Hey all as you all know I should be working on my stories Love death for the last chapter but I diced to tack a break but I am almost done. I'm trying to make it into an unforgettable ending. but I just wanted to sort on this on so bad and I can't help it my brain is on fire, I came up with 6 new stories in my SLEEP!!! You can believe it or not but its true well here it is.

Kiss Kiss

By. Blue Moon of SSR

Shojo Shonen Royalty

Part 1

The Wish

Kuon was looking at the shy were all the stars were singing then he looked at the little girl sitting next to him. She had pretty black hair, big round coco brown eyes, and she was smiling as sweetly as she looked up into the sky that he could have sworn she was an angel sent from Haven to change the way he was. In the USA he would have caused trouble by now or made her cry but somehow she got him to open his heart up to her.

"Corn LOOK!!! Quick make a wish!!!" she said amazed pointing at the sky as she smiled that brilliant smile. In the sky there was a shooting star without thinking he made a wish 'I wish I could kiss Kyoko while I'm still this here, her first kiss....'.

Koun looked down at Kyoko as she smiled and blushed, he'd never be able to bring up the courage to tell her that he liked her more than just a friend. Kyoko leaded on him as she smiled and softly said without thinking, "Corn when I grow up will you tacks me away?"

He looked back down at her, he knew he wouldn't be here for long but if he ever got the chance to tack her away he'd tack it, so he might as well get something out of this so he smiled and put his arms around her as he smiled," I'll tack you away and make you my princess but you have to promise that your fist kiss has to come from me or we won't be able to get married" Kyoko looked up at him confused as she gave him a blush," but I want to married Sho" He felt the hurt but it quickly went away as he continued,

"Yeah, I know. But you want me to tack you away. So promise me your first kiss and give it to me when you're ready. Then if things don't go well with Sho I'll come and save you. You'll become my princess and we'll live happily ever after. I'll support you, protected you, give you a big home and I'll make you as many kids as you want. We'll be a big happy family." Kyoko nuzzled next to him then smiled as she said happily, "ok but promise me that you will surpass your father before you tack me to be your wife." He smiled as he hugged her saying to her," It's a promise---"

10 Years later

"Ren have you gone mad!!!!" yelled Ren's manger. "Your letting her goes out on a date with that---that--- that hot shot?!?!!? You're a filer at love!!! He's going to steel her away from you!!!" Ren looked away Kyoko had started to date on of the male-models that wouldn't leave her alone till he finely she said yes, they were going out on their first date right now and Ren was all the way in Peru for a movie.

Ren got up and went to his room it was late and there was little chance of him getting any sleep that night so he might as well start early. As soon as Ren laid down his head all the images from10 years ago were zooming by in his head finally he opened his eye and noticed that there was a window and the sun light was coming in, had the night really gone by so fast?! Then as he sat up he noticed this wasn't his room, there was a poster of him on the wall and one of Fuwa with a banner that said surpass in Japanese, and judging from the clock it was late in the afternoon. When he tried to get up e noticed that his cloth was too big for him, then the room seemed too big, the covers then he looked at his hands.

"WHAT THE HELL!!!!" He shouted when he noticed it was the hand of an 11 year old. " What you don't like it Mr. I want to kiss the girl?", said a voice, Ren looked up and floating on top of his head was a light but in that light was a little girl with wings. Ren's eyes widened and he would have fainted but he was in total shock.

"What?" she asked as she sat next to him. "You're a--- fairy..." he stuttered a bit, she looked up at him giving him a look that told him that this wasn't the first time that she heard that.

"Yeah well whatever wish granted later." she said as she was about to leave. "Wight what wish what do you mean? What happen to my body?!" Once again the fairy gave him that look and she sat down next to him again. "I'll tell you what you forgot."

To be continued...

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