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"What did Harry say?" Tonks asked making some soup. That was the only dish she could make without setting the kitchen on fire. Chowders too. In fact anything that Muggles can put in a can.

"He said yes," Remus replied. "Smells good."

"Yeah right,' Tonks said rolling her eyes. "Why don't you make a salad and put the drinks on the table." Remus nodded.

"How was your day?"

"Exhausting. Did you know Teddy can play with socks for three hours?" Tonks said.

"Yes, he also likes lying on his stomach," Remus replied. "have you gotten him off the habit?"

"Nope,' Tonks said. "I put him on his side, but he won't sleep."

"We should get the Healers to check on that."

"Tomorrow," Tonks yawned.

"maybe we should let your Mum take care of teddy so you can sleep," Remus said.

Tonks waved him off. "Nah. Oh and make sure Teddy's sleeping. He get fussy during the evening."

"Yes Dora." Remus made a quick salad and put two glasses of pumpkin juice on the table. He went to go check on Teddy.

Teddy was sleeping until Remus opened the door to his room. Teddy began to fuss in his crib making noise. "Teddy, Teddy, shh."

Teddy began to fussy more and Remus picked him up and rocked him. He wouldn't stop but the noise lessen. Remus sat down in the rocking chair they set up and began to rock Teddy to sleep. Teddy didn't fall asleep. "Do you want your bottle?" Teddy's hair turned blue. That would be a yes.

It was easier on them taking care of Teddy because of his hair. Blue meant yes and red meant no. green meant he was happy, and purple when he was sad. Teddy turned out to be an intelligent baby and probably could start speaking in less then a year.

Remus took a bottle from Teddy's bag and stuck it in his mouth. Teddy eagerly sucked on the bottle. "Teddy, you have a new member of the family today. His name is Harry and he's your godfather."

Teddy looked at him. "He'll be like another parent. You can play with him and tell your secrets to him. In fact he'll be more like a friend with authority. He's going to make to world safe you 'll be able to go to Hogwarts and live a great life. Me and your Mum will be there every step of the way. Harry will be there to. I hope he won't be a bad godfather. But, Harry is a good person and knows what's right. You'll love him."

Teddy's hair turned green. "Yep and guess what? I just saw him today. He agreed to be there for you." Remus took the empty bottle put of Teddy's mouth. Teddy yawned and closed his eyes. Remus smiled and put him back in his crib. "Goodnight Teddy."

"That was sweet," Tonks said from the door. "I'm glad you have some faith in this world."

"I have to, for Teddy." Remus gave her a sad smile. "I got to assume that Harry's going to win the war soon."

"He will. He's Harry. He'll never give up."

"True. But I can't help worry."

"That's why I call you a worry wart. Now come on, let's eat dinner," Tonks said.

"Dinner sounds good. Still learning to cook from a can?" Remus asked.

"No, I actually I happen to make the soup from scratch," Tonks said proudly.

"Yes, boiling water is extremely hard."


"Was that necessary?" Remus asked rubbing his head.



"DORA!" Remus said.

"What is is Remus?" Tonks asked rushing in.

"I just got the message. Harry's in Hogwarts and the Death Eaters are coming," Remus replied grabbing his wand. "I'm going." Tonks felt her heart drop.

"Remus, let me come with you!"

"Dora, I can't. You have to take care of Teddy."

"Mum can do that," Tonks sand putting on her shoes. She reached for her wand. Remus took it from the table. "Dora, I need you here. Teddy can't lose both of us."

"Who says he's going to lose both of us," Tonks said in panic. "He's not going to lose any of us! We can cover each other - "

"it's better if only I go." Remus made his way to the door. Tonks ran in front of it.

"Remus, maybe I should go again. I have more training - "

"Dora, don't you understand, I never want you near that place. Call me old fashion, but I feel that Teddy will need you more then - "

"Cut the crap."


"You don't want me to go because you want to protect me," Tonks accused. "I can protect myself fine Remus."

"Dammit Dora!" Remus said. "It's not about hoe you can protect yourself, it's how I would rather die then let you go!"

"You know that's the same for me," Tonks said with tears running down her face.

"No it's not. Your a mother now Dora. He needs you."

"He needs you more Remus. You know, father-son time,' Tonks tried. Remus shook his head.

"Children feel more attached to their mothers,' he reminded her. She groaned."Come on, I'll promise to take out Bellatrix."

"Don't you dare go near her!" Tonks screeched. "She's mine."

"Then how does Dolohov sound then?" Remus asked giving her a hug.

"Go for the Malfoys. They're weak."

"I'll keep that in mind," he said. "We'll be together. Everything will be okay." With one searing kiss he left.

Tonks watched him apparate. Probably to pick up Kingsley. Tonks waited five minutes before moving. Remus had dropped her wand when he kissed her. She picked it up. "Well, old friend, it's time."

She walked to teddy's room. "Teddy, I'm going now," she said. "Mummy loves you. You know that right?" she asked. Teddy looked at her. His hair turned blue. Tears came to her eyes.

"Mummy has to go save Daddy's butt, okay?" she said. "Grammy's coming to say." he giggled. "Be good kay?"

"Expecto Patronus," she said. A wolf appeared. "Mum, I'm going to the Battle. Take care of Teddy." The wolf ran.

"I love you Teddy!" she call and vanished.


"Lupin, where's the wife?" Dolohov taunted. "Home with the wolf child?"

"Says the man who can't even ask a woman out. Did Bella break your heart again?" Remus replied. Reducto!

Dolohov dodged. "She's to tied up with killing your wife."

"So she is going after Dora!"

"No way Wolfman."

"Did you rape any little girls lately?" Remus asked. "Since you are attracted to underdeveloped - "

"No, but that little Mudblood Granger seems fair," Dolohov said wickedly.

"STAY AWAY FROM HERMIONE!" Ron yelled trying to run to kill Dolohov. Hermione pulled him back.

"Ron," she said dragging him to a corner.

"Stay away from those two!" Remus said. "Avada - "

"HELP!" a familiar voice said. Remus turned. His Dora was being torture.

"DORA!" he said running. He crouched down and touched her hand. "Are you okay?"

"Surprise,' she said nastily. She changed to Jugson, a nastily Death Eater and Dolohov partner. Before Remus could react he was pinned down.

"Good work Jugson." Dolohov raised his wand.


"Remus?" Tonks said wandering around the castle.


"Remus!" she said louder. She followed the voice down to the Great Hall. Remus was pinned by a Death Eater. Dolohov raised his wand.

"REMUS!" she screamed.

"DORA! I LOVE - " he was slapped. Tonks raised her wand. "Expelli - " a spell hit her arm it could move. She couldn't move.

"I LOVE YOU!" Remus said.

"Avada Kedavra!" Dolohov said. A green light hit Remus. He stopped moving.

Tonks felt herself be freed. "No!"

"Don't worry you little wolf whore, you'll be united in a couple minutes,' she heard. She turned to see Bellatrix Lestrange.

"You goddamn coward! Crucio!" Bellatrix easily dodged the spell.

"Coward you say. Oh little Dora - "

"Don't call me DORA!" Tonks screeched. " Tang - "

"Is that what Wolfie called you?"

"Shut up you bitch!" Avada -

"Isn't that a little harsh for your Auntie?" She said. "Crucio." Tonks collapsed in pain. "You feel it you freak. The pain and disloyalty your name says to our family!"

"You're a disgrace!" Tonks replied. "You – don't – even love – you're – family!"

"You're not family! You pollute the Black family name! Crucio!" Tonks screamed.

"Like Dumbledore – said – you -like – playing – with – your – food."

"Don't even mention that old fool! He couldn't even save himself!"

"Don't lie to yourself Vol - "

"DON'T SAY HIS NAME!" Bellatrix said. "Avada Kedavra!" the last thing tonks saw was the madness in her Aunt's eye.


"Where should we put the bodies?"Oliver Wood said.

"In the Transfiguration room," Neville Longbottom said. "Wait it can't be!"

The bodies of Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks were in the Great Hall. "Not them!"

"Come on, we got to take them Neville," Oliver said grimly. He lifted Remus. Neville carried Tonks and put them on the table. He arrange them so they would be holding each other.

"Neville! I see a body in the courtyard! It looks Creevey!" Oliver called.

Neville left. Nymphadora and her Remus laid there and death will not do them apart.

The ending was sappy. God me and my romantic said.