To All My Fans:

I know it's been 3 years since I last wrote anything that hasn't been an Author Note and for that I want to apologize for that. Between life getting in the way, having a baby and my other computer crashing and me losing everything (including all the chapters for all my stories even ones I never had a chance to post).. I really haven't been feeling up to writing. Well I have some bad news and I have some good news. The good news is that I'm back in the mood to write again but the bad news is I don't know if I can finish any of my stories. Now, I've been thinking a lot about it and I think I'm going to start on the new fresh idea that I have and take down the others. I want to go thru them all and bring them up to date on my writing style. So they won't be gone forever, just for a little while. Of course I might also just keep them up and re-vamp them from there. I'm not quite sure yet. So, don't give up me. I do plan on finishing at the very least Swan Twins since it is my baby and it is what got me writing in the first place. But like a baby, she has to grow and right now she's not. That's enough of my babbling. I'm giving everybody the chance now to either review or pm me with any advice weather its criticism or not they want to give me or any ideas to add to any of the chapters. Make sure you tell me what chapter so I can at least consider it. Also this is a chance to answer any questions you have so far about the stories. I will try to answer everyone. Like I had said before, please be patient with me. I promise you, you won't be disappointed. Thanks again for sticking with me all these years, I hope to get everything updated and the stories moved on!