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Naomi's POV.

A few days later we were in France. I couldn't believe the weather difference compared to at home. it was actually sunny her and quite warm. I was use to cold weather by now, even when I was back in America we never lived anywhere sunny because of our skin. Thankfully mine and Lizzies skin didn't react to violently in sunlight like the rest of the families did, but we did sparkle a little tiny bit.

Because Grandma had bought us a group ticket we were able to bring a few people. Of course, we asked mark and Shaun, but they were going away for new years with their families. So we ended up asking Rebecca. Rebecca was Marks girl friend and mine and lizzies best friend so she was one of the first people we asked to come.

Thankfully me and lizzie could already speak fluent French so there wasn't a problem about going through baggage claim or anything in the airport.

"Namoi, have you got your licence and stuff now?" Lizzie asked me as we walked through the airport.

"Yeah. We need them for the cars don't we?" I asked my sister sarcastically.

"Exactly. Why don't you send Jake and Becca to get the luggage and we will sort out the cars. I want to see what Emmett got us." She said grinning.

"Fine ill go tell them." I walked away from my sister and walked towards Jake and Becca who were standing my the luggage claim.

"Guys, me and lizzie are going to sort out the cars, so you think you can get the luggage for us?" I asked.

"Yeah sure. Are you sure you are able to drive. Its illegal for us to learn until we are 17 back home." Becca asked me.

"Yeah its fine. We learn to drive at 16 in America. Me and Lizzie just learnt a little early that's all." I answered as I walked to the car hire desk.

I wasn't going to tell them that the age that was on my drivers licence was my actual age. That would freak them out.

Lizzie was already by the rental desk by the time I got there.

"There you are. All we need is your licence and we can get the keys. Come on women, I need to know what Emmett got us!" my sister said excitedly. She started bouncing up and down on the spot. The French women behind the desk looked slightly worried at my sisters behaviour.

I handed the women my licence and she checked it before handing it back to me.

"Very good madam. There are two cars ready for you in the rental block. Just go to the kiosk and give them this conformation letter and you will be able to get the cars. Au Revoir." The women said in a strong French accent before handing up back out licences.

She handed me a key with BMW on and Lizzie had one with Audi on. Lizzie got excited again when she saw the Audi symbol.

We met Jake and Becca by the luggage claim. Thankfully that had already got all our bags for us. Becca looked at us as we walked towards them with the keys in our hands.

"What cars did you get?" she asked us.

"Well, I got a BMW and Lizzie got a Audi. We don't know what ones yet though." I told her.

We picked up out bags and left the airport and headed for the car hire place. Once we got there, we had to give all out insurance details and out drivers licences before we could get the cars. One we had done that, the lady behind the counter told up where our cars were parked. Me and lizzie nearly ran vampire speed to out cars and we screamed when we got there.

Emmett had got Lizzie a Audi R8 in blue and I had the new BMW Z4. Jake and Becca weren't far behind us and gasped when they caught up with us.

"No way are those our cars?!" Jake asked as he looked at the BMW.

"Yeah they are! Damn I love Em at the moment." I said as I started loading some luggage into the boot of the car.

Once all the luggage was in the car, we had to decide who was riding with who. It didn't take very long to figure out that me and Jake would be in one car while Lizzie and Becca would be in another.

I was so excited about driving this car. It was nothing compared to the car that I had back in America, but it was better than anything that I would be able to drive around London.

"You ready?" I asked Jake as he sat in the passenger seat next to me I had to be honest he looked terrified.

"Are you sure you can drive this thing?" he asked holding onto the seat for dear life.

"Oh course I can. don't worry its going to be fine. We will be there in a hour or so." I told him. As soon as I said that he looked at me terrified.

"It is suppose to be a 3 hour drive!" he exclaimed.

I smiled at him, showing my teeth

"Not the way me and Lizzie drive. You ready Liz!" I called out of the car so Lizzie would hear me.

"Lets go!" Lizzie yelled back impatiently.

I laughed out loud as I revved the engine as much as I could. The car be a beautiful sound as I put it into gear and drove out of the rental park. Lizzie was only a few feet behind me. I couldn't wait to get this thing out on the main motorway and see what she could do.

The slip road to the motorway was only about 5 minutes away from the airport so it didn't take me long to really open up the engine on the car.

Lizzie was still behind me when we got onto the motorway. We pretty much had 3 lanes to ourselves as we drove, only the odd car now and then.

"You fancy seeing what these cars can do?" I heard Lizzie say from her car behind me.

I didn't answer her, I just put everything into race mode and floored the gas pedal. The car sped up very quickly and sped down the road. I could hear my sister laughing from behind me.

"What the hell are you doing?" Jake yelled at me as I sped down the French high way.

"Seeing what this car can do. I don't want my poor brother wasting his money. I need to use the car properly!" I told him. I looked out of the window on Jakes side and saw Lizzie speeding up by the side of me. We were both very competitive people, so loosing this little race that we were having was not an option for me. I had no idea where we were racing to, but I kept my foot on the floor all the way to the toll booth. Lizzie wasn't very happy that I had beat her, but we didn't have time to moan about it as about 15 minutes later, we were pulling up outside out house.

I knew that my grandmother liked to renovate houses, but she had out done herself this time. The chateau had to have at least 6 bedrooms in it, it was huge. Like most of the housed that I could see, it was taller rather than long. There were 4 floors to the house, with ivy growing all the way to the top of the house. Jake and Becca looked at the house with their mouth agape.

"Your parents own this house? As well as the one that you have back home?" Becca asked.

"Yeah apparently. They do have more houses in other places though." I told them. I wasn't lying. The house that we had back in the US was still under Grandpa's name so it was still ours.

After we finished gazing at the house, I pulled out the key that grandma had given me before we left and opened the door. As soon as I opened the door and walked into the passage way I gasped. There was a old oak staircase on the right hand side of the passage leading upstairs, Lizzie and Becca were the first ones to go up there while me and Jake stood still and looked around. Straight on from the passage was a large kitchen. All that was in there that we could use was the oven, fridge, sink and cupboards, but there was a large island in the middle of the room with stools around. I looked out of the window in the kitchen and noticed that there was a very large backyard with a pool. I heard Lizzie scream a little from above us, obviously she had seen the pool to. I walked out of the kitchen and into the large living room, that had a large flat screen TV, digital box, Play stations and a mountain on different DVD's and Games. Obviously Grandma had been here before we came to stock up with things for us to do.

"Naomi, you have to come and look at these rooms." Becca called from upstairs. I left the living room and ran up the stairs a little too quickly, but I don't think anyone noticed. The stairs carried on for another two floors, but I stopped on the second and looked around. There were two bedrooms on each side of the landing both with an amazing view of the garden and the country side that was around us. I couldn't believe that we were actually here. It was so beautiful.

I claimed on of the rooms for myself and called for Lizzie to come and look at the other rooms. My sister came up the stairs and into my room, closing the door behind her.

"How many places like this do you think we have?" she whispered.

"I don't know. I mean, how many houses have we lived in and they were just proper houses, can you imagine how many holiday homes that we have. No wonder Emmett and Rose like to go away all the time." I said.

"I think Emmett and Rose go away for a totally different reason." My sister said. We both cringed at the image that was now in our heads.

There was a small knock at the door and Jake walked in.

"Hey, do you fancy going down to the beach. It is still light outside and it would be nice to do something on our first day here." Jake said.

"Yeah sure, let us get changed. We'll be a few minutes." I said and Jake left the room.

Me and Lizzie got out swim suits and changed quickly and went down stairs. Becca had already changed because she was waiting for us with a skirt on and a bikini top showing under the boob tube that she had on.

"You ready?" she asked, picking up the car keys and throwing them at me.

"Yeah. Jake come on we are leaving!" I called into the house. Jake appeared from the stairs in a pair of swimming trunks and a tee-shirt on.

"What you staring at Naomi?" Jake asked me as he came over and gave me a quick peck on the lips, that simple gesture sent flames through my body.

"Ok, lets go." I said to everyone walking out of the door and heading to the car. It was only the beginning of our little holiday and I was already enjoying myself.

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