When You Love Someone...

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Chapter 1: My life would suck without you

Yachiru Kusajishi sighs as she lands smoothly on the ground. It's her first time being in the human world in almost 3 years. And her first time being away from her Ken-chan. But he was the one who has requested she go on this mission. It wasn't even a mission requiring a lieutenant but she was assigned to it anyways.

Suddenly she hears someone calling to her from a few feet away. She turns to see a cute redhead with giant boobs(though not as big as Rangiku's) waving at her happily. Yachiru smiles and waves back.

"Hi Jiggly!" She says happily.

Orihime pouts. "Why do you always call me jiggly Yachiru?"

Yachiru laughs. "Because you are! You have big boobies for someone your age!"

Orihime pouts for a second more then smiles and says, "So since you're going to be staying at my house while your here we need to get somethings straight!" She puts on a serious face as she asks, "What do you like to eat?"

Yachiru laughs and reaches up to pat Orihime's stomach as she says, "I can't believe you fit all that food in there. I like anything yummy. Snacks! I like snacks!"

"Snacks...?" Orihime says as she glances up into the sky with a very thoughtful look on her face. Then she smack her fist together and says, "I know! We'll go to the store and buy some snacks."

Yachiru beams.


Yachiru holds open the door as a snack-laden Orihime stumbles through it. The redhead drops all the food on the floor and collapses on the couch. She then looks over at Yachiru and jumps up saying,

"Oh! You need some clothes!" She goes into her bedroom and Yachiru follows her, intrigued. Orihime starts tossing a bunch of clothes on the floor as she looks for something that will fit the small pink haired girl. Yachiru just watches her curiously.

Finally she pulls out a long sleeved lime green shirt and holds it up to Yachiru.

"It's too big but... I think it's the best I have. We'll go shopping tomorrow but are you ok to wear this tonight?" Orihime asks nervously.

Yachiru grabs the shirt and smiles. "It's ok! I like wearing too big stuff. I used to wear Ken-chan's shirts all the time." She starts to take off her clothes and then throws the green shirt over her head. She pulls out the edges and looks down happily. Orihime pinches her cheeks and squeals, "Ooooh! You are just so cute Yachiru!"

Yachiru grabs Orihime's boobs and squeezes hard. Orihime yelps and laughs, "Ok... I won't call you cute anymore..."

Yachiru smiles and walks into the kitchen to eat the snacks they bought that day. Suddenly Orihime hears a scream from the kitchen. She rushes in and finds Yachiru staring at a package on the floor. Orihime goes and picks it up. She sees what it is and then glances curiously at Yachiru.

"Chocolate bunnies?" She asks. "What's wrong with them?"

Yachiru's eyes widen. "Oh! Are those what those are. I don't like them. Why did you buy them, Jiggly?"

Orihime laughs. "Because easter is coming up. Have you never had a chocolate bunny before?"

Yachiru shakes her head. "I don't want to. It looks weird. Plus, who would want to eat a helpless bunny rabbit?"

Orihime laughs as Yachiru picks up a pack of pocky. She licks her lips and smiles.

"Now these are yummy!" She shoves them all in her little mouth in one gulp. Orihime laughs and clutches her stomach as she walks into the living room.

Yachiru follows and jumps on her, knocking Orihime to the floor. The big boob girl shrieks and then laughs as Yachiru starts to tickle her. Then she starts tickling back and Yachiru is rolling on the ground cracking up. Finally they get tired and Orihime makes a bed for Yachiru on the couch. She apologizes for not having anywhere else she can sleep but Yachiru just smiles happily.

Suddenly Orihime gets quiet and Yachiru pocks her cheek to cheer her up.

"What's wrong Orihime?" She asks curiously.

Orihime turns away and says in a strangled voice, "I was just... wondering... what d-do you think you should tell people when y-you-"

"Stop stuttering Big-booby!" Yachiru giggles.

Orihime smiles sadly and continues, "Do you t-think you should tell someone when you... feel for them? I mean... I know you should tell people when you l-love them but it's just... it's really hard!"

Yachiru cocks her head to one side and asks, "You should tell the person you love that you love them?" She immediately thinks about Kenpachi. She frowns.

I love Kenny... Do I need to tell him I love him? I should do that first thing when I get back to the soul society!

She turns her thoughts back to Orihime and says, "Are you going to tell Ichi you love him?"

Orihime's eyes go impossibly wide.

"H-how did you know?" She stutters.

Yachiru shrugs. "It's really obvious. You look really happy when you are around Ichi. So does Ken-chan but he doesn't love him. He just loves to fight with him. It makes him happy."

Orihime is silent for a moment and then she asks, "D-do you think I s-should tell him?"

No answer. She turns to see that the pink haired girl has fallen asleep and was breathing calmly with a small smile on her face as she mutters a quiet, "Kenny..." before rolling over and becoming completely quiet.


Yachiru picks up speed as she runs into the soul society. She'd been gone for almost three weeks and was really, really happy to be home. Nothing exciting had happened in the human world, well, except for a bunch of menos grande attacking, but they were boring. She didn't really mind staying there, it was fun and everyone was nice, but she really missed her Ken-chan and couldn't wait to see him. Which is exactly the reason she is running now, so she can see him as soon as possible.

She is starting to get frustrated because she can't remember where to go when she suddenly hears,

"Hey! Where are you running to? Honestly, you have no sense of direction..."

She turns and with a wide smile and her face, lunges at the huge man before her. He looks intimidating from an outsiders point of view, but to her, he was just Kenny. As she wraps her tiny arms around his neck she suddenly remembers the conversation she had with Orihime on her first night in the human world. She tightens her hold on him as she mutters innocently,

"I love you Ken-chan."

Kenpachi Zaraki freezes. He didn't really know how to respond. He didn't even know if it was normal for her to say something like that. He takes a moment to think about it then finally sighs and smiles. He honestly did love her as well. She was all he had.

"I love you too Yachiru..."

Yachiru giggles then climbs up on Zaraki's shoulder. She points toward a wall and says,

"Lets go home now!"

He stares for a moment then says, "Isn't that the way out of the soul society?"

She frowns and pulls some of the spikes in Kanpachi's hair as she yells, "Don't correct me Kenny! I know where I'm going!!!"

He just laughs and walks off into the heart of the soul society. After a minute she starts giggling too and begins telling him stories of all that happened in the human world.

They have no idea that their troubles are just beginning...

When you love someone...


Chapter one, done! Ok, I know this is kinda boring right now, but I promise promise promise it will get interesting soon! The good part comes in when Kenpachi has to take a good long look at his morals. You wouldn't think he had any... but when it comes to Yachiru, apparently he does! XD

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