plane and plus you about ate everything they offered you." There cues my blush. We got in the car, of course the police car, and headed to Forks. Conversation was kept to a minium. Dad just asked about what we have been doing the past two and half years. Soon, it started getting greener the closer we got. I saw a sign that says, WELCOME TO FORKS!

Well here goes nothing!!


After our reunion with our dad we headed to the car. We got in the police crusier, to much of my dismay, we headed to Forks. Conversation was minimal, with dad just asking what we have been doing the past two and half years. After while I got to thinking about what kind of car I was going to get. Phil would be putting money in our bank accounts, so we never have to worry about anything. I earn my own money with my clothing line that is out. I thought about going shopping for clothes, stuff for my room, school stuff, etc. I noticed things started gettting greener and I saw the one thing I never thought I would see again, the WELCOME TO FORKS sign.

What have I done!