This is a oneshot about Remus and Tonks. Their year together is never explained, so this oneshot just goes through that. And what happened after? Here's my version.

Tonks shut the door to her flat. She pressed her back against it and slid down. That damn man, she thought. Why does he keep hurting me? Tears gushed out of her eyes. She tortured herself everyday wondering why he couldn't get a hint at how much this was hurting her. His sweet smile made her heart break. Every hug he gives is another cut. Every kiss she steals is a broken bone. She just wanted it to stop.

She staggered to her bedroom. There was only one thing that could keep her stable. She opened the drawer and took out a picture. Sirius.

Her best friend in the whole world. She didn't know him for that long, but he was an outcast, like her. Her bubbly pink hair, or pig snout wasn't exactly the best way to make friends. Her disability to behave made Professors run the other way. Sirius wasn't the same, but the behavior problem was the same. He made her laugh on her darkest days. He cared for her like a little sister. She smiled at her cousin's picture. he was sweet to her. Best of all, he was friends with Remus.


She put the picture back. She crawled onto her bed and curled up in a ball. Tears flowed freely out of her eyes again. The hole in her heart kept getting bigger. It was consuming her. She bit her lip so she wouldn't sob. She didn't like Remus, she loved him.

Love, that's what scared him. Why him of all people. She could have easily have loved Charlie Weasley, or Kingsley Shacklebolt. No, her heart just had to pick the person who could hurt her the most. She remembered kissing him. His lips would fit perfectly against hers. He would kiss at first, then push her back. Then make the same excuse. I'm to old, to poor, to dangerous. She was a Auror dammit. She could take a werewolf.

She felt someone sit on her bed. She can already tell who it was. Her love. "Nymphadora?"

"It's Tonks," she replied. She got a chuckle out of him.

"How do you like Dora?" he whispered into her ear. She shivered. No! She wasn't suppose to act like that! "Or Nymph? I'm sure we can come up with a suitable nickname ."

"What is this we business? You made it perfectly clear that there is no we,' she pointed out. His face changed. Sadness.

"Dora, you know I love you. I'm here to make things right," he said. Her heart stopped.

"What do you mean?"

"This." his lips touched hers. She took it greatfully. Her hands grabbed his brown and gray hair and pulled him closer. He was eager, but gentle. She took it all. He begged for entrance to her mouth. She denied him. He has to suffer a bit before getting full benefits. She trailed her hand on his back and with some force pulled him onto her bed. She has no intention of sleeping with him yet, but she wanted him to believe so. He pulled back and she saw his eyes. Pure animalistic lust.

She nipped his ear. He let out a sigh. How wonderful he sounded. He pressed his body aginst hers. She couldn't resist grinding.

"Don't temp me Dora," he whispered into her ear.

"Why? You said you were going to make things right. I can think of one way," she said fingering his collar. She playfully took off one of his buttons. She kissed his exposed skin. He let out a hissed breath.

"Not yet." she pushed him away.

"No have no right to dictate this Remus Lupin! You gave me the most crackpot excuse way you couldn't be with me. I'm to old, to poor," Tonks yelled. "You say you love me, but you push me away."

"I thought that was best for you. You could have anyone Dora! Why me?" Remus asked. 'Why me?"

"I don't know you jerk. Why did James love Lily? Why does Ron love Hermione? Arthur and Molly? Harry and Ginny?"

"Because they're right for each other," Remus said.

"Then how come we're not right?" She asked. "Why?" she punched him in the chest. Then sobbed. And sobbed.

"We are right." he said. "I was just being stupid."

"Then don't be stupid anymore,' she said.

"Okay, Dora. I promise never to be stupid again. Cross my heart,' he pledged. She giggled.

"I Nymphadora Tonks promise to makes sure Remus Lupin keeps his promise. I'm in titled to punish him how ever I want if he breaks his promise."


"Yes. After what you put me through, I think I deserve that much," she said. He laughed.

"I agree."

"Good." her stomach growled. Going headfirst into a battle can make you hungry.

"I'm going to make you some dinner. Soup?"

"Yes please,' she replied. She snuggled up into the covers. Just like olds times, but now it was different. Remus was hers now. No one can take him away.


Tonks ripped his shirt off. He wanted to be gentle with her, but she wasn't making it easy. She rocked her hips against his, and almost lost his head. "Dora!"

She plastered kissed against his collarbone. He needed to talk to her. "Dora, please stop for a moment."

She pouted. "What?"

He pulled out a little jewelry box from his pocket. Her eyes widen. "Nymphadora Tonks, I love you. You make me happier then I have ever been. Will you marry me?" he opened the lid and there was a golden ring with one diamond. It took him five months to save up for this. He felt it was still unworthy. Tonks deserved hundreds of diamonds, not one.

"Yes,' she said. "Yes! Yes!" he grabbed her finger and put it there. He kissed it briefly and let Tonks admire it. "Perfect."

"Are you sure? I could get a - " he started. He saw the look of Tonk's face. "Or that one is fine."

"You need to learn how to stop trying to please everyone. I wouldn't except any ring except this one. Got it?" she asked pushing him against the headboard. "Or do I need to convince you?"

"I got it," he said weakly.

"Aw, I like convincing you," she pouted. "It's so much fun."

"I can see."


"I wish Harry was here to see this,' Tonks said wistfully.

"I know, but he's in his Aunt and Uncle's house. We can tell him later," Remus said.

"But it's not the same."

"At least Molly and Arthur are here. And your parents," Remus replied.

"My parents aren't exactly thrilled though,' Tonks said. Andromeda and Ted were not thrilled about her daughter's marriage. Wife of a werewolf is not exactly the beest postion to be in. Also, they weren't the most connected couple. Tonks's bubbliness and Remus's quietness to them were not a winning combination. They felt Tonks needed someone exciting to keep her busy, such as a Quidditch player. As if a werewolf wasn't exciting enough.

"Dear I know. But honestly, you're going to have a tough life with him,' Andromeda said. "It may not be worth it.'

"Don't say that Mum. He's worth it. he's the world to me,' Tonks said. She and her mother had this conversation many times before.

"But they're there." Tonks returned to the present.


"that means they care and support you," Remus said straighening out his tie.

"Okay okay,' Tonks said. "Now go. I'll meet you down the aisle. Remus smiled.

"I can't believe this. Tonight your mine,' Remus said giving her a hug. "Forever.'

"Forever. That sounds nice,' Tonks replied. "So, lets hurry up to forever.'

"Right, see you on the aisle."

"Not if i see you first."


"Dora, are you alright?" Remus said. Tonks rolled her eyes. He's been like this since getting Harry to the Burrow.

"I'm fine Remus,' she called back. she continued to read her book. Then covered her mouth. She ran to the bathroom and threw up. Remus hurried to her side.


"I'm fine, it's the chicken we had last night. I thought it tasted a little funny,' Tonks said wiping her mouth. "Trust me."

"I still want you to go to St. Mungo's,' Remus said firmly. "That's final."

"Oh, your taking charge. How sexy."

"Don't you dare. You might be sick."


"No Dora,' Remus said.

At St. Mungo's

"Mrs. Lupin, I have some mixed results,' the Healer said.

'What is it?" She said panicking.

"Let me give you the good news first. Your pregnant." Her heart wanted to burst. A little person growing inside her. she out her hand to her stomach. A little baby. Hers and Remus's. A him or her that could live. Has to live. She face was covered in tears. "The bad news. It's growing faster then normal. We're predicting an early birth."

"How early?"

"At least a month. It was the werewolf gene," the healer said softly.

"Werewolf gene?"

"You are married to a werewolf right?"


"naturally the gene gets passed of. I'm not sure how much though."

"How about the Metamorphmagus gene?" Tonks asked.

'Not sure yet. That doesn't show until birth. But if he is, that will be one unique baby,' the healer chuckled.

Back at Home

"REMUS!" Tonks screamed.

"What is it dora! are you okay?" Remus said in panick. her ran down the stairs.


"Dora, calm down. What is it?" Remus said grabbing her and pulling her close.

"I'm pregnant' His face froze. "Isn't it wonderful? Remus?"

"Yes, it's great. Umm, I made dinner,' he muttered. I looked at him confused.

"What's wrong?"



"Why did you leave?" Tonks asked. "I thought you loved me."

"I do," Remus said. "I just couldn't..."

"Couldn't what? Couldn't face the facts that we have a baby? A half werewolf baby?" She screeched. "I love that baby. he's mine and your! DEAL WITH IT!"

"That baby doesn't deserve to live like he's going to live. A life of cruelty! Is that what you want for him!"

"He's going to go through that yes, but he'll be strong! Proud of his parents! of his heritage!" Tinks replied. "He's going to have a hard time, but his life is going to be happy."

"How can you be so sure?" he asked shaking. "Look at what he has for a father!"

"If his father would stop acting like a coward, he could be proud of him!" Tonks screamed.

"That';s exactly what Harry said."

"Then he's te smartest kid we've ever met."

"Merlin Tonks, how can you love me?' Remus asked.

"I think your smart, brave, handsome and adorable," she replied.

"I don't deserve you."



"REMUS LUPIN! I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!" Tonks screamed. Ah labor, Remus thought.

"I know I know,' he replied. "You're also going to hex me, curse me, and tie me to a brick and toss me into a incinerator."


"Honey, a few more pushes and you're done," Remus coaxed.

"I HATE YOU!" He learned to ignore that comment. She didn't mean it. I hope.

"Just push," he said garbbing her hand. she squeezed it. She was in so much pain. her face twisted then calm down.

"It's a boy," Andromeda said. "Tonks how are you feeling?"

"That was one workout," she said sweating.

"That would be an understatement sweetie," Remus said. "You're not going to really tie me to a brick and put me in a incinerator thought, right?" He gave an evil smile.

I change my mind. It's going to be a two-shot. Better that way.