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Kiss Kiss

Part 24

Kiss Me Again

"and how much do you love this guy?" Ren's heart was dying with each word.

"more then I ever thought I could love some one." she clenched her chest as if she felt her love lacking out.

"then why don't you save him? Tell him you love him? Knowing some one loves you can save a person." he held his hand out for Kyoko and she took it.

" thank you Corn. I wish I could love you back some more but my heart belongs to Ts- I mean to him." she smiled.

"but I do love you."

She leaned down and kissed him.

Ren's boyish face turned red as he looked up to her.

He always thought HE would have to kiss her, he never thought she'd kiss him.


Kyoko stood shocked as Ren stood half naked in front of her. The cloth he wore ripped and his face bright red.


She averted her eyes and Ren quickly reached for the sheets.

"why~~ why did ~~~ how ~~~ Corn~~ Koun! You?" she quickly turned to him. But ran into his chest.

Ren graved her before she could fall back and pulled her closer.

"kiss me again" his voice was low and Kyoko shivered.

"Kiss me…" he brushed her check with his free hand looking to her eyes.

"if I'm going to loses you then I want to at least have one last good memory . I can't force you to love me… but can I at least have one last thing from you?"

Kyoko began to put the peaces together and her eyes widened then and her face repeated it's redness.

"you love me?" her eyes began to tear up.

"for a very long time… but if I have to let you go to make you happy… then at least let me stay with you. Pleas don't runaway."

Kyoko was frozen as he kissed her softly and then pulled away.

"I'd better go." he said when she didn't respond at all and stood frozen looking up at him.

He was almost out the door when he felt her arms wrap around him. Her small hands stopped him with her warmth and he could feel her lay her head against his back.

"no…don't go… not again… just kiss me again." she said softly and he felt her face go hot.

"Kyoko…" he turned around and looked down to her, she was blushing and it was a great look especially with her golden eyes having the moon light's refection on them. She was beautiful.

" the ones I love is Koun and Corn, but I loved one person more then them… he's kind and he's every bit the man they were… the one I love most is Ren Tsuruga, I love you and it hurts… I thought you loved someone else… I'm Bo and I you told me so…" she wanted to cry she was happy, when she froze it wasn't out of shock but because she was finally put the peaces together.

Ren was so happy his heart pounded so loud, she loved him!

He didn't hold back when he leaned down to kiss her again.

"I love you Kyoko Mogami…" he whispered as kissed her with all the passion he had for her. Laying her against the wall.

Kyoko was dizzy not sure this was real, the more he kissed her the more she wanted. She wanted to touch him, she wanted him to touch her, she wanted more.

As their tongues fought Ren decided to test his luck as his hand caressed her breast, she gave a small moan. Her rob was sliding off and with Ren playing with her breast she wished it was all the way off.

"I love you" he whispered again as his other hand made it's way underneath her rob and to her womanhood.

"no underwear?" he whispered in her ear as he stirred his finger making Kyoko moan as her head went back. Her blush deepened as he rubbed her till he was satisfied with her pled of wanting more.

He scooped her up and laid her on the grown.

"we should stop here Kyoko… the owners might hear you… and I don't think I want to have to explain why I'm half naked or how I got in." he was hard but he also didn't want to rush her.

"their gone for the week… no one is here remember?" she smiled with a light blush.

"are you sure?" he asked remembering that the owners were gone on a family trip.

"yes…" she said as she flipped him over so she was on top. Ren was wide eyed as Kyoko removed the only cloth she had on. Watching the rob slide her small sexy body made him want to take then and there. But he controlled himself.

She leaned down to kiss him but was flipped over as she saw Ren's hungry eyes on her body.

"your so beautiful…" he said kissing and slowly grabbing every part of her body, enjoying every reaction she gave. God he was glad there wasn't any cloth to delay his goal.

They kissed showy and passionate, they were in no hurry. They wanted this moment to last as long as possible. Each kiss and every touch was long and slow. time stopped for them and there was only the other to pleas.

Kyoko watched him as he praised her with his eyes and hands that did marvelous things to her where exciting.

Her small hand roamed over his body, she was even brave enough to hold his cock.

Ren glowed with pleasure as her small finger traced up and then back down, he wanted her so bad.

She was so curious about how the body of a man worked but she felt him get harder.

"Ren…" she said a little worried. He looked down at her hoping she was ok and he didn't do anything to make her feel uncomfortable.

"Ren I'm a virgin… I don't really know how this goes… but pleas I have to have in me." how could anyone have a mixture of cute and sexy in them? Did she have any idea what her cute innocent face did to him? Especially when she said such words?

"anything you want I'll give." he said smiling to her as he kissed her head. He had no idea when the sheets he had on came off but it didn't matter to him as he poisoned himself on her.

"never again will I purposely make you cry. I'm sorry but it will hurt for a bit."

She gave a shy nod and he entered her with a trust. She gave out a small cry and Ren smoothed away her pain by caressing her with kisses.

"there… there … I promises it'll get better."

He waited for her give him the nod to go and when she did he smiled to her.

He was slow at first not wanting to hurt her. She was so tight and hot he loved it. She was his now.

Leaning down kissing her every chance he got, she was his, his…

"faster…" she gasped and he obeyed that and every commanded she gave. His trusts became faster and harder, her moans fueling his fire.

"Ren… OH GOD Ren! Ahhh! I'm goanna come" she groaned with her legs wrapped around him.

"I'm not done with you yet." he groaned as he flipped her to her side and reentered her. Kyoko had read many of the love novels Lory had given her to read as a Love Me task, she never understood how anyone could be turned on by sweat but now she knew, as the drops slid down Ren's body and his groans grew louder with each trusted.

It embarrassed her to hear moans coming out her own mouth, how she told Ren to go faster or how she was brave enough to touch him.

In the love novels Lory had given her the heroine was fuelled by love, lust, and passion. But Kyoko just wanted to be closer to Ren, to have him deep in her.

Ren's grunts filled the air as well as her groans. Kyoko never knew she could feel this way and she never wanted it to end.

When they both came at the same time she called out his name as he called out hers. Ren collapsed on top of her. His head on her chest panting along with Kyoko.

"Kyoko…" he said a little out f breath.

"yes?" she said as she played with his hair.

"do you want to get married?" he plopped himself up on his side. She blushed with shock as he smiled to her. She was more then shocked it was something she couldn't understand but it made her happy.

"I'm not going to let you go" he smiled wider when she jumped him wrapping her arms around him.

"yes! A million and trillion times yes! No more then that, infinity times yes!"

After kissing her they both feel asleep and when they woke up later that night they play around then go at it again. Kyoko lost count after they did it in the shower.

"the floor, against the wall, on my desk, in the kitchen, the hall way, my room floor again, my bed, the bathroom and I lost count after words." she said to him putting on her rob as Ren did the same only it was the owner's robe seeing as his pants didn't fit him.

" It's a blur to me too." he kissed her head again pulling her down to her bed again.

"Ren we need to get some sleep, we have work tomorrow." she complained.

"I know that, I just want you in my arms so that no one tries to take you while I'm asleep." he smiled down to her, he couldn't stop smiling at all. He kept losing face to her.

They did fall sleep then.

Ren woke up to the noise of a door opening at first he ignored it thinking it was Kyoko… but she was in his arms. He opened one eye thinking he was just hearing things then closed them.

It's just Sara… wait… Sara?…SARA!

Ren quickly got up looking at the never again woman who was once the one he always asked loved advice for no matter how bad it was.

Behind her was a sobbing Lory dressed in a suite, a normal one.

"Sara! Boss! What are you doing here?" he asked trying not to wake Kyoko.

"what am I doing here? What are you doing here?" she was mad for some reason, she was biting down on her teeth angrily. Then she lost it when Ren gave her a confused look.

"GET OFF MY DAUGHTER YOU LITTLE BRAT!" she yelled and Lory held her back. Ren's eyes went wide and he felt Kyoko getting up.


She cutely rubbed her eyes as she got up.

"Ren what's the matter? I thought I he- MOM?" Kyoko quickly sat up seeing her mom being held back by Lory .

"but you mom's name is S-"

"IT'S SARA IN THE STATES YOU RAPIESTED!" she yelled angrily. Lory was soon down when she punched him with her elbow.

She was calmed for a moment but the moment she turned to Lory and pointed to him in accusing she became medusas with fire in her eyes "Lory you lying son of a bitch! You said that said you'd take care of her! Is this what you call taking care of her? I left her in Kyoto cuz you said she'd be happier, I let her work for you worming you said she'd be better off here! How is any of this better off? I left you the only thing I love and you let her get seduced by this pretty boy? What would your brother say? No don't answer that! He's turning over in his grave right now! How can such a man like him have such an idiot brother!" she yelled.

She was in the process of cocking Lory when she heard Kyoko's voice.

"mom…" she was shocked lost for words. She stopped and turned around. "you didn't hate me?"

Saena /Sara looked alarmed.

" what? Who the hell told you that?" she barked and Kyoko jumped a little. But was calmed down when Ren held her. Some things became clear to him and he smiled a little.

"you never came back… I thought you abandoned me…" she cocked on her answer. Sara's eye's widened.

"Lory you ass! This is what I get for following you advice! She thought I abandon her! She thought I hated her!" she yelled angrily shacking him till Ren stopped her.

" Sara you'll break his neck!"

"YOU THINK I CARE?" she barked to him. Kyoko walked up to her scared that even if she hugged her she'd rejected her, but if she did she had Ren to fall onto.

When her arms went around her mother Sara froze and Kyoko thought it was a rejection.

"Kyoko… it's not what you think. Sara isn't the hugging type the last person to hug her died right after and since then she can't hug anyone. She freezes up or hits them." Ren told her and Kyoko smiled.

After Sara promised not to kill Lory or Ren and that she wouldn't take Kyoko away she was let go and she took Kyoko to a café near by.

Once they were given their dish Kyoko was taking a sip of her water when her mother asked her fist question.

"He wasn't too rough with you was he?"

Kyoko spit out her water and looked to her mother who's face hadn't changed her cold expression. She remained her of Kanae somehow.

"mom!" she whispered "some one will hear you!"

"LET THEM HEAR! THAT ASS WHOLE OF A PRETTY BOY DEFLOWERED MY DAGHTER!" she yelled out loud without changing her expression and everyone spit out their drinks or cocked on their food.

"MOM!" Kyoko said with embarrassment.

"Kyoko I don't care what other's think. I haven't for a long time. I just want to know if Koun treats you well." she said looking at her, Kyoko nodded yes with a small blush.

"he asked me to marry him and I said yes." she smiled somehow feeling a bit a easy seeing now as a grown woman how her mother really was and understanding her a little.

"he better have! Remember Kyoko all men are idiot no matter what! Even your father was an idiot!" she snorted.

"was? So you knew my dad?" Kyoko asked a little unease.

"Yeah… it's ok. It was a long time ago. When I was a little younger then you I meet your dad, he was a well respected business man and we hated each other. There was no love at first sight at all.

It was more like love at the 100th kick. You see I was in high school when he almost ran me over, the idiot just pointed to me and said to be careful. I kicked his car and walked on.

Then I meet him again after school, the ass tried to sue me. So I kicked him. Over time I grew to like him, he taught me about lots of things, then I meet his brother, 2x the idiot he was.

I got love advice from him. I didn't know he was trying to put us together. Leo was a man who was well composed, smart and a good head on his shoulders. Nothing like his brother. Lory was 100% idiot as to were you father was only 10% idiot."

"Lory? You mean the president is my uncle?" Kyoko gasped and Sara nodded.

"one day I was out with Lory and Leo thought I had fallen for his brother and congratulated me. I was so mad I kicked him and that was when I knew I loved him. He may have been great in the business but he was slow in love.

We got together afterwards. About a year later we had our first night together and he asked me to marry him. I told him yes, but when I hugged him then let him go he walked across the street and was hit by a car. He died in front of me. I was mad at myself and was disowned by my parents after words. I moved to Kyoto and raised you for a while till Lory found me. I was mad to see him again and I think I took it out on you and for that I'm sorry."

Kyoko smiled and let her continue.

"after a while I left you with the Fuwas, but when I came back to get you because I remarried and wanted to introduce you I found you playing happily with that Fuwa kid and I couldn't take you away from that.

I sent money that I put in a privet account for you… you don't know about it but right now it has enough money to help you support you.

But I was shocked when I heard you eloped with the Fuwa kid , even more when Lory called me up to tell me you were working for him and how broken you were. I wanted to take you back but your dame idiot uncle said he'd take care of things. All those classes you think you've been paying for along with any dept you think your paying went straight to your account and I paid for you.

I've watched every thing you were in and I was proud of you. I even told my husband, though he doesn't believe you can be my daughter because apparently I 'm not lady like enough.

But when I got news that you were kidnapped I came back… but to find you with that pretty boy Koun! I knew there was a reason I didn't like him when Lory introduced us. I even told Kuu I hated his son and now I know why!" she pulled her hair back

After a while Kyoko filled in a few blanks that Sara knew nothing about. She wanted to kill all the men in her life but anted to thank the men that were like brothers to her. She never told Kyoko that she already knew the men, they were the one's that kept tabs on her for her.

"so is there any chance you'd like to come to the US and meet you step dad? He's an idiot of courses but the good kind like you." Sara said smiling but knew her answer.

Thing from there on out were full of many ups and downs. Sara persuaded her husband to move to Japan , though his Japanese was very weak he and Kyoko clicked right away.

Lory was now being open about Kyoko being his niece and boosted about it.

Marie was happy that Kyoko really was family and she was happy Ren was now with her as a couple.

Kanae being a little mad because Hiou wasn't there fro that summer took her frustration out on Ren, as did Sara.

Sara and Kanae clicked right away.

Reino got his Cherry pregnant and married her the moment he found out. Kyoko never understood what possessed her friend to fall for some one like Reino but if it made her happy she was happy. She got to be the maid of honor since Kanae declined.

Yoshiro and his wife reviled themselves to Kyoko and since Kyoko's wish in the past was already granted she was given a replacement wish.

"so what do you want?" her manager asked. Kyoko thought about it for a moment but then smiled as she whispered something to her and her manager nodded knowing why she asked for such a strange thing.

Sho's wedding came along and he was happy to have his childhood friend as his future wife's maid of honor. Though he and Sara were always fighting it was ok because Kyoko knew this was her noisy family.

Tony gave a warning to Ren that he'd be floating dead in the ocean water if he ever hurt Kyoko.

Andy promised him with life in prison were he'd make sure he was some one's bitch.

Tinshin didn't say anything but he showed Ren his bank account record and said in a normal tone "It'd be a shame if all that money you worked so hard to get was suddenly erased from here, along with anything you earned. Or if you were in sudden dept."

It didn't stop there many people threaten him with different thing other then his life, some even said the moment she cried tears of sadness they'd take her away.

Ren found out bout more of his would be rivals and was glad he asked Kyoko to marry him when he did.

It was later in the fall when Kanae was walking home a little irritated that Hio's letter had yet to come in, the last thing he wrote was that he need to ask her something. He just never answered what it was.

She bumped into some one but didn't bother to look back to who it was,

"well that's a nice welcome home, I come home early to my girlfriend and all she cares to do is bump into me and then she ignores me. Don't tell me you've found some older guy."

Kanae turned to find what Hio would have looked like if he was older and taller, and there he was.

He smiled to her dumfounded face, he was taller then her now.

"I told you I wouldn't have to look up at you to kiss you when I came back." he leaned down a kissed the lips her.

Kanae for the first time ever was speechless.


"yeah it's me…" he hugged her now, his handsome face was buried in her hair. How he missed her sent.

He told her it was a sudden growth spurge but it wasn't. he wasn't growing at all when time was running out. that's when two small fairies… yes fairies… never did he believe in them till now. And he was still getting over who they were.

Someone had given him their wish and he at fist wanted to uses it to go back to Kanae but then he smiled.

His movie was over and he still wanted to have her miss him.

"I want to grow tall then Kanae by the time I get back to her"

And here he was, his dad said it ran in the family to suddenly grow up and left it at that. And as soon as people hear about how he suddenly became handsome he got more offers.

"I wanted to ask you if we can go on our fist real date when I got back" he asked looking down at her now.

"fist kiss me again." Kanae said with a small blush and Hio grinned as he leaned down and kissed her again.

Kyoko had come to stay the night with her mother, the wedding was a day away and she didn't want anything to go wrong.

The whole 'can't see the bride 24 hours before the wedding' was killing her, all day she had to stay away from Ren and she missed him desperately.

Lory and her mother had been fighting over the wedding the past few months and it was driving everyone in LME crazy. It got worse then Tinshin, Tony, and Andy got involved. Then more and more people got involved.

It was soon named the biggest event of the year, and there was less and less work for her to do on her own wedding.

Just as Kyoko opened the door she heard her mother.


Kyoko quickly rushed into the kitchen and found her mother holding her step dad by the color.

He was a quite man with a stern look, but deep down inside he was a big softy when it came to her mother. There wasn't anything he could deny her. His bond her brushed back still glowed, his green eyes showing he knew what was going on but he wasn't sorry, he kept his hands in his pocket away from any immediate dangers.

"what's going on?" Kyoko asked in wonder. Her step dad just smiled, he had become a doting father almost right away and worried she might be kidnapped every day.

"Kyoko honey" he said in English "your mother went to the doctor today. She hasn't been feeling well these past few weeks, she thought it was all that fighting with Lory getting to her."

"mom! Are you ok?" Kyoko rushed up to her, her mother had yet to let go of her husband and was muttering something about if she buried the body she'd be found out, then she said something about feeding someone to the sharks.

"mom?" Kyoko began to worry.


"your pregnant?" Kyoko said softly and her dad nodded yes to confirm it.

Then Sara looked over to Kyoko who's eyes suddenly filled with sparkle. She quick got out her cell an pressed speed dial.

"Moko-CHAN! I'm going to be a big sister! I can't wait! It's going to be so cute!" and she ran up to her room to chat.

Sara was quite for a moment then let go of her husband and went to go pout some were Kyoko wouldn't see her.

Kyoko couldn't have imagined a better wedding, it was grand and the list of people that were coming was so big that Lory had ask the preacher to come to a castle he rented out due to the room they would be needing.

No one had ever been to a wedding were the bride was taken down the ail by more then 3 men. There were many men who wanted to walk Kyoko Down the ail that some even got in a fight over it. They would each get a chance to take her 3 steps forward till they passed her on to the next. Each man gave her their best wishes and told her that she was like the daughter they never had (even if they had one) , kissed her hand and watched as she made her way to Ren.

The ail was long and having enough room to let 20 men take Kyoko down the ail can tell you a lot.

Kyoko blushed as Ren said his vows and she smiled brightly when she said hers.

Then there was their "I Do's" and their kiss.

15 Years Later

"Sho! There you are! I was looking all over for you" said Big Sho to his little Sho.

"dad I don't see why I'm here…Ren-baka lives here" he said with his nose up in the air.

"don't be like that or karma will bit you in the ass" Sho hissed to his son.

"I've already meet Koun and Kyoko dad…" Sho Jr. said annoyed, today he would meet the girl his dad wanted him to marry and he wasn't too happy about it being his #1 rival's little sister.

"Shut it or your going shopping with Pooch" Sho barked to his son.

"Sho! Why do you insist on calling your wife that dreadful nickname?" Kyoko said as she came to the backyard as Koun brought out the meat for the grill.

"She's my wife!" Sho barked to her and then a fight started between them. Koun ignored it and went straight to the grill.

Everyone learned it was easier to let them fight it out, they'll get tired in a bit.

"Sho Jr. I didn't think you'd come today" said a tall blond boy with golden eyes as he gave a gentlemen smile.

Sho Jr. hated this guy, Ren always got the attention and the two were always compared to each other. And he was already abnormally tall! Just like his dad, and he was always competing agents Ren in every sport he could. But the fool only smiled like nothing.

"go stick a rock up your-" Sho Jr. was interrupted when his father smacked his back head.

"respect… respected the host. Now look over there, that's Kyoko's daughter." Sho said to him

Sho Jr. looked to were his father painted and frowned at what he saw. He expected a great beauty like Kyoko but was meet with what he thought was pain and boring.

A girl only 4 years younger then him was smiling up to her father. Normal black hair tied back into a bun, pale skin, and a plain looking kimono.

"That's her? Your kidding right? She's so plain looking" Sho Jr. said and Sho looked down to his son. Then he felt it, if he didn't do anything soon history would repeat it's shelf.

"The Mogami women have the power to hid their true beauty so don't be fooled, I know I was that's how I lost Kyoko to Mr. America over there" Sho pointed to Koun who frowned.

"I sincerely hope your not trying to get my daughter to elope with your son, we AMERICANS happen to be very good with guns if needed."

Soon there were glares being sent from one side the room to the other.

Sho Jr. didn't bother to take interests as he stared at the girl.

Rare Beauty my ass! She looks like a maid!

Then he walked over to were the food was and started to help seat the table before the other guest arrived.

And Sho was right unless he did something history would repeat…

THE END… or is it?

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