Inspired by CSI New York Angell and Flack

So Long My Beloved

He wanted to save her
Rushed to the scene
Only been together a little while
Already had grown quite fond of
each other
Now she was fading away
He didn't want the words in
the back of his mind

So Long My Beloved

He placed her in the
backseat of the car
placing his hands on her wounds
so he could help control
the blood
Begging her heartbeats to
keep holding on
But she couldn't hold on
He wouldn't get the proper chance
to say

So long my beloved

When they told him
he was ready to crash
into the earth and never
look back at all
He went over to her limp body and squeezed her
hand one last time
and said the words he hoped to
never say so soon in this life
So long my beloved.