Mello stared at Near. Near stared back. Gulping lightly, Mello looked away first.

"All right, all right, fine." He muttered, turning red. Near tilted his head and looked at him. Gathering up what was left of his courage, Mello took a deep breath and looked at Near. "I like you, ok?" Near's eye brow went up.

"But you claim otherwise. Everyday."

"Look, I'm lying, all right?" Mello sighed and continued to stare at Near. "I really like you. A lot." Near blinked owlishly.

"Are you serious?"

"Of course I'm serious, dammit!" Mello muttered angrily. "I rarely say anything I don't mean."

"Rarely?" Near echoed softly, looking at Mello with an amused expression.

"Look, I lied all those years, and I'm sorry, all right?" Mello looked at Near questioningly. "Near?" Instead of answering, the albino wrapped his arms around Mello's neck and kissed him.

A few weeks later, they all met up in front of the school---Misa with Kira, Raito followed by Ryuzaki, and Mello, Matt, and Near showing up in a small group (with Near between Mello and Matt).

"Near and I are going out." Mello announced loudly (for some reason, having kept it a secret from the others---Near decided the same thing, and only Matt knew). Kira and Raito blinked, same shocked expressions on their faces, then turned to each other and shrugged. Misa squealed.

"Misa-Misa thought something like that would happen!" She said, throwing her arms around first Near then Mello. Matt grinned.

"Ryuzaki doesn't looked as shocked." He pointed out. Ryuzaki simply grinned.

"Told you, Near." Was all he said. Then he shrugged. "And Raito-kun and I are going to be going out as well." Kira grinned.

"At least that one I predicted." He muttered, whacking his brother playfully on the back. Not that they didn't act like a couple anyway, but actually having it confirmed encouraged Kira greatly. Raito rolled his eyes and sighed.

"Seems like I'm the only one who didn't end up with someone." Matt muttered happily, grabbing his GameBoy Advance and turning the device on.

"Excuse me." They turned and saw a girl standing on the steps, looking around. Ryuzaki looked towards Matt and raised an eyebrow in amusement when the red thread only visible to him tightened and attached to the girl in front of them. She blushed when she saw Matt, and Matt stared at her.

"Don't stare, Mail Jeevs." Ryuzaki whispered in his ear. Matt jumped five feet---when had Ryuzaki gotten in front of him?---and stared at Ryuzaki incredulously. Ryuzaki tilted his head. "Doesn't Matt know it's rude to stare?"

"Hi." The girl was standing in front of the group, looking around. "I'm new, and I was wondering if someone could show me around?"

"Matt will do it for you." Ryuzaki said calmly from behind Matt, pushing the red-head forward. Matt glanced back, helplessly, as Mello shrugged. Matt looked back at the girl.

"Matt." He gestured to each of his friends as he listed them and they either smiled or waved (with the exception of Near, who leaned into Mello shyly). "Yagamis Raito and Kira, Amane Misa, Mello, Near, Ryuzaki." She smiled.

"Linda." She bowed lightly. Matt smirked, pulling GameBoy up to his eyes again.

"If you wanna hang with us," he started, playing his game again. "You'll find that each of us has our quirks." She raised an eye brow.

"Quirks?" She repeated, amused. Matt nodded, glanced up once to meet her eyes, then glued his eyes back to the screen.

"Yes, quirks." He gestured with his left hand at each friend (again, a feature only Matt could do) as he spoke. "Raito and Kira have this insane sense of justice, though Kira's methods are decidedly more evil than Raito's. Misa-Misa is our model, and she's being going out with Kira since kindergarden... literally. Shit!" He cursed and Mello rolled his eyes.

"We come in here." He said. Near leaned into him more. "This one leeching on my arm is my new boyfriend---he's way too smart, and despite all of us with him, he's a bit emotionally retarded and anti-social."

"Mello is a chocoholic." Near muttered.

"And I love chocolate." Mello smirked. "Ryuzaki here, he's going out with Raito. He..."

"Loves sweets." Near finished. "And he's smarter than me."

"Not to mention my abnormal way of sitting and holding objects." Ryuzaki interjected.

"Shit! Shitshitshitshitshitshitshit!" Matt seemingly forgot everyone around him as he sat on the steps, glaring angrily at his GameBoy. They ignored him, and after a strange stare, Linda ignored Matt as well.

"Your special way of dressing." Mello added, pointing to Ryuzaki's shirt and jeans, as well as his beat up sneakers. Linda grinned.

"Matt has his video games and his cigarettes."

"And those horrid goggles." Mello said, adding to Ryuzaki's description of Matt.

"HEY!" Matt yelled, having finally beaten his boss and managing to hear that last sentence. "My goggles are not horrid!" Linda laughed.

"I can draw." She said simply. "That's about it."

"Welcome to our group!" Misa squealed happily, as the bell rang. "Oh! Let's go, Kira!" Pulling the brunette after her as she ran into the school, she waved at her friends. "See you guys at the usual place!" She called to them. Mello and Near left next, followed by Ryuzaki and Raito. Leaving Matt and Linda alone on the entrance of the school.

"Are their names real?" She asked. Matt turned to her, confused. "Near and Mello, I mean." She clarified. Matt grinned.

"Nah. They'll tell you, after a while. But they prefer to be called Mello and Near." He shrugged. "Same as me. My name's actually Jeevas Mail."

"Mail?" She repeated.

"Matt, please." He said, smiling. Linda smiled back, and Matt gestured towards the school. "Shall we?" Linda laughed.


Wai, that was an abrupt ending. O.O dunno if i really like it...