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Ch.1 it's all over (Bella's point of view)

I am lying on the forest floor. My boyfriend, my lover, my soul mate, my life, my world, my universe, my Edward doesn't love me any more.

My life can't no won't go on. It's all over.

My mourning was cut short by a rustling in the bushes and out came a man in a black cloak. He was obviously a vampire because of his pale skin and glowing red eyes. He was about to talk when I cut him off. "You're a vampire, and by the looks of it from the Volturie , right?" I asked but it came out as more of a statement. I knew he was from the Voltrie by the black cloak.

"Yes" he said sounding abashed that I knew so much about vampires. "What do you want"? I sneered. Couldn't he see I was already in enough pain? "Well Aro,(he looked at me to make sure I knew who Aro was and I nodded to confirm it) sent me out to find people to change for the Voltrie guard. You see my power is to know vampires powers or what a person's power will be and you will have such a power …" I held up my hand to cut him off. "So you are going to change me?" he nodded his head, he actually seemed nice and he seemed sorry he had to do this.

"Go ahead." I said lifting my head up to expose my neck. I don't have any thing to live for so I don't care what happed to me, there for my voice was a low monotone.

He laughed and I looked at him like he was nuts. "I have to take you to Voltera to change you for two reasons one you need to be in a closed environment so you don't attack anyone in your newborn state, two I don't think the people on the plane would take the shrieking too good. Plus Aro would want to meet you and hear your story."

"Can I ask you one question?" I asked. "Sure" he said. "What will my power be?" I asked as he picked me up and put me in his car, I was obviously in no state to walk or even stand up. "Your power will be a sponge only one other vampire has had it and he was murdered many centuries ago. It is the most powerful power ever. Every vampire that you meet you will get their power."

Wow was all I could get out. 'Can I ask one more question?" "sure" he repeated. "What's your name?" "Alvin." he said in a monotone. And with that he started the car and I fell asleep.