A New World Means A New Destiny
Rated: T
Inuyasha/Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy, Jak II, Jak III, & Jak X: Combat Racing Crossover
Main Pairings: Kagome/Jak, Kirara/Daxter
Summary: Kagome finally completed the jewel and her journey, but with a heavy price. Now needing to begin a new, Midoriko transfers this time traveling Miko, and her traveling companion Kirara to a new world, where a new destiny awaits.
Disclaimer: I own nothing if I did I wouldn't be writing this.
Dedication: To my reviewers and to one of my best friends who has just graduated (Class of 2012).

Chapter 3: Jak & Daxter: The Precursor Legacy…Time to Leave…


Kagome's POV

It felt as if only a few minutes had past rather than around 7-8 hours. We were finally on the fisherman's boat heading to Misty Island at the crack of dawn. I was still half asleep and was sitting down dozing off. 'Ugh, no more sleeping in.' I thought to myself as I tried to wake up fully. Jak seemed to be fully awake, while Daxter was totally out of it, and Kirara just happened to be a sleep and cuddling with Daxter.

I yawned and stood up carefully in the moving boat. I did not want to fall into Lurker Shark infested waters. I made my way to stand beside Jak, who was standing near the front of the boat with his arms crossed.

"Good-morning Jak," I finally greeted as I began to lose my drowsiness. 'Morning' he mouthed back to me.

I smiled to him before I gazed toward Misty Island that was steadily coming closer. When we finally arrived we had the task of waking up the pair cuddled together.

"Kirara! Daxter! Wake up!" Kagome yelled in their ears.

"WHERE'S THE HOT BABE?" Daxter yelled jumping up and looking side to side.

"IS THERE A DEMON?" Kirara yelled quickly standing, then getting into a crouching position.

Jak and I looked at each other before we broke out into laughter. Kirara and Daxter gained confused expressions and looked at us weirdly.

"Huh?" they asked.

"What kind of dreams were you two having cuddled together?" I asked them with a grin, Jak nodded in agreement with a grin of his own.

Realization quickly dawned onto the two of them and they quickly jumped far away from each other blushing a little from what I could tell.

"Let's just hurry, this place is creepy." Daxter mumbled making his way to Jak's shoulder.

Kirara surprisingly made no comment and just decided to jump onto my head instead of my shoulder like normally.

"Alright, I believe we all are now officially ready for day two of our adventure." I told Jak as we made our way off the boat. Misty Island looked way different during the daytime, the bones were more noticeable and if I hadn't already been to the netherworld then I would be freaked.

We collected some Orbs, killed some Lurkers, and quickly saw the Sculptor's Muse which Daxter loudly pointed out. We made our way to it but it began running away. I was a fast runner considering I have to be able to run away from things since I slacked off a little with my training. Jak was just as fast if not faster than me. We took off running after it, dodging the Lurkers getting in the way, and caught it in no time.

"Awww, she's pretty cute." I said as I held her.

Daxter however was annoyed, grabbed the Muse, and quickly stuffed her in Jak's bag. Jak and I looked at him annoyed for being so mean to the poor Muse. I guess Kirara was annoyed at her as well since she was tense.

'Must be an animal thing,' I thought to myself.

We found our first Scout Fly on a cliff by a large back bone bridge thing. The next Scout Fly we found was on a ledge gazing toward the Lurker compound. The third Scout Fly was sitting under a machine of some type.

Jak charged up with Blue Eco and moved quickly to the hover pad that led to the Power Cell that was on rock that was unattached to misty island but still close enough to be part of it. We then made it to the metal doors and it ended up being an ambush. I was not going to let Jak take out all these guys by himself. I Kicked and punched the Lurkers, even though I believed not all Lurkers are evil, like how I believed not all demons are bad, I had yet to meet a Lurker that didn't attack me or my friends. It took me more than one hit to take out one Lurker as opposed to Jak.

When the final Lurker went down, I was breathing deeply but had nothing more than a few scratches. I was proud that I helped take out some of the Lurkers. Some steps appeared and it led up to the pool of Dark Eco that Daxter fell into.

"Mew, Good job Kagome, you took out a few." Kirara whispered softly to me, seeming to already know what I thought of myself being useless. Kirara was after all the one who knew me the longest. We all quickly went up the stairs and found another Power Cell.

"Do NOT fall in there guys!" Daxter yelled as he gazed at the pit of Dark Eco that turned him into his two-foot fuzzy self.

"We know Daxter!" Kirara yelled back at him. 'And so the bickering begins…wait was this how Inuyasha and I used to be like?' I thought in panic.

"Shut it you-you…CAT!" Daxter retorted.

"Run out of names, stupid." Kirara replied sticking her tongue out.

"No…there's just bad memories here!" he said before looking away.

"Kirara stop." I whispered to her. I heard her mumbling something about we were there, and that's nothing compared to some other memories that she has. I knew what she meant by just hearing some parts of what she was saying. I looked towards Jak and made the motion that we should keep moving if we wanted to get out of here as soon as possible.

We found another Scout Fly resting on the other high cliff that was overlooking the Lurker's compound. Then we collected even more Precursor Orbs, avoided Lurkers and found another Scout Fly on the mast, near the bow of the Lurker ship.

"Hey look a Power Cell!" Kirara yelled as we searched the ship.

"Well we're almost done, I think." I replied.

Jak nodded and Daxter said, "Hell Yes! Then we never need to come back here again!"

We were going to head up the wooden ramp but Jak shook his head towards me.

"Do you want me to stay here? But the cannon is up there and Samos wanted us to stop the Lurkers..." I asked a little peeved.

"Kagome, Kirara, you guys wait here the hero and sidekick will be back." Daxter announced after he saw Jak shaking his head.

"You know what? Fine then! Kirara and I will just collect some other Power Cell!" I yelled and stormed off with Kirara. I headed to where the Zoomer was and jumped on it. 'This can't be hard. Seems like a motorbike without wheels.' I thought being this is the first time I would drive it.

"Gome, shred the Lurkers." Kirara told me in a quiet voice she was obviously scared of me when I'm mad. I took my anger out on the Lurkers racing to catch them which gained me a Power Cell.

"Ugh, I can't believe those two!" I yelled frustration as I got the Power Cell floating over the water and the Scout Fly that was near it.

"Let's go see if they're done so we can leave." Kirara said in a meek tone. I just nodded and parked the Zoomer having just worked out most of my anger. 'Now that I thought about it, this was a dumb thing to get mad at.'

End Kagome's POV

Jak's POV

I didn't mean for Kagome to get mad, I just figured it didn't need both of us to take out the Lurkers at the cannon.

"Let's get going Jak." Daxter told me after a moment of silence after Kagome stormed off with Kirara. I nodded then proceeded up the wooden ramp and found a Scout Fly with a Power Cell meaning Kagome must have gotten the other according to the stats on the communicator. I continued up the ramp towards the canon and took out the two Lurkers and got another Power Cell and got more orbs, too.

"We should probably meet up with Gome." Daxter said nervously. I nodded suddenly getting a little nervous myself. We meet up at the boat and just as I about to mouth my apology Kagome spoke up.

"Sorry, I flipped. I just hate it when people don't let me help." Kagome said with sincerity.

I gave her a look that told her it was okay.

"No problem, baby." Daxter told her with a grin.

We jumped on the boat and headed back to Sandover in comfortable silence and as soon as we got back we decided to go see the Sculptor.

"Hey we got your Muse!" Kagome told him with her usual cheeriness.

"Oh, my Muse! You saved her! Oh, you guys really are the best! Here, take this Power Cell. I won't need it now that I got my inspiration back!" he said with a smile.

"You're Welcome." Kagome told him before we left with a big smile which made me smile as well. We headed up to fire canyon to go meet Keira since we were ready to go now.

"Great! You have the 20 Power Cells needed to power my heat shield!" Keira told us in excitement.

"Correction we have more than 20 Power Cells." Daxter said in a smug tone.

"Well the Zoomer is made for one, so Jak are you going or is Kagome going?" Keira asked

I looked at Kagome and she looked at me and nodded, "Jak's going, I already got to ride on the Zoomer so it's only fair."

Keira nodded, "Okay, now be careful, Jak! The shield will only protect your Zoomer until it reaches 500 degrees, so try to keep her cool. Flying over open lava will definitely heat you up fast! Hit 500 degrees and it's all over!"

"OVER? You mean like burning molten metal over? Can't I stay with Kagome?" Daxter yelled.

Keira ignored him and continued talking, "The Fire Canyon gets pretty hot, so keep a look out for jumps to keep you off the hot ground. I've also released blue cooling balloons you can use to drop the shield's temperature quickly. Oh! And when you get across, don't forget to activate the teleporter gate in the Blue Sage's Lab! Then we'll all be able to teleport over and meet you and Daxter! Good luck!"

I nodded and Kagome and Kirara wished me luck as well. I quickly grabbed Daxter, hoped on the Zoomer, gave a quick wave, and took of through the lava. I maneuvered the Zoomer skillfully away from the lava openings, gathered the seven Scout Flies as well as the Power Cell with them, and used some Lurkers as launch pads. I reached my destination in record time and got another Power Cell.

"We made it! But NEVER again Jak. NEVER again." Daxter said to me and I just shrugged and headed to the Blue Sage's hut. It was trashed with books and papers scattered everywhere. I turned on the teleporter gate and stepped away from it.

End Jak's POV

Normal POV

Kagome, Kirara, Keira, Samos, and the Flut-Flut came flying out of the warp gate in that order and landed with loud thuds. Jak waved at them while Daxter looked around.

"Woah! I don't think I'll ever get used to that teleporter tingling sensation. Hey! It looks like the Blue Sage threw a party!" Samos said observing the condition of the hut.

"Oh my! The Rock Village is on fire!" Keira yelled looking through the telescope.

"What? Let me see." Kagome ordered as Keira moved away from the telescope. Jak's eyes just happened to be on Kagome's butt. Kirara grinned as she noticed but didn't comment.

"One HECK of a party!" Samos yelled.

"No, no! I mean the Rock Village is being bombarded with flaming boulders! Oh, and it looks like the Blue Sage is working on a levitation machine to move them! Assuming it's operational, we're gonna need Power Cells to fuel it! I guess you four will have to find some more." Keira said while Kagome continued to look through the telescope in astonishment with Jak's eyes on her butt.

"We'd better take a look at his notes. Jak, Kagome, go check on the villagers, then come back and give us an update. And take the Furballs with you!" Samos ordered.

"Alright. Let's go guys." Kagome said with a voice full of determination. Kagome headed out with Kirara on her head and Daxter now on her shoulder and Jak by her side. They found a Scout Fly by the hut as well as another by the waterfall. There was another behind the cliff, not too far from a sizzling hot boulder and a fourth by the bridge. We saw another Oracle like the one in Sandover and decided to talk to it.

"Beware of the dark light, for it has twisted the fate of one of you. Bring me 120 Precursor Orbs for each Power Cell I contain." the Oracle commanded. They had enough for one so they gave it to the oracle.

"Here is another Power Cell for your quest." the oracle boomed.

"Let's go talk to the lady, mew." Kirara told them while pointing her paw towards a lady with reddish brown hair and green eyes. The lady was wearing a blue button shirt with white sleeves, tan pants, brown open toed shoes that went to her knees, and a blue helmet that had a light. Going off her outfit she was obviously a geologist.

"You four look like a couple of capable fellows. I've got a research project going, maybe you could help me out." She said to them when they approached her.

"Hey, we're the ones on a big quest here! We ask YOU for help!" Daxter screeched at her. Kirara whacked him with her tail and said, "You're a retard." Kagome and Jak ignored the two and waited for the Geologist to continue.

"Well, perhaps we can help each other. I've been studying the burrowing habits of Lightning Moles in the Precursor Basin next to our village for years. But now those awful Lurkers have scared the Moles to the surface! And since they're blind as bats, they can't find their way back underground! If you guys could herd them back into their burrowing tunnels, we might just save their lives. I've got a Power Cell that says you can do it!" The Geologist told them.

"Yeah. Lightning Moles. We care. Maybe for TWO Power Cells!" Daxter said obviously not wanting to do the task.

"Nice try, but I would be willing to part with another Power Cell if you two find me 90 Precursor Orbs for my research equipment. Fair enough?" The Geologist said to them with a smile.

"Yea, that sounds fair." Kagome replied smiling back. They decided to just give her the 90 Orbs now since they had some already.

"Oh, you have the Orbs! Here's the Power Cell we agreed upon." The Geologist said.

"Thank You!" Kagome said happily. They continued over the bridge to talk to two other villagers they had seen. The first person they decided to talk to was someone wearing a barrel with whit torn shirt sleeves, a blue vest with a red bow tie, white cuffs on his hands, white open toed shoes, and a blue torn top hat that had an ace of spades in it. He had purple hair and dark blue eyes covered by his glasses.

"Mew, what a fashion statement." Kirara whispered to everyone before they made it to the man. Everyone tried to hide their chuckles not wanting to look crazy.

"Oh no, not more heroes! I lost my shorts on THIS so called hero's big fight against the monster up there! Trust me, the smart money's on the monster. That wager pretty much tapped me out! So's I got a proposal. Bring me 90 Orbs to get me back on my feet and out of this barrel and I'll give you a Power Cell in return! And, if you're game, I do have one more bet on mind. My big comeback! Beat the record time racing Dead Man's Gorge in the Precursor Basin and I'll get a pretty payoff! For that, I'll give you another Power Cell!" The Gambler stated.

They nodded to him and just walked to the crying man clad in armor chuckling silently. The crying man had a torn red cape attached to his armor, dark green hair, and light blue eyes that were rimmed with dark circles. 'This must be the 'hero' the Gambler was talking about.' Everyone thought.

"Oh, my aching head..." The Warrior groaned.

"I doubt that's one of your vital organs! Walk it off, Tough Guy!" Daxter said to the man when we approached him.

"Oh sure, I was tough once. Maybe even the toughest of them all! I single-handedly defended this village against those horrid creatures for almost a year! Then that horrible monster arrived and commenced the boulder bombardment. So...full of valor...armor shining in the sun...I climbed the hill to take him on...! But he pounded me like one tenderizes a Yakow steak." The Warrior told them bitterly.

"You know it's not good to give up." Kagome said with wisdom. Kirara and Jak nodded their agreement.

"Like I would try again after the first beating." He answered.

"Have you tried attacking him with your melodrama? 'Cause it's killing me!" Daxter said to the weeping warrior. Daxter jumped off of Kagome's shoulder and onto Jak's.

"After my last stunning failure, he sealed the passage to his roost with a 30-ton boulder, leaving no way for anyone to challenge him again. So, our sage, a master of Blue Eco and a mechanical genius, devised a plan to lift the boulder out of the way...! But alas. He disappeared before we had a chance to turn it on. And he took all his Power Cells with him. At least I was able to pull enough pontoons out of our bridge to prevent that monster from coming down here to do me harm!" he exclaimed pitifully.

"Yeah, good, good job there, tough guy. But um, we're gonna need you to uh...put 'em back and stuff!" Daxter told him with everyone nodding there agreement with his last statement.

"Oh, sure...and seal my doom? Alright, fine. Bring me 90 Precursor Orbs and I'll let the pontoons loose. But I'm NOT going to fight that monster again!" he answered giving in to our wishes.

"Like we would ask you to do that after hearing your sob story." Kirara mumbled. Kagome shook her head at Kirara, making Kirara jump from her head to her shoulder that was once preoccupied by Daxter.

There were two Scout Flies near the dock which they grabbed quickly before deciding to head back to the Blue Sage's hut to report to Samos and Keira.

"Well, the situation here stinks worse than a Lurker's armpit! Before Blue Sage's disappearance, he journaled significant trouble in all the surrounding areas. Of particular interest to me is the Dark Eco infection of some innocent plants in the Precursor Basin. Keira will transport your A-Grav Zoomer to the nearest trans-pad. Ride the Zoomer to a Green Eco vent and then carry the Green Eco to the corrupted plants. That should heal them. Don't miss a single plant, or the infested ones will slowly re-infect the healthy ones. And Daxter, Kirara...start cleaning up in here! And don't forget the corners!" Samos ordered. Daxter and Kirara ignored his orders to clean as they went over to talk with Keira.

"Apparently, the Precursor structure just off the coast leads to an underwater lost city! The Blue Sage has been trying to figure out how we can bring one of the chambers to the surface, but he was never successful. You guys should check it out!" Keira said wanting to help us get more Power Cells.

"Uh, aren't there a lot of um...Lurker Sharks in that water?" Daxter asked nervously.

"I don't want to get wet!" Kirara yelled proving the age old true statement that cats hate water.

"Why? Are you scaaared, Daxter? And Kirara I'm sure Gome will keep you as dry as possible." Keira said to the two animals. Kirara looked happy with her reply.

"Me? Of course not! Just...lookin' out for Jak, Kagome, and the cat here. You uh...know what chickens they can be." Daxter replied to Keira.

"Well, if you swim out over the coral reef I doubt the Lurker Sharks will bother you. They don't like shallow water." Keira told them.

"Thanks Keira. Okay guys let's take care of the Lost Precursor City and call it a day." Kagome said being the one to keep everyone on track.

"That's our Gome always planning, mew." Kirara said in happiness. Jak and Daxter nodded there agreement at the true statement.

Kagome rubbed the back of her head modestly as they headed out to the city. There ended up being floating pieces of wood over the reef so they didn't need to get wet. They then took an elevator down to the city.

Once the reached the bottom Kirara ran to the window and screamed, "Ooh fish!"

"Calm down, Furball." Daxter told her.

"Leave me alone, jerk and let me enjoy myself," Kirara exclaimed running back and hopping onto Kagome's shoulder. Jak and Kagome sighed at there normal antics and continued on. They jumped hot pipes, collected more Orbs, killed more Lurkers, and found a Scout Fly in the first big room. The next Scout Fly was in a room right after the first one on a platform. The third Scout Fly was on a small platform surrounded by electric water.

"Hey guys?" Kagome said.

"Yea?" Kirara and Daxter replied while Jak looked at her with interest as they went to get the Power Cell and two Scout Flies that were stuck in the tubes.

"We should play a game!" Kagome exclaimed with excitement.

"What kind of game?" The furry ones asked with newly found interest, Jak looked just as interested as the two.

"We can play 'Would You Rather…'!" Kagome said with a smile.

They looked at her with confused curiosity and asked, "What's that? You haven't taught us that game before."

"I can't believe I didn't think of teaching you all before. Well I just remembered the game now, so I'll teach you guys now. No time like the present, right?" Kagome babbled with happiness. They all nodded while standing by the buttons that would make the Power Cell and Scout Flies leave the tube for short amounts of time.

"Okay, so I'll explain, then we can get the Power Cell and two Scout Flies out of these tubes, and then we can play. So 'Would You Rather...' is quite simple, you ask the question with two or three choices of any kind, like so-'Daxter, would you rather look like Samos or have pink fur?', the person addressed has to pick one or the other, and they can't back out. The person addressed can also ask questions to clarify the question such as-'What kind of pink?' to which I, being the person who asked, would answer-'Hot Pink.' You can be as creative and crazy as you want. Get it?" Kagome explained.

"Yep, seems like fun!" Kirara and Daxter yelled and Jak nodded his agreement. So they quickly retrieved the Power Cell along with another Scout Fly on the way to it and the two other Scout Flies from the tubes and proceeded to an area with floating platforms over a pit of Dark Eco.

While jumping on the platforms, grabbing the Power Cell in the middle platform, and making it to the next room Kagome asked the first question, "Daxter, would you rather take on a Lurker or clean Samos' hut?"

"Easy babe. Take on a Lurker, you know they ain't got nothing on me." Daxter stated arrogantly. Meanwhile they were taking out some Lurkers and proceeding to the room to the right that had Dark Eco, electrified water, hot pipes and gray platforms all rolled in one.

"I wanted to start with something simple, anyway Daxter you ask the next question." Kagome replied simply.

"Furball, would you rather jump in a pit of Dark Eco or jump in that electric water and look like a wet Puffball?" Daxter asked smugly. Jak and Kagome shook there heads at him while Kirara bristled.

"Jump in the electric water," Kirara growled out with a glare. Daxter chuckled and said, "I now dub you Puffball!"

Kirara hissed at Daxter and addressed Jak, "Okay my turn, Jak, Would you rather eat a Lurker or wear Keira's make-up for a week, mew?"

Jak held up one finger signifying he would rather eat a Lurker. Kagome nodded her agreement thinking of how much crazy colors Keira had in her make-up kit and how hard it is to get it off because they're all long lasting and waterproof. Jak then proceeded to mouth a question to Kagome, 'Kagome, would you rather swim with a Lurker Shark or share a bed with Daxter?'

"Lurker Shark or share a bed with Daxter? Hmm, I'd have to say swim with a Lurker Shark. Sorry Daxter, Jak told me you kick, roll, punch, and talk in your sleep." Kagome stated as they made it across to a room that opened as they turned all the grey platforms blue by jumping on them once. It was revealed that it contained a Power Cell. The group moved their way back to go through the other path.

"Aww, Gome come on." Daxter whined.

"Sorry Dax. I think it's my turn again. So Kirara, Would you rather work for Samos or work for Keira?" Kagome asked knowing her cat companion complained about both many times in the past.

"They're both bad, I see how they're related personality wise, sheesh, bossy people. But I'd have to go with Samos, Keira would have my fur full of grease." Kirara answered.

Daxter seeing another opportunity to insult Kirara said in a baby voice, "Is the baby afraid to get grease in her fur?"

"Listen when you get grease in your fur. You. Will. Know. My. Pain." Kirara said with vengeance. They quickly seen a Power Cell on a ledge. Jak pressed the button and quickly retrieved it and made his way back with no trouble.

"Looks like we're sliding down. We'll put our game on hold till later on," Kagome said. Jak agreed seeing as they would have to dodge Dark Eco crates and hot pipes. They slide down with barely no injuries. Kagome almost blew up a crate but Jak pulled her out of the way in the nick of time. Kirara and Daxter were holding on to said companions for dear life. When they reached the bottom they arrived to the chamber they would have to rise.

"Let's explore more since the chamber will bring us back to the surface." Kagome said getting the gut feeling that they should go down the corridor first before leaving. They found there last Scout Fly that gained them a Power Cell on a ledge in the first area. They came across another path they had to slide down which produced almost identical results with the last one. They made it to a room with Dark Eco, they quickly jumped to the platform with the Power Cell. With the weight on the platform it pushed down like a button.

"I got a bad feeling about this! Jak, Kagome, run the Dark Eco is rising!" Daxter yelped fearfully. Jak quickly charged up with Blue Eco and headed over to the launch pad beckoning Kagome to him. Kagome understood the situation and held on tightly to Jak as they launched upwards. They had to jump platforms, avoid Lurkers, and hot pipes before coming across another launch pad and the process repeated once again till they were launched to safety. In the room they landed in they found another Power Cell. Exiting that room they found themselves at the same area where they went down there first slide path. They proceeded back down to the chamber they would rise with ease. They all piled in quickly having already opened the door with Blue Eco and taking down the Lurkers in that area.

"Right again, Gome." Kirara stated with Jak and Daxter once again nodding their agreement. Kagome being modest as usual told them, "I'm just really lucky, and I follow my instincts."

"Well you save us a lot of trouble," Daxter told her with a grin. Jak nodded and put an arm around your shoulder and mouthed, 'Best. Friend. Ever.' with a big smile.

"Aww, I love you guys!" Kagome yelled blushing and pulling everyone into a group hug. Once they surfaced they had to quickly swim out and get the Power Cell on top of the chamber which Keira had told them had risen with it.

By the time they landed on the dock the sun had begin to set. Having enough Orbs to give to both the Gambler and the Warrior the group decided to talk to them before heading back to the Blue Sages' hut for some much needed R&R.

"Hey crying warrior dude we got you your orbs!" Daxter yelled at him. Kagome being to tired just allowed Daxter to continue with his rude ways.

"Oh...wonderful. Ya brought me the Precursor Orbs. Alright. I'll fix the bridge. But don't ask me to get involved with that creature again!" The Warrior cried out while doing just what he stated above and giving us a Power Cell as well.

"We weren't going to ask you baby!" Surprisingly it was Kirara who yelled that rude comment as they made their way to the Gambler in a barrel.

"Your Orbs sir." Kagome said politely.

"Even tired our Gome is polite." Daxter mumbled leaning on Kirara with a yawn, both of which having jumped of their perches on Kagome and Jak.

"Mew, yea." Kirara said with a yawn of her own.

"Heh, heh, heh, heh! Oh yeah! These Orbs'll help me win my way back outta this barrel! Here's the Power Cell I promised." The Gambler announced.

They trotted away towards the Blue Sages' hut. Kagome having picked up a sleeping Daxter and Kirara continued along side Jak contemplating whether or not she should leave for a day or two to get in touch with her powers. Arriving at the hut, which was a little more organized Keira, Samos, and the Flut-Flut appeared to have already gone to sleep upstairs. Placing Daxter and Kirara on a pillow together with a blanket as Kagome made her way outside to where Jak was sitting by the wall overlooking the Rock Village with a blanket of her own.

"Hey." Kagome said taking a seat next to Jak. Jak in return waved at her and continued to watch the village.

"Can't really stargaze here with the cloudy sky huh?" Kagome told him, Jak nodded. Noticing it was getting chilly Kagome wrapped the huge blanket around herself and with a blush offered to share with Jak. Jak joined Kagome under the blanket with a blush of his own and the two cuddled together to stay warm. In comfortable silence the two got lost in time, so it seemed. Before either of them knew it they were drifting off to sleep.

Just before fully losing consciousness Kagome Higurashi came to one final thought, 'I need to get my powers under control so I can help everyone. Tomorrow, it is time to leave...'

To be continued...

Next Time on, A New World means A New Destiny:

Chapter 4: Jak & Daxter: The Precursor Legacy…Time Sure Does Fly…

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