Well here we are at last. The end of the story. And while I know many of you will think 'aww, why didn't you write out the wedding?' all I can say in my defense is that you should use your imaginations. It can be anything you think of.

Thanks for reading and putting up with my odd mind.

See ya soon!


One month later-

Kakashi lay in bed with his wife, his head resting between her shoulder blades. Their bodies still joined from their lovemaking earlier. She was sound asleep, exhausted from the potent combination of sex and her advancing pregnancy. She was now almost two in a half months into her pregnancy and he often found himself watching her and taking note of the changes in her body.

He had noticed everything from her new eating habits to her swollen breasts and the slight curve of her stomach where she was starting to show.

He nuzzled her nape and kissed her shoulder then slowly pulled out of her and moved away. Today was an important day and he needed to go out and wrap up some buisness before he came home to Uzu.

He still couldn't believe it had been a month since he'd killed Sauske and the two of them had returned to the village to find that almost all of the council had been killed and a new council had been elected to take their place.

Nor could he believe that just two months ago...he'd first gotten married to the woman of his dreams. He and Tsunade had had a long heart to heart about hiding such things from him and now that he was sure there weren't any secrets left he felt totally free to be with her and help raise their babies.

Oh man, they had found out just the other day that they would be having two. And while the ultrasound hadn't clued them in on the babies genders, he and Uzu had both looked at the pictures that they'd brought home in utter awe before they had broken out the book of names that Tsunade had given to them and found several names for both boys and girls that they found acceptable.

He smiled and covered Uzu's body with the blanket and then slipped out of bed and silently moved to get his clothes. Since he and Uzu hadn't had a normal wedding, Kakashi had asked Tsunade and a few others to help him plan one so that he could marry her properly in a church with her friends and closest loved ones. She had even designed a new dress for Uzu and commissioned it to be made.

All Kakashi had to do was check out the decorations, grab the ring he'd bought for Uzu and then go get his tux. He was determined that everything be perfect today so that Uzu would have no regrets about being forced to marrying him.

He slipped outside the bedroom and walked down the long hall to the living room and plopped himself down on the couch with his armfull of clothing and started to get dressed. Then once that was done he grabbed his wallet and shoes and started to grab his mask when he caught himself and snickered. There would be no more mask wearing for him.

His days of hiding his face were through. The ladies of the village could look but touching wasn't allowed. He belonged to Uzu. And soon everyone in the village would know it.