Chapter 8: Lollipop/The Bad Touch

Yachiru had a feeling she was missing something. She looks around her room as if expecting to notice some thing that wasn't there. All she sees is a few dead plants and dirty clothes on the floor. She realizes she hadn't actually been in her room for a while. She had been sleeping in Kenpachi's bed for the past month and spending most of her free time with him or Ikkaku and Yumichika.

She sits down on her bed and rests her elbow on her knee and her head in her hand. If she wasn't missing something in her room, maybe she was missing something outside of it. Or maybe what she was missing wasn't a thing at all, maybe she was even making the whole thing up. If she couldn't figure out what it was then maybe it was nothing at all.

She smiles. Since she figured that out, she could go and hang out with Kenny now. She jumps down off her bed and skips through the hallways on her way to finding Kenpachi.

While searching for him as she is often doing she runs into Rangiku Matsumoto who has just returned from the world of the living.

"Oh! Hi there Lieutenant Kusajishi! Guess what! I got something for you when I was in the human world!"

Yachiru's eyes widen as Matsumoto searches her kimono for her gift. After a few minutes of searching that leave Yachiru tapping her foot in annoyance Matsumoto pulls something out from under her left boob. Yachiru's mouth drops when she sees what she is being given.

It is a gigantic rainbow lollipop almost bigger than her head. The swirls seem to reflect in her wide eyes as Rangiku explains,

"I got it at this thing they have in the human world called a carnival. Ichigo and his family was going so the rest of us decided to tag along. It was so much fun! They had crazy rides and great food! Renji threw up twice!"

Yachiru is too distracted by the giant snack in front of her to listen to Matsumoto's ramblings. Rangiku notices this and smiles as she hands the treat to an ecstatic Yachiru and walks away. Before she is out of earshot she yells back at Yachiru,

"I just remembered! Renji needs to see you later! No rush!"

Yachiru yells back to show she heard,

"Ok! Thanks a lot for the snack Booby!"

Rangiku tear drops as Yachiru skips away while unwrapping the large lollipop. As she steps into a bar that Kenpachi sometimes goes to. She looks around and is about to walk out when she doesn't see his broad back or white captains robe. She licks the lollipop then looks up when she hears her name being called.

"Hey Yachiru!"

She glances around the room and smiles when sees Maderu and his gang waving at her. She licks the lollipop again as she walks over to them. Her mouth tingles from the delicious taste of the candy and her happy mood intensifies.

"Hasn't anyone ever told you that you are too young and cute to be in bar's like these?" Maderu asks when she looks up at him from behind her treat.

"I was looking for *lick* Kenny." she explains.

"I guess you didn't find him, huh?" Maderu asks in a fake concerned voice.

"*liiiiiick* nope." she replies. She doesn't notice when one of the other guys elbows Maderu and jerks his head towards Yachiru. Maderu nods back and scowls but when he turns back to Yachiru he has a smile on his face.

"So..." he begins awkwardly. "Do you remember that game we we're going to play when we hung out last time?"

Yachiru looks up, trying to remember.

"Um...*lick* wasn't it called the *lick* hunky punky or something like that? *lick*"

Maderu's smile widens. "The name isn't really important. Anyway, do you want to play now?"

Yachiru shrugs. She didn't know where Ken-chan was and she didn't really feel like spending all day looking for him. She was sure she would see him sooner or later. She didn't see why she shouldn't play a game with her friends. She smiles.


Maderu's eyes widen and he turns to his gang smiling. They all get up as Yachiru starts licking her lollipop. They start walking toward the door and Maderu says,

"Let's get going!"

Suddenly a dark shadow looms over all of them. Yachiru who was paying more attention to her snack than where she was going bumps into the person who cast the shadow. She looks up just as Zaraki says in an ominous voice,

"And where are we going exactly?"

Yachiru smiles and yells, "Ken-chan! I found you!"

He doesn't even look down at her but fixes his gaze on Maderu and the others. She turns around curiously as Kenpachi asks sinisterly,

"Yachiru... who are your little friends here?"

Maderu is backed up as far as he can get against his friends. He looks as if he is about to faint while the others just stare up at Zaraki, frozen in fear. Yachiru smiles and licks her lollipop as she says,

"These are my friends Skunk and drunks 1, 2, and 3. We were gonna go play a game *lick* called the hanky panky or somethin'."

Kenpachi's eyes widen and he smiles revealing rows of sharp, killer teeth. Yachiru sees Maderu shudder. Kenpachi cracks his knuckles and asks,

"Oh you were, huh?"

Maderu's breathing gets heavy and he squeaks,

"No! W-we were just gonna, um, h-hang out with little Yachiru! Nothing else! I s- swear!"

Kenpachi's smile just widens as he steps forward and says, without looking at her,

"Yachiru, go do something else for a few minutes. This won't take long."

Yachiru doesn't really understand what is going on as she stares between Maderu and his gang and her Ken-chan. She starts waling away while saying slowly,

"Okay... I needed to go see Eyebrows anyways..."

"Good girl..." Kenpachi mutters as Yachiru feels an aura of death vibrate off of him in gigantic waves. She shrugs and licks her lollipop while walking into the bright sunshine and out of the bar. She hears a crash but just ignores it as she skips happily over to 6th division's common house in search of lieutenant Abarai.

It doesn't take much to find him. She just asks a random soul reaper where he is and they direct her to Captain Kuchiki's room where they said Renji would probably be. She licks her lollipop and knocks on the door. She waits a moment then gets annoyed and thinks that she shouldn't have bothered knocking, she never does. She only did this time because she was in such a good mood from the lollipop.

When the door finally opens Renji stares down at her with annoyance on his overly flushed face. She licks her snack and stares up at him as his face changes from annoyance to surprise and he says,

"Oh, Lieutenant Kusajishi, come in. I was just... we were... never mind."

Yachiru walks past him, not noticing how his kimono was hanging dangerously, as if thrown on quickly and unceremoniously. She runs over to Byakuya who is sitting at his desk near the windowsill. He didn't look nearly as flustered as Renji but a few strands of hair were loose and he was reading his scroll upside-down.

"Hi Bya-kun! Look what I got!"

She waves her lollipop in his face and his expression doesn't change as he asks,

"What are you doing here Lieutenant Kusajishi?"

She sucks on an edge of the lollipop as she mumbles, "Booby zaid Eyevrows wanned ou see ne."

Renji looks up from trying to flatten his hair and fix his clothes and says,

"Oh yeah! Urahara wanted me to give you a message. He said it was payment for me being a moocher all that time..."

Yachiru just licks her lollipop and waits for Renji to relay her the message. Renji clears his throat and says,

"He wanted to ask you some things about your age. He's doing some research about shinigami aging and he said you were an important specimen. He just wanted to know if he could ask you some stuff. You would only have to be in the world of the living for a day, maybe even just a few hours. He didn't say you had to go, he was just asking because he thought it would be helpful for his research."

Yachiru looks thoughtful then suddenly she looks up to see Renji and Byakuya staring at each other. She frowns when she feels the atmosphere of the room shift a little. She licks her lollipop then says loudly,

"Thanks for the message Eyebrows, i'll think about it. I'm gonna go now, is that ok?"

"Yes..." Byakuya says without looking away.

Yachiru skips out of the room and goes to find Kenpachi and ask him what he thinks she should do about Urahara's offer. She finds him easily and he is smiling. It makes her remember what he was doing when she left him only an hour or two ago.

"Kenny! What did you do to Maderu?"

He waves his hand at her. "Nothing, nothing. I'm sure he'll be alright."

"Okay...*lick* Did you have fun then?" she asks, sitting down next to him in the common room.

He sighs. "They weren't very strong. Went down to fast."

"Oh well. *lick* why did you want to fight them if they weren't strong?" she asks, this was a question that had been buggering her all afternoon. She didn't know why he was so angry when he had found her with them.

He turns to her and yells, "Are you kidding!? They were gonna- with you- they- you- I-" He takes a deep breath and growls, "They were bad people. I made sure they wouldn't come around you anymore."

She pouts. "How were they bad? They just wanted to play hanky panky with me! What is that game anyways? See, now i'll never know!"

Zaraki turns to her. "The hanky panky is a terrible game. You should never ever play it. Ever! With anyone! Well... maybe, you know, with um, me, when you, you know... get older..."

He stops and shakes his head. "No! You should never play it with anyone! Never. I'm serious Yachiru, you have to promise me you'll never do it, do you promise?"

Se stares at him for a moment then says, "Yeah, I promise. But I still wish I could find out what it was..."

"You don't wanna find out. It's terrible, trust me." he says quickly, not looking at her.

She sits and licks her lollipop. he watches her in his peripheral vision and sees a dirty thought in his mind every time her tiny tongue slides up and down the rainbow object. He shakes his head, trying to rid himself of the thoughts.

It bad enough she already... blew me. I cant let it get farther than that. Ever. I'm... like her father. Her father! Nothing more!

After a few minutes she looks up to the sky and says,

"Urahara wants me to go visit him some time soon. Renji told me. Should I-"

"You should go!" he almost yells. His eyes were wide and he was trying to hide the bulge in his pants from just watching her lick an innocent snack. Her going away for a while would be the perfect time to get the thoughts out of his head.

Her eyes widen at his outburst and she murmurs, "Okay then... I guess I'll go. It's only for a day or two anyways. It might be fun. *lick*"

Kenpachi groans. "M- maybe you should just go tonight instead of waiting. Th- that way you can get back sooner."

She looks thoughtful for a moment then stand up and says, "You're right Kenny! Good idea! I'll go right now! Not like a have to pack anything!"

She leans in to kiss Kenpachi and he closes his eyes as he kisses back briefly. She scowls but still stands back up and and smiles as she runs off yelling, "Bye bye Kenny! See you soon."

"Wrong way Yachiru!" he yells back.

"No it isn't!" She hollers.

He looks around and realizes that he was wrong. He smiles to himself as he watches her run off with her zanpakto in one hand and lollipop in the other.


The sun is just beginning to make it's descent when Yachiru jumps into the world of the living holding her lollipop firmly. She looks around then senses some riatsu near the left and follows it until she sees Urahara's shop come into view. She doesn't bother knocking on the door, she just slides it open and jumps inside. Urahara, Rukia, Jinta, Ururu and Tessai all turn and stare at her, surprised. In an instant Urahara stands up and rushes over to her, yelling a greeting,

"Well hello there Lieutenant Yachiru! I see Renji delivered my message. I wasn't expecting you so soon, I didn't think you really liked coming here to the human world."

She shrugs. "I thought i'd get it over with. Hi everyone!"

Everyone else just waves , still shocked at her surprise appearance. Then Rukia notices her snack and smiles

"I see you like your lollipop, huh Yachiru?"

Yachiru smiles and her eyes light up. "Yeah! And it lasts forever! I've been eating it all day and I prolly still got lots more!"

"Yer supposed to bite it after you lick it enough!" Jinta yells.

"Really?" Yachiru asks curiously. She tares at the rainbow candy then opens her mouth wide and bites down with all her power.

A loud SNAP fills the room then there is silence. Half of the lollipop broke off and was now hanging out of Yachiru's grinning mouth. Everyone laughs as she tries to suck on it and crunch it up into littler pieces to fit into her mouth easier.

"When you finish that would you mind helping me with my research?" Kisuke asks.

She nods while munching in the hard candy. She finishes it in a few minutes then patiently answers Uruahra's questions about how old she is and how long she's been that way. When he is finished he smiles and looks out the window saying,

"It's gotten pretty dark. You are free to stay here for the night if you want, Yachiru."

She yawns and rubs her eyes tiredly. "Hokay... I'm kinda tired anyways. I don't think Kenny will miss me just one night."


Back in the soul society, Kenpachi Zaraki sneezes.


"Got a cold, Captain?" Ikkaku asks lazily.

"I don't think so..." Zaraki growls confusedly.


Yachiru settles into the mat on the floor, she is ready for sleep and she can feel her tiredness taking over. Suddenly she hears a hushed whisper in the room connected to hers, the guest room.

"J- Jinta I don't think we should do it tonight. Miss Yachiru is right next door."

Jinta reply's to Ururu's soft voice in a louder mutter, "She's sleeping Ururu. Don't you like it?"

Yachiru sits up and cracks open the door connecting the rooms just in time to see Ururu blush and say, "Y- yes but..."

Jinta just smiles and traps Ururu between his body and the wall. Ururu's wide blue eyes stare at him and she gasps when he kisses her lips sloppily. Yachiru has to physically stop herself from gasping as well. It seemed that wherever she went she found people who were in love and showing their love to each other. She cracks open the door a little more to get a better view as Jinta deepens the kiss and holds Ururu's face in his hands gently. When he pulls away Ururu's face is flushed and she is panting. She mumbles shyly,

"I don't think we should be doing this Jinta. We're going to get in trouble..."

"No we aren't." Jinta says confidently. "You worry to much." He then blushes slightly and mutters as he looks away, "Besides... I promise I won't let you get in trouble. You can blame me if we get caught, ok. How's that?"

She smiles and Jinta blushes more at her adorable face. He then smirks and kisses her neck while moving his hands under her shirt. She moans as he nibbles her skin and lifts her shirt over her head. Her face goes red and she covers her chest, whimpering. Jinta teases her,

"Why are you so shy all the time Ururu? We've done this tons of times before remember?"

She just try's to hide her face as Jinta reaches his tongue into her mouth and easily dominates it. He moans as he presses his body into hers and grinds his hips down. Her body is contorted in pleasure and her eyes shoot open wide when Jinta slides his hand under her pink and white polkadotted skirt.

Yachiru can't really see what he's doing until he leans back and takes his shirt off. His pants follow and then he leans over Ururu and kisses her gently, helping her spread her legs. He braces himself against the wall then thrusts his hips.

Ururu cries out but then reaches up to cover her mouth so she won't wake anyone. Jinta stops for a moment to make sure she isn't hurting to much but she nods ever so slightly and he thrusts again. Ururu whimpers again but seems to pull herself closer to Jinta as his thrusting continues rhythmically.

Ururu's eyes start to fill a little with tears and Jinta notices. He stops for a moment and holds her face looking down at her nervously. She shakes her head.

"I- I'm not crying cuz I don't like it. I l-love you J- Jinta."

He smiles, nods, and moves his hips a little. Yachiru watches in complete fascination as the two children's bodies move together in a crisp dance. They are connecting in a way she had never seen.

Maybe this was the thing she was missing! She feels something stir inside her as she watches them. She refrains from blinking because she doesn't want to miss something. When it is over she scowls and stands up, having made a decision. She opens the door connecting her room and their room just as the two children are putting their clothes back on.

They gasp when they turns around and see her watching them. Ururu's eyes widen and she whispers in a panicked voice,

"Oh no! Y-Yachiru saw, Jinta!"

Jinta steps in front of Ururu and glares at a now smiling Yachiru. He locks his jaw and asks,

"Are you gonna tell?"

Yachiru shakes her head quickly and says, "No no! I won't tell I promise!"

Jinta still stares at her nervously. "Pinky swear?" he asks and holds out his smallest finger.

She rushes forward and locks her pinky with his. They shake fingers then Jinta relaxes a little. Yachiru asks in a very curious voice,

"What you did... what's it called?"

"Sex, duh!" Jinta replies.

Yachiru tilts her head and stares at him blankly. Jinta blushes as he answers her expression,

"W- we were lookin' around the shop the other day and we found this v- video. It had all these grownups doing all this stuff and we decided to try it. Tessai found out we had watched the video and he got mad and embarrassed, that's why we can't let him know we we're doing what they did on the video. But, we overheard him and Urahara talking and they called it 'sex'."

Yachiru listens intently then she sits up, smiling.

"It's something you do when you love someone!" she exclaims.

Jinta and Ururu both blush deeply and Jinta mutters, "I guess... yeah."

Yachiru smiles widely. "I- I can't go to sleep now! I have to go tell Kenny!"

Jinta and Ururu both watch her with wide eyes as she leaps up and jumps out of the window. She hollers back quietly,

"Tell Ura-chan that I remembered I had to do something and had to leave right away!"

Ururu and Jinta glance at each other with perplexed expressions on their faces.


Kenpachi lets out a depressed sigh. For a man, there is almost nothing more humiliating than not being able to get erect. For Zaraki, that wasn't the worst part.

The worst part was that he knew the reason why. The reason why he couldn't get it up for some cheap whore he had bought on the street was because of his little cotton candy cherub whom he couldn't stop thinking about when he was ripping the smelly slut's clothes off.

She had stared at him with drooping, shit brown eyes and asked him why he was impotent. He just pushed her to the floor and zipped up his pants. When he gets outside the room he crashes against the door not willing himself to believe that he had descended to such a level where he couldn't even do anyone other than Yachiru.

This meant that he correlated Yachiru and sex, which was not, NOT a good thing. Wasn't he just telling her a few hours before that sex was something she should never, ever do? The answer is yes, yes he was. He tries for a moment to picture his little Yachiru bigger, older, and the thing he ends up envisioning, is pretty much Rangiku with pink hair. He shivers at this thought. Yachiru could never be like that, her bouncy personality wouldn't match those bouncy boobs. No, he definitely wouldn't like it if Yachiru looked older. If she were older, bigger, she wouldn't be able to do many of the things that she is known for. Like, riding on Zaraki's shoulder, or jumping up just so she can look you in the eye, or staring up at you with those big, mesmerizing magenta eyes.

He sighs again, this time wearily. He realizes that the only way he would ever let himself touch Yachiru would be if she were older, so he must get used to the idea now. Unfortunately, the more he thinks about it, the more he hates it. He believes that Yachiru is perfect the way she is and any change would be a crime against nature.

On the other hand, this meant that he would not be having sex with her. Ever.

He is about to sigh for the third time that night but then he hears a loud,


and is pummeled by a small pink and black object. Yachiru is stronger than she looks, especially when she glomps, and Kenpachi is pushed to the floor where Yachiru lands on top of him. He opens his eyes and stares into hers which he doesn't fail to notice are nearly a centimeter away from his.

"Yachiru..." He says dazedly. "You're back early."

"I figured it out Kenny!" she cries happily.

He just looks confused. "What'd you figure out?"

"What I was missing. I needed to be together with Kenny forever and always and now I know how! I know what to do when you love someone! I love you Ken-chan so we need to have sex!"

"Oh do we...?" Kenpachi asks, he seemed to think he was having a dream. Because, there was no way in hell Yachiru was on top of him, telling him they needed to have sex not 2 minutes after he was just thinking about them having sex. Case and point, it was a dream.

"Yes!" She says happily. "So Kenny says yes?"

Zaraki laughs giddily for a moment then shakes his head, pushing Yachiru off of him as he stands up. "No."

"W- why not?" she asks, a small tremble in her voice already.

"I can't let myself touch you in a dream, that'll just make me want you more in real life." he explains.

"What are you talking about Kenny?"

He stares at her and finds every bit of her interesting. Her bubble gum hair, her soft lips, her adorable nose, down to her tiny body and delicate hands and feet. His heart aches from wanting to touch her. He looks away.

"Will you forgive me, Yachiru?"

"For what, Kenny!? You aren't making any sense!" her eyes are pleading. She can't understand. She is upset because her Ken-chan doesn't seem to be hearing her. He thinks she is joking and she's not.

He sighs. "For lusting after you. For wanting you. For fantasizing about using you to relive my own sick needs."

She lets the tear flow over her face as she grabs a hold of his robes and cries loudly, "I don't understand Ken-chan! Tell me what's wrong! What do you want!?"

He growls angrily and grabs her by the front of her kimono, pushing her against the wall. She whimpers as he uses one hand to hold her entire body against the cold panel. He leans forward and smiles one of his sadistic smiles he promised himself he would never direct at her.

"I want to fuck you, Yachiru."

She gasps in air from the lungs that were being collapsed between the wall and Kenpachi's hand. A small trickle of blood flows out the corner of her mouth as it twist into a cute smile.

"What is 'fuck', Kenny?"

He just stops. After a second he releases her and she falls to the floor, coughing. On the other side of the room Kenpachi watches her in repulsion. He is repulsed at himself for hurting her now that he realizes that this is real, and not a dream at all. She looks up at him with a confused, tearful expression.

"Kenny is acting so weird tonight... I did something wrong, didn't I!?"

Kenpachi's heart catches. He can't believe he could make her cry and then blame herself for it. She looked up to him far too much. He takes a deep breath.

"You should stop coming around me, Yachiru."

Her face darkens in a scowl. "I can't do that, Ken-chan."

He is surprised at how grown up her voice sounds. He continues,

"I'm serious. I am a bad person. Bad for you, bad for everyone, but especially for you. If you stay with me, you will end up regretting it."

"I will not." She replies, anger starting to swirl around her.

He looks at her now. She is glaring at the floor, her eyes shimmering with ferocious ire.

"Kenpachi is stupid." she says.

Zaraki's eyes widen. She had used his real name. She was completely serious. She had called him stupid as well. He didn't know what to say. She continues,

"I have loved you since you found me, and I will love you forever and ever. You need to stop trying to make me go away. I want to be with you. If you make me go away from you I'll die."

She balls her fists then uses them to wipe her eyes which were now pouring tears. She didn't like being mean, especially to her Ken-chan. But he was being dumb and he needed to listen to her now. Suddenly Kenpachi is on his knees in front of her.

He uses a large hand to wipe away her tears then leans forward and licks the blood on her lip. He kisses her and she stands there, more tears just breaking through because of her happiness at this contact. He pulls away.

"I am stupid... but I'm not wrong. I can't have sex with you. I just can't do it. But, you can't die Yachiru. That is one thing that cannot ever happen. Even if I die, you must live! You are one thing that is innocent in this screwed up world we live in. You are the only thing pure. And that is exactly why I cannot have sex with you. It would taint your purity."

She shakes her head, the tears of sadness returning.

"Sex isn't bad Kenny! It's what you do if you love someone! I know it is! You're wrong Kenny!"

He chuckles. "There it is, your innocence. I will not be the one to take it away from you, and I will do everything in my power to help you keep it forever."

"But I love you!" She cries. "If you don't have sex with me, it'll mean you don't love me!"

"You don't understand Yachiru!" he growls. "I'm not going to have sex with you because I love you!"

"I hate that!" she yells. "It makes no sense!"

"Maybe not to you..." he says.

Suddenly she backs away from him and says in a warning tone, "Stop talking to me like I'm a child. If you don't have sex with me, I'll leave, and never talk to Ken-chan again."

He chuckles then looks up into her angry face.

"I already told you that you should leave besides, I think you're bluffing. And you are a child."

"I am not!"

"Are too!"

"Am not!"

"Are too!"

She sticks her tongue out at him then giggles a little. The sound sends shivers down Kenpachi's spine but he has to laugh a little too. He then stands up and starts to walk past her towards his room. She scowls and hops onto his shoulder. He glances over at her and sighs.

When he reaches her room he grabs the back of her kimono and tosses her inside. She lands lightly on her feet then turns around. Before she can complain he is shutting her door and saying in a tired voice,

"Not tonight, Yachiru."

She rests her head on the screen door and mutters to him in a quiet tone,

"You're wrong Kenny... Sex isn't bad. I know it's isn't..."

He just walks away. As he makes his way towards his room he passes Ikkaku and Yumichika's room. He hears a lot of moaning and then as he is almost to his room he hears the hushed scream of,

"Ikkaku! I love you!"

"I love you too, Yumichika..."

He hangs his head and opens his door, only to find Yachiru smiling at him from his bed. He finds that he cannot be surprised. He just sighs instead.

"It hurts." he says.

"What does?" she asks curiously.

"Sex. I'll hurt you. You're too small."

"But I'm strong!" she yells.

"Well I'm not! Look, I just can't do it." he spits as sits down on the bed next to her. She climbs into his lap and stares up at him with hurt eyes.

"Please..." she begs, her face irresistible. Her eyes shimmering with anger, frustration and a plead for him to do her just one small, small favor.

Kenpachi breaks. He cannot take that look in her eyes anymore. He figures once he hurts her she will give up wanting to have sex with him and it will all be over. He just has to go along with it until then. He motions to the bed and says in a defeated voice,

"Go lie down... on your back..."

Her eyes instantly brighten and now shine with curiosity and happiness at her victory. She knew Kenpachi couldn't say no to her. She smiles as she lays on her back on the bed and looks over to him. She watches as he stands up and moves closer to her. He leans over her on the bed and the springs creak as his weight it added. He casts a shadow across her as his entire body overpowers hers easily. She shivers from the sight of his chest poking out of his kimono. When he leans down to kiss her she wonders if he is trying to scare her. But to both hers and his surprise, the kiss isn't scary. It's gentle and reassuring. It fills them both with warmth and a light, sweet feeling. To Kenpachi the feeling resembles how he feels after he just wins a particularly tough battle. To Yachiru it's simply how she feels whenever she watches Kenny fight. So happy, so free, so in love with each other.

"I'm going to be gentle." He says as he begins removing her clothes along with his.

She just smiles. "You're always gentle with me, Kenny."

She was right. He was very, very gentle with everything involving her. He tried not to curse around her. He would never make crude jokes when she was listening. The violence... well, there wasn't really anything he could do about that. He was a violent person and had somehow turned an adorable, innocent little girl into one too. But, even thought she had been raised by a malicious, blood-thirsty, almost evil man, she had turned out so pure, and sweet. Against all odds she had not tried to imitate Kenpachi. She had created her own wonderful, unique personality. She had become the person Kenpachi Zaraki was in love with.

So no, he could never tell her that sex isn't actually something reserved only for people who love each other. And no, he wouldn't sit back and watch others try and take her, he would defend her with everything he had. And finally, no... he would not do the right thing. The right thing being refusing her what she wanted, which was sex with him. He would give her what she wanted because that is what you do for someone you love.

So yes, he would have sex with her. He would treat her gently, as he always did. From the moment he found her and she looked up to him; covered in blood, hadn't showered in a month, scraggly, rough, poor, evil. And she had smiled like she had just seen the most wonderful thing since her birth. That same smile she still gives him, though he knows he does not deserve it. He will treat her gently, filling each caress and kiss with love beyond anything ever felt before. Because he loved her.

And, when she feels him hard, hot, and strong inside her, she would only feel that love. He would move and cry out her name, begging her to forgive him. Telling her over and over again that the pain would go away and she just laughs at him, wondering,

Where is this pain he's talking about? I don't feel anything like pain! It just feels good. Like love, and snacks, and laughing! It feels like Kenny. It smells like Kenny. It sounds like Kenny. It tastes like Kenny. It is Kenny! My Kenny!

She could look up at him as he looked down at her, wondering,

Why isn't she crying? Why isn't she screaming for me to stop? There are no tears. Only smiles and moans and even a bit of laughter. No tears? No pain? She's so small, but... she doesn't feel any pain as I go deeper inside her. She is... amazing.

When she climbs into his lap and wraps her arms as far as she can around his chest while he gentle lifts her up and down she is repeating over and over again in her cherubic, child-like voice,

"Ken-chan I love you! Ken-chan I love you! Ken-chan I love you!!!!"

He kisses the top of her head and groans into her bubble-gum hair, desperately trying not to let the rest of the world know that her innocence has now gone. He thinks that is what has happened. He thinks she will change now. She will be different somehow. Not as cute, not as bouncy, not as cheerful, not as vibrant, not as young as she once was. He thinks she won't be able to look at him with that smile anymore.

He is staring at her as she looks out the window of their room at the moon shining high in the night sky, a few rays of sun poking over at the edge of the planet, and the wind whistling through the firefly infested grasses right outside.

And yes, she turns to him and smiles.

And yes, it is the same same smile.

And yes, he is extremely relieved at this fact. He exhales as she says in a cheerful, energetic tone,

"We should go catch firefly's with Weirdo and Baldy tomorrow night, Kenny! It'd be fun!"

He nods and she leans up and kisses him.

But... no, she is not the same as before. Life experiences change people, that's just the way it works. She was learning things everyday that effected the way she looked at life. This was just one of those things.

This time though, she had learned a very important life lesson. One some people may never learn because they are too stubborn, or too cynical, too sad or just too apathetic. She had learned this lesson better than probably anyone ever had and ever would. This is the lesson of love, the lesson of what happens...

...when you love someone.


The End...


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