Okay well I don't think I am going to make a sequel because people keep bashing me but like I said before it was my first fan fiction I did it during the summer and in a rush most of the time I HAVE gotten better I didn't mean to put a whole chapter in bold sorry for that and well it was random because I wanted it to be. And didn't I mention that sleeping and making people sleep was one of Bella's powers she received? Well if people keep bashing me I guess I will take off the story I will put up a pole for that. But then if people keep bashing me on stories then I guess I will take them ALL off. Thanks for your support! (that was sarcastic!) sorry for all my good faithful readers who liked this story but yeah. So review and to salt the person who gave me all those cruddy reviews if you want to sue someone for making we in such a bad mood sue him/her.

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