I am thinking about doing a one shot as an extension of this poem so let me know if I should go for it.

What if Angell returned next season? Wishful thinking the creatives wouldn't do this for us or would they?

Not Done Living

He thought she was gone.
Six months since the day she
He noticed things
that shouldn't be happening
His instincts were telling him
Was she really there?

Not done living this life yet

This is what she said when
she returned to him
late one night
He awakened from a deep
slumber induced by the heavy
amounts of liquor he had begun to
consume since the day he had lost her.
Now here she was saying

Not done living this life yet

She returned only to him
To cure the tumbling down
he was about to encounter
She was here to save him
and yet she couldn't stay
away more than she had already
She was not done living this life
yet and she wanted to spend the rest of
it with him.