A New World Means A New Destiny
Rated: T
Inuyasha/Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy, Jak II, Jak III, & Jak X: Combat Racing Crossover
Main Pairings: Kagome/Jak, Kirara/Daxter
Summary: Kagome has finally completed the jewel and her journey, but it came with a heavy price. Now in need of a new beginning, Midoriko sends this time traveling Miko and her companion, Kirara, to a new world, where a new destiny awaits.
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Dedication: To my family that always supports me in writing and everything else.

Prologue Inuyasha: How It All Began…

'SIT' -Thoughts
"SIT" -Talking

Kagome's POV

"Naraku is…dead. It's over! Finally it's all over!" I mumbled to myself, while still trying to catch my breath. I just sat there and stared at the spot where he used to be in front of me, the Shikon No Tama laying innocently in the dirt.

The feeling of excitement was coursing through my veins and I wanted to celebrate, I wanted to hug everyone and say 'We did it!', I wanted to finish this adventure with a happily ever after. But in the span of that five seconds, I forgot that the people I have fought along side of for the past three years had fallen into to the hands of death. Realization hit me harder than I thought possible, and I fumbled to pick up the completed Shikon No Tama before surveying the battle field.

My eyes widened and filled with tears, the excitement I felt wore off quicker than I thought possible because in my sight was the bloody, torn up bodies of my second family. They were strewn between the thousands of body parts that Naraku abandoned during the battle. My tears began falling and I didn't even realize that it was beginning to rain.

I began hearing a 'mew' sound, which caused me to look down. It was Kirara in her smaller form, she had a few scratches and her fur was soaked in crimson blood.

"Kirara!," I yelled bending down to take her into my arms. I didn't care that she was soaked in blood, all I cared about was that she was alive. She kept meowing to me, trying to reassure me that everything would be alright, but that only made me cry even harder. 'God! Kagome you were so useless! All that training was for nothing! You couldn't even protect your precious people!,' I yelled to myself in my head.

"Shhhhh! Child, you must be calm and allow your heart to let go and gain a new beginning." A strong, soft, kind voice whispered.

"Huh?" I hiccupped through my tears, and looked up to see Midoriko in all her glory. I gripped Kirara tighter as we both gazed at the long dead legendary Miko.

"Child, you mustn't give up hope. With the last remnants of my power I'll let you begin anew. You'll start a new life in a new world, but be warned you have a new destiny that awaits you." Midoriko told me with a small smile adorning her face.

I thought about my life, what I went through to get where I am, and once I thought about it, it came to me that everyone I wanted to protect is dead and gone with Kirara being the only exception. The well was sealed now by Kikyo, in order to prevent Naraku from trying to go to my time after he found out I was from the future. The people I cherished had just died in battle, so with out anymore hesitation I decided to take Midoriko's blessed offer.

"Lady Midoriko…I'll take you up on that, but will Kirara be able to come with me? If not then I refuse." I announced with new found determination, as I rose to my full height with Kirara in my arm.

"I will allow you to take her, as well as anything else you desire, but there are conditions that will have to be met." She told me while looking into my eyes with a caring expression.

"There's always a 'but' isn't there. Alright I accept, but I want to know the conditions," I replied. 'There is no way that I'm going to be thrown into something again without knowing what I'm getting myself into,' I thought in my mind, my tears fully stopping.

"First you'll have to revert back in age to around 4 years old; next you'll have to keep all of the memories you have currently as I have no such power to erase them; following that your looks will be altered, as well as your blood to correspond with the beings of that world, and with that will most likely come different abilities. I will also not be able to help you; and the Shikon, in order to truly disappear, will have to become apart of your power." She told me with a serious tone. I took a moment to memorize all of the conditions.

"I…I understand. I want to have a new life, I don't want to linger in the past forever, I want to…I want to…smile…a truly happy smile," I said to her while looking up to the sky.

"Mew, mew, mew," Kirara said, while rubbing her head on my arm in affection.

"I know Kagome, I know. So, please tell me what else you wanted to do?" she asked me.

"Could you please give me my family's weapons, along with my own?" I softly told her.

"Yes, of course, we can't have them lying around for people to steal." She answered, using some of the little power she had left, she created a necklace. On that silver necklace was silver miniaturized versions of Sango's Hiraikotsu, Miroku's Staff, Sesshomaru's Bakusagia and Tenseiga, Inuyasha's Tessaiga, Shippo's fox magic which took the form of a fox, Jaken's Staff of Two Heads, Kohaku's Chain-Sickle, my short bow that is made of dragon demon bone forged by Totosai, the Sacred longbow of Mount Azusa, and my arrows gifted from Kaede; as the charms. Midoriko then handed me the necklace, to which I put it securely around my neck, she also chanted a spell so it wouldn't fall off.

"Thank You, Lady Midoriko." I said to her with gratitude.

"You are welcome, now are you prepared to leave here forever?" she asked.

"Wait, can you do one last thing for me before we go?" I asked in alarm.

"Yes, what is it Kagome?"

"Give my family a proper burial, please I think they deserve that much."

"Yes, I believe they truly do deserve that much," she answered while releasing using a little more power. Their bodies disappeared in a flash and a big headstone appeared with flowers surrounding it.

"Thank You, once again."

"You're Welcome."

"I'm ready to leave, are you Kirara?" I asked the nekomata in my arms.

"Mew," she replied to me with the nod of her head.

I looked up to Midoriko and nodded my head to her. She began chanting in an ancient language that I didn't understand. When she finished her chant a portal opened and glowed a glow similar to the Bone Eater's Well, but navy blue. Kirara and I felt a pull from the portal and as we were heading into the portal, Midoriko yelled, "Good-Luck and Goodbye, Lady Kagome."

Shocked with the respect, I quickly looked back at Midoriko but she was gone. Though somehow, I managed to see the memorial stone placed for my family's grave. It read:

In memory of these great: friends, family, and warriors.
Here lies:
May they rest in peace and watch over the survivors from the legendary final battle for the Shikon No Tama.

When I finished reading the headstone, I allowed one last tear to fall, before my world went black with me hugging Kirara as close to me as possible.

To be continued...

Next Time On, A New World Means A New Destiny:

Chapter 1: Jak & Daxter: The Precursor Legacy…The Beginning?

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