It was supposed to be just another mission; since the failure or sealing the three tailed beast and the return trip home. Just another job that he and his partner would have to do.

Sure it was a lengthy one, but it's not like he and his partner would never see the village again.

But it was apparently the nature of the mission that shocked him and his partner. After debriefing the woman that had become their village leader; Lady Tsunade. One of the four most legendary ninja's the leaf village ever produced.

One of the others being a world savvy white haired pervert; whom also stood in the office with them. And another one of the three being the person that was for better or worse going to be his partner for the next five years.

The one and only prank king, number one maverick ninja himself. Naruto Uzamaki; whom was currently making every ninja in Tsunade's office very uncomfortable with a calm sunny smile on his face while releasing all of the killing intent he was obviously feeling toward the buxom blond woman, waiting for his reply. He held his breath and went over the last sentence in his head.

"I want you; Hatake Kakashi, and Uzamaki Naruto to go deep undercover in enemy territory as a newly wed couple; madly in love, on their honeymoon. You will have to do everything as a pair. And I do mean everything. Your mission will take place as soon as we get you two married, and Naruto changed into a girl. Your mission will last for the next five years. Understand?" the woman had said pleasantly.

Finally Naruto spoke, "I'd rather die." The blond said happily.

Kakashi looked at the kid. Ouch. Was that his pride being beaten down? Truth be told he had no problems with this mission, a job was a job he could take one for the team, but it looked like Naruto had other ideas. Tsunade's happy-freaky-cheerful expression darkened a bit.

"That wasn't a request ganki; it was an order from your Hokage. You will do it or else-" she let her sentence trail off to give the brat a chance to imagine really painful things and reconsider.

"I don't give a flying fuck about whether or not this is an order. My answer is still no." Naruto said as he turned to walk out of the office. Tsunade came up out of her chair and was across the room in a flash pushing the door closed. Pissing the brat off even more it seemed.

"If you leave now; the council will kill you. I'm doing this to keep you safe." Tsunade hissed in a low tone that only the young blond could hear. So that's the why, or at least part of it.

"Explain." The blond kid said. The low tone of his voice brooked no argument. Tsunade almost flinched at how cold and angry it was.

"Danzu leaked classified info about you to the council. Like you're really real gender. And other things too. They are planning to hand you over to Sauske as his bride. Do you know what he will do to you if he gets alone with you? You'll be begging for death before he finally kills you." Tsunade hissed. The kid jerked around to look at her with a panicked expression on his/her face.

Yes, Usamaki Naruto was in fact Uzu Namikazi; the young daughter of the late fourth Hokage, Tsunade and Jiraiya's biological granddaughter.

"Fuck. So I really have no choice." The blond looked up at Tsunade with a pained expression as her legs gave out and she slipped down the door until she was sitting on the floor. Tsunade was right.

If she let her leave she would be murdered by the fools, and nothing Tsunade or anyone else said or did would save her. And anyone that tried to save her would die too. She didn't want that. She had bloodied her hands far too much as an Anbu captain when she was a kid; protecting the people in the office with her, and so many others to let something like that happen.

Tsunade gave the male version of her granddaughter a sad look. She knew that no one in the village knew that she was a girl, fewer still were aware that she was the container of the nine tailed demon. And only five people; still living knew that she had been an Anbu captian. Four of them were standing in the room watching everything that their leader had worked so hard for falling apart; a future, a family, a chance to live her life freely, and happily.

And now it was all hanging on her decision to accept the mission that Tsunade had given her. She must feel so goddamned cheated. She had not chosen to have a demon sealed inside of her. Hadn't chosen to become a weapon. She hadn't chosen to kill everyone that had tried to kill her as a child. She had chosen very little in her life for herself.

She wanted to be a ninja. She wanted to be Hokage. But her greatest dream was one that she may never achieve.

She wanted safety, security, a man to love, and children to complete her dream. She wanted the home and family to care for and love. The greatest dream was the most painful one to have taken from you. Tsunade knew that all to well. Still she hoped that this mission; as bogus as it was, would help her get what she wanted.

Kakashi knew her, sort of. He did care about her even if it was just as a former student, and friend. He was a good choice for her mate, and she was sure that the Kyuubi would agree. Once Kakashi accepted the job he would take care of everything else. And of course, the fact that the man was sexy as hell would help nature take its course.

He and Uzu would have no choice but to sleep together as a newly wed couple, and hopefully with in the next year or so her office would be blessed with the pitter patter of chibi's far too gorgeous for their own good.

Once Kakashi slept with her he would never let her go. And it would leave Tsunade and Jiraiya free to get rid of the threat to her life. Danzu, and the council members were dead men. End of discussion. And if the Uchiha bastard kicked up a fuss about her not being handed over to him. Well he would just have to disappear wouldn't he?

The room remained very quiet as the blond finally managed to pull him/herself together and stand. "Alright, I'll do it. But if he does anything too weird I resurve the right to walk away." the blond muttered as she released her hedge. "Okay, ganki. Shizune, get the dress. If we're going to do this we're doing it right." Tsunade said with a grin as Uzu's male form vanished leaving a much younger and exotic looking Tsunade appeared next to her. Everyone in the room all gasped at the same time.

"Holy shit!" Jiraiya yelled as he pointed an accusing finger at the girl. Uzu gave him a curious look. And looked down at herself. She really did look like a sixteen year old Tsunade. She had the same face, the same exotic slanted eyes, same lush curves, same build and long legs. Her eyes, hair, breast size and skin were different in color but everything else was like looking at a picture of the past.

Her eyes were the same color as Kurani's eyes, her hair was a silvery platinum blond with light ash blond highlights in it, and hung loosely to her waist, her breasts were at least two or three times smaller than Tsunade's, her skin was a pale ivory. She was flat out drop dead gorgeous by any man's standards. Kakashi had to blink, rub his eyes and blink again.

If that was the form that Naruto was going to wear as his wife then this wasn't going to be such a chore after all. In fact Kakashi was pretty sure that by the end of the day he was going to be all over the lovely creature in front of him like white on rice.

"Alright people let have a wedding!" Tsunade said happily as Uzu moved to look out of the window.

She wasn't sure how this was going to end but she had no choice but to see it through now despite the small kernel of fear that had taken root in her heart. I just hope that he doesn't hurt me. She thought as Shizune brought in what was apparently going to be her wedding dress. Uzu cringed when she caught sight of the off the shoulder white sheer sleeved dress with little pearls sewn onto the fabric of the heart shaped scoop neckline.

Oh dear god, my tits will fall out! She thought with a funny look on her face as she was tossed over Jiraiya's shoulder and carried out of the room kicking and screaming to be dressed for her wedding.

Tsunade looked at Kakashi out of the corner of her eye and nearly laughed in triumph; she had known that he had a thing for sexy women, but hadn't known that he had a freaky fetish for his lovers cosplaying as brides until Anko had let it slip. He was practically drooling behind that mask of his.

Ten minutes later Uzu was ushered back into the office wearing the satin dress, her long hair had been brutally teased and styled in a bun with little ringlets framing her face and she was to her absolute horror wearing makeup which had added a little color back to her colorless face. The dress was very form fitting and clung in the most suggestive places, while the long skirt was loose and flowing.

Everyone in the office took in the sight and all at once started to yell, "Oh my god, your so cute!", "Kakashi is a lucky man!", "Your so pretty!" and "Pictures, we need pictures!"

Uzu wanted to murder them all. This was not fun for her. It was humiliating to her. She hated being seen as a girl. She hated feeling so fucking exposed, and vulnerable.

I hate them, I hate them, I hate them, I hate them, I'm going to kill every damn one if they don't shut the fuck up! She thought as Kakashi offered his arm and waited calmly for her to take it. Naruto looked….very lovely. Kakashi liked the idea of having a bride to care for. Even if it was just a job. It was something that he had always wanted.

A mate. A family. Yeah, that's what he wanted. Even if he would never admit it.

As soon as Kakashi slid the solitaire ring on her finger Uzu felt like she was suffocating. Her chest hurt like someone had reached in and gripped her heart in their hand and was squeezing the life out of her. So it only stood to reason that when Kakashi lowered his mask and kissed her; she fainted.