Disclaimer: I do not own Transformers, they are owned by Hasbro. This is based in the Transformers animated universe. This fan fic was requested by and Taylor is the creation of :iconeomonmoonbertlotanis:. There is some implied slash here, but nothing blatant. Jazz and Taylor's paths cross and they meet. This is strictly a fan fic. No flames or harsh comments. Constructive criticisms welcome. Enjoy!

Jazz (TF Animated) was bored. And with his best friend Prowl already bonded to someone else, Jazz felt left out and lonely. Jazz watched as he could see all the others were already paired off. Ratchet was with Bee, Optimus had Blitzwing, Bulkhead had Sari, Sentinel had TC, and Ultra Magnus refused to get close to anyone after the death of his last sparkmate. This pretty much left the Cyber-ninja all alone and without someone to love.

Meanwhile, out in the country, away from Detroit, a very tough determined femme had just arrived on earth a few months ago and was trying to keep a low profile. And so, to hide amongst the woods, she changed her form into a wolf. She spoke to no one as she learned to live off what this strange planet provided in energy and in plants and animals. She had come here after standing up to someone and she had refused to back down until someone stuck something in the side of her neck and caused her to fall asleep. She missed her friends even as she watched the organic life on this strange planet she had been banished to.

Suddenly, she felt herself be threatened by something unknown, as a jet streaked across the sky. Suddenly, she found the forest that she had been staying in filled with fire, and being in her wolf form, she passed out from Smoke inhalation, though she was still online. Optimus Prime and his group were the first ones to arrive on the scene, and Jazz, worried that someone maybe trapped inside the fire, went in and found the wolf, barely alive, and grabbed it, as something told him there was something more to this creature than met the optic. The wolf, seeing the bot rescue her, nuzzled the bot gently before completely passing out.

Jazz was surprised, as from what he had read, organic life usually was scared of humans and robots, but not this wolf. It was strange enough that Jazz took the creature straight back to Ratchet. Ratchet was not happy about working on the wolf at first until, though scanners, Ratchet realized that this wolf was not organic, but related to Cybertronians in nature. Ratchet began to work on the femme bot, making sure all her intakes were clear of the smoke she had accidentally inhaled as well as repairing some of the systems damage that the medic had found. And while the others helped stop the fire, Jazz remained at the base, trying to figure out what was going on with the animal bot that he had saved and brought in to be fixed.

Taylor woke in an unfamiliar room with machines all around her. She immediately tried to change from her wolf form to her bipedal form to kick the aft of whoever had captured her, but she was unable to transform. She tried again and failed, and then she looked at her body, she had been repaired by someone who knew what they were doing in working with robots. As her eyes adjusted, she looked at the makeshift med bay that she was laying in. She saw two mechs there. One was huge and red and watching the monitors, while the smaller one looked familiar as the black and white ninja-bot sat on a bot-sized chair, obviously worried about her.

Why she did not know, as she was usually able to take care of herself and her friends. She was fiercely loyal to her friends and a deadly threat to her enemies, and she was a no-nonsense bot, always speaking her mind and letting everyone know what she thought, even if they did not want to hear it. And though she was almost never speechless, seeing this young ninja-bot took the words right out of her mouth. And while she was not able to speak yet, as her intakes were still being pumped to get rid of the smoke, she watched the black and white bot closely, he was such a handsome mech and she realized that he was the one who had saved her. She felt nervous and shy as she was not sure how she was supposed to react to such a handsome bot who obviously could have any bot he wanted, and she wondered what he would ever see in her.

Jazz watched, and saw the wolf move and try to transform, but she was unable to. He felt bad for her; she seemed abandoned here on a strange world with no friends or family with her. Jazz felt compassion for the lost femme. Jazz, thankful that the wolf femme had been restrained to heal, went up and petted her gently, not realizing that he was stirring up feelings in her for him. He just wanted to make her feel better. And before he left, he gave the wolf former femme and gentle hug. Ratchet noticed but said nothing, as he knew how lonely Jazz felt without a sparkmate. Ratchet took a look at the monitor's and caught something that Jazz did not, for when Jazz petted and hugged the wolf former femme, her spark rate had increased and had fluttered. Ratchet realized what was going on, but said nothing, as he knew Jazz's spark had reacted the same way, but rather than upset the two bots, Ratchet just worked on healing the femme.

Jazz had to leave the room, as he realized that his spark was about ready to leap out of his chest, but he hardly knew the bot, what if she rejected him? What if she hated him? Afraid that the wolf former femme would reject him, Jazz went off on his own to brood. Prowl, having recently returned from being with his sparkmate caught his friend Jazz sitting in a dark room, trying to meditate and not show any emotion, but Prowl knew Jazz better than that – something was bothering the black and white Cyber-ninja and Prowl was determined to get to the bottom of it. And so encouraging his friend to talk, Prowl sat and listened as Jazz talked about what had happened.

Meanwhile, having healed enough, Ratchet took off the restraints and gave the wolf former femme a shot of something for pain. Taylor, happy to be free, soon transformed into her bipedal mode, and shocked the old medic, who was not expecting Taylor to look as beautiful as she did. Ratchet knew he was bonded and so it was not a concern, but he was concerned for Jazz, who was not bonded yet. Taylor, realizing the red and white bot was the medic, introduced herself to him and thanked him for the repairs.

"Thanks for the repairs, my name is Taylor. I am not sure how I got here, but I thank you for your help." stated Taylor, sounding confident as she spoke to the medic.

"You are welcome Taylor, I am Ratchet, the medic, the bot who brought you in was Jazz, and you should thank him for bringing you here." Ratchet said, trying not to yell at the ignorant femme.

Taylor nodded her head, she had heard how famous this medic's temper was, and so she left the med bay as soon as she could, in search of the bot named Jazz. She was having trouble finding the sleek ninja –bot that had caught her eye. She looked around, curious as to who these were around her. Optimus, seeing her curiosity, introduced the femme to himself and to the rest of the Autobots in the room – Bumblebee, Bulkhead, Sari, Sentinel Prime, and Ultra Magnus. Optimus explained that there were two more that were not in the room, Jazz and Prowl, but she was on her own at finding them, as they were good at hiding. Taylor thanked the leader and went on her way, as she needed to talk to Jazz.

Meanwhile, Jazz talked to his friend Prowl. Jazz told of rescuing the femme wolf former and then how his spark reacted while she was getting repaired by Ratchet. Prowl, realizing what his friend was talking about, told Jazz that the response was the way to signify who was destined to be a sparkmate for the jumpy bot. Jazz looked at Prowl stunned, as Jazz was unsure if the femme wolf former even felt the same way or if she even had a spark to bond with. Prowl managed to calm Jazz down when suddenly the femme wolf former was standing in the door way. Prowl excused himself, allowing Jazz and Taylor to spend time alone.

Jazz was caught off guard as he was not sure what to do, other than be the gentleman that he was. Jazz stood up, offered a hand to Taylor and escorted her into the room. Taylor felt overwhelmed and began to blush, she could not believe that out of all the situations she had been in, she was shy in meeting this particular bot who she realized was the one who had grabbed her out of the fiery woods and had saved her by getting her to a medic on time. For the first time ever, Taylor was having trouble getting the right words to come out of her mouth and she felt like she needed to impress this cool bot that seemed to have it all together. While normally forthright and determined, she felt herself become shy and uncertain about this whole situation. When she took his hand, she could feel the warm blush in her cheeks, but she was relieved when he seemed to not notice that.

Prowl, from his secret vantage point observed the two, and realized that these two were acting very shy around each other, much the way two destined to be sparkmates would be as they were testing the water of how the other felt. Prowl smiled before he left completely, as he now realized that this femme was just as into Jazz and Jazz was into this femme. Prowl was going to meet his own sparkmate, and so remembering just how sweet the pair was, he saved the memory of the two before him before he headed off.

Jazz, nervous but trying to act cool, started talking with the wolf former femme, learning her name was Taylor. Jazz could see that she was very much the put together bot she claimed to be, but he overlooked her nervousness, as he was nervous too, though he hid it well as he was an Elite Guard officer. And so the two began talking, though it took awhile before either was comfortable enough to open up and talk more openly. It would not be long before sparks would start flaring and things would be moving in a more romantic fashion.