The six-year-old boy stared disdainfully down at the sneakers on his feet before shoving his hands in his pockets.

"Mommy, do I have to go?" He whined softly, still glaring at his feet.

"Yes, sweetie. It'll only be for a couple of days, to get you out of our hair for a little bit."

"I'm not in the way." He stated. His mother sighed.

"You know what I mean, honey. We're very busy, we don't---"

"Have time for me, I know." He interrupted. His mother sighed.

"Let's get you to class."

A loud yell went through the playground as a small girl flew through the yard, bubbling with excitement.

"There's a new kid!" She called happily to her friends, her blonde pigtails flying from the speed. She stopped suddenly in front of three boys, hugging her doll to her chest. "Misa-Misa saw another little boy over there." Misa stated, pointing in the direction of the gate. Sure enough, a small boy stood with his mother. All three of the boys looked over at him.

"Hey, there is." One said.

"How fun." Another grinned happily.

"This should get interesting." The last one said, inspecting the boy. The teacher called them in then, and they filed into the classroom.

"This is Ryuzaki." The teacher stated, pushing the boy in front of her. He stared at the class with black eyes from underneath a mop of unruly black hair. "He's going to be in our class for a couple days, so be nice to him, ok?"

"Ok!" The class chorused. The teacher beamed at them.

"Good!" She pointed at a table. "You can sit there." Ryuzaki stared before shuffling forward, slowly making his way toward the circle table he was instructed to sit at. He sat down, pulling his feet up and staring at the group in front of him.

"I'm Matt. Well, Mail, really, but evidentally that's a weird name." One of them started. He had red hair and goggles on his head. "I like playing videogames." Ryuzaki nodded slowly in his direction.

"Misa-Misa!" A blonde girl with pigtails let out, jumping happily in her seat. "This is Rem. She's a Shinigami. And a birthday present from Raito-kun and Kira-kun." Another boy, sitting next to her, laughed.

"I'm Raito." The boy next to her had brown hair and amber eyes. "This is my brother---"

"Kira." The other finished. The two boys looked alike, with amber eyes and brown hair. "We're---"

"Very close." They finished together, looked at each other, and giggled. Ryuzaki raised an eyebrow.

"I see." He glanced at the teacher.

"I'm Ryuzaki."

Raito looked at the boy sitting on the swings. He frowned and walked over, wanting to say something and swing.

"Hey." He started. Ryuzaki looked up at him.

"Hello, Raito-kun. Or is it Kira-kun?" Raito scowled.

"Raito. Why are you just sitting there?" Ryuzaki shrugged. "Well, you can't. Just sit there, I mean. They're called swings for a reason, you're supposed to swing on them."

"I don't to swing on them."

"Then get off." Raito said. Ryuzaki simply stared at him.

"No, I'm not going to 'get off', Kira-kun."

"I already told you, I'm Raito."

"Are you really?" Raito scowled.

"Yes, really."

"I think you're Kira-kun." Raito didn't answer. Ryuzaki tilted his head. "I refuse to get off, Kira-kun, and if you really want me off, you'll have to force me." That did it. With a yell, Raito lunged forward. He thrust his fist out, fully expecting to hit the boy sitting on the swings. However, Ryuzaki grabbed onto the chain of the swings and threw himself backwards, avoiding the fist intended to hit his face. While he leaned back, he kicked his foot out, catching Raito in the stomach and successfully pushing him back. He pulled himself up by the chain, watching amused as Raito staggered back, arms around his stomach. He didn't really apply that much pressure, just enough to get the boy away from him. Raito scowled, ready to lunge again, when a hand on the back of his shirt stopped him.

"That's enough." Raito froze, then looked up into the eyes of a teacher for the upper classes. Ryuzaki stared on, thumb in his mouth.

Ryuzaki's mother walked out of the principal's office, shaking her head when she saw her son.

"Ryuzaki..." She started. He looked at her expectantly, but she sighed. "Let's go, honey." He stood up, brushed his pants off, then waved at Raito.

"Bye, Kira-kun." He stated simply. "See you tomorrow."

"I'm Raito." The boy spit out angrily.


Ryuzaki stood next to Matt as the boy played a game on his GameBoy. The gamer had a candy lollipop in his mouth, the stick hanging out of his mouth.

"I usually have a lollipop in my mouth." Matt explained. "I didn't yesterday, but I usually do." Ryuzaki had nodded solemly to Matt's sudden statement, then continued to watch the game.

"Ryuzaki-chan!!!!" Misa yelled, throwing herself at Ryuzaki. He blinked softly, not understanding her reasoning for trying to strangle him with a hug.

"Hello, Misa-Misa." He said. "Would you mind getting off of me?" She pulled back and grinned at him.

"Hey, Matt!" She cried. Matt moved to the side as she attempted to strangle him with a hug as well.

"Hey, Misa." He stated. "Not now, I'm almost finished with this level." Misa pouted.

"Nobody wants a hug from Misa-Misa."

"I'll take a hug, Misa-Misa." Came a voice, and Misa whirled around to see Kira and Raito.

"Raito-kun! Kira-kun!" She cried, throwing her arms around Kira's waist. He smiled at her.

"Hello, Misa-Misa."

"Kids! Time to come in!" The teacher called. As they walked back in, Raito glowered at Ryuzaki.

"You got me in trouble yesterday, Ryuzaki." Raito hissed. Ryuzaki tilted his head to stare at Raito.

"I apologize." Ryuzaki stated. "Shall we get to class?" Raito, still glaring at him, marched past him. Smiling slightly, Ryuzaki followed.

The teacher sighed in exasperation when Raito stood up, pulling his arm back. Ryuzaki jumped up as well, making the motions of kicking.

"Ryuzaki, Raito, enough!" She called out, seperating the two boys. "Both of you, the principal's office now."

Ryuzaki's mother came out of the principal's office once again. She stood in front of her son, hands on her hips, and stared at him. He looked up at her innocently.

"Would you mind explaining to me why I am in the principal's office for the second time in two days, Ryuzaki?" She asked calmly.

"I don't like it here." Ryuzaki stated simply. Raito, from the other side of the room, turned to Ryuzaki. "I already know most of what the teacher is teaching, Mommy, and it's boring here."

"It's only for three more days at the most, honey, then we're moving and you won't have to be here anymore. You know that, sweetie, so please stop trying to pick fights with the other kids." Ryuzaki looked away. His mother knelt down to face her son properly. "Promise me that, please, Ryuzaki."

"I won't promise anything, Mommy." Ryuzaki whispered. "But I'll try to stay out of trouble. Ok?" She smiled.

"All right, son." Ryuzaki stood up to follow his mother. He was almost out of the office when a hand landed on his wrist. He tilted his head toward Raito.

"You're moving?" He asked. Ryuzaki nodded. "When?"

"At the end of the week, according to my mother. Perhaps sooner, perhaps later." Ryuzaki shrugged.

"Where are you moving?" Raito asked. Ryuzaki turned to look in the amber pools.



The group of four stood together that morning when Ryuzaki walked up. He frowned at all four of them, but realized something serious was going on. Matt wasn't even playing his videogame.

"What's going on?" He asked softly.

"When were you going to tell us you were moving, Ryuzaki?" Kira asked softly, looking at him curiously. Ryuzaki's eyes instantly found Raito, who blushed and looked down.

"It wasn't really relevant." Ryuzaki stated. Kira blinked.


"Important." Ryuzaki clarified. Kira's eyes darkened again, and Ryuzaki noted that when Kira was mad, his eyes almost seemed red.

"Of course it's important!" Kira yelled in six-year-old anger. "We make a new friend, and it's only for a week?" Ryuzaki shrugged.

"I apologize. But, I'm only coming for two more days or so. Everything has been sent to our home in America already."

"So that means that after Friday we won't see you anymore, Ryuzaki?" Misa asked. Ryuzaki nodded. Misa wailed.


Thursday passed by without incident, and now it was Friday, and Ryuzaki's last day. He walked out of the car and was instantly assalted by Misa.

"Off! Misa-Misa..." Ryuzaki sighed.

"Ryuzaki said it was ok if Misa-Misa hugged him on his last day of school!" Misa cried out, Rem between the two of them. Ryuzaki sighed and saw Matt, Raito, and Kira coming out of the corner of his eye. Raito's backpack, he noticed, was unusually big and bulging.

"Matt. Kira-kun. Raito-kun." He said. Misa pulled herself off of Ryuzaki and he sighed silently in relief. Together, they walked to class.

The teacher sighed in relief---she hadn't had to send Raito and Ryuzaki to the principal's office yesterday and she hoped she didn't today. Today was Ryuzaki's last day, and she didn't want to send him off with bad memories. She smiled as the group came in, laughing as Misa told a joke.

And the day passed by quickly with no problem.

Ryuzaki had been waiting for his mother when a hand grabbed his. He turned to see Matt, Misa, Kira, and Raito. Opening his mouth to say something, Ryuzaki had been about to ask them what they were doing when suddenly, Matt stuck his lollipop into Ryuzaki's open mouth.

"That's for you." He said simply. Ryuzaki blinked, closing his mouth around the strawberry lollipop. Misa hugged him again and gave him a black rosary.

"I don't know if you'll use it," She said. "But it was Misa-Misa's and I want you to remember Misa-Misa." Ryuzaki raised an eyebrow at Misa's pattern of speech, switching from first to third person.

"This is also for you." Kira handed over a notebook. "I thought it would be something you would like, Ryuzaki." Ryuzaki took the notebook. It was plain black, and across the top read 'DEATHNOTE'. Ryuzaki looked at Kira, who shrugged. "It was the only thing I could think of."

"I see." Ryuzaki said slowly. He opened it and saw black paper with white words. He looked up when he saw Raito.

"Uh...This is Ryuk." Raito said. "He was bought with Rem." Ryuzaki looked at the doll with interest. Ryuk had blue skin with bulging yellow eyes. His black cloathes looked as if they were torn in places. "He's a Shinigami as well." Raito looked at Ryuk one more time before pushing the doll in Ryuzaki's direction. "You can have him." Ryuzaki took the doll.

"I'll take good care of him." He promised. Raito looked relieved.

"Ryuzaki, honey, it's time to go." Ryuzaki looked at his mother before turning to his friends.

"All right, goodbye." He said, smiling softly at his group of friends. Matt smiled back, returning his attention to his videogame. Misa waved tearfully, while Kira and Raito smiled back. Ryuzaki opened the door to his car and got in, holding Ryuk tightly.

"Are you ready, honey?" His mother asked.

"Yes, Mommy." Ryuzaki replied.