The New Girl

Kakashi walked to his Apartment after a long day of paperwork and preparations for tomorrow. It was late at night, the moon was in the sky and the stars were out. A wind blew from the west and the trees danced with it. Kakashi looked at his watch. 'Aw, it's 12:00 a.m, I won't be able to read Icha Icha Paradise today. I wanted to know what happens to Iroppoi after that one night stand!.' Kakashi sighed. His apartment was on the other side of the village. Not a very smart idea but, hey it was a pretty cool apartment.

Hissssssssssssss, Grrrrrrrrrrr

Kakashi stopped. There was movement in the bushes, 'probably just a dog and a cat.' Kakashi continued walking. The movement continued up into the trees. Kakashi became a bit curious. There seemed to be a fight going in the trees but, dogs couldn't usually couldn't climb trees. He shrugged it off, he was late enough, he didn't need to lose more sleep because of two animals fighting. He walked a little faster.


Kakashi stopped dead in his tracks, a blood curdling scream came from the tree above him. It was from a girl. He took out his Kunai and got into a fighting stance, ready to attack. But, before he could move, something was thrown onto him from the trees and knocked him down. Kakashi looked at what was thrown at him, it was a young girl. He got up, with the girl in his arms bridal style and studied her. She was covered in blood, deep cuts and wounds all over and her snow white hair that went to her waist was stained red from the blood. She was about 13-years-old. She was still breathing and unconscious, and whatever attacked her fled.

Kakashi rushed the girl to the hospital and couldn't stop thinking about what attacked her. He thought he caught a glimpse of a wolf but, no wolf could make gashes like that. Wolves can't climb trees all too well either. The girl shifted a bit in his arms. His first priority was to get the girl to the hospital as fast as possible, then he could ask questions. With the wounds she had, it was a miracle she was still living.

When he finally arrived at the hospital, he dashed in and the nurse at the front desk rushed the poor girl to the operating room for emergency treatment. Kakashi watched the girl being rolled away and noticed her pale, white skin glistening under the hospital lights. When she was out of sight, he was given paperwork for the girl and sighed. 'Looks like I'm going to be dead tired tomorrow.' After he finished filling out the paperwork, he rushed home. The young girl was on his mind the whole time. She was so different, she didn't seem human. She was a beautiful girl and she was still alive even with the massive blood loss. He shook his head and went to bed.


"Damn, she's still alive. Damn humans. Oh well I'll get that girl soon enough. If any humans interfere, I'll kill them too." Ookami disappeared into the trees to return to his land. He ran on all fours, after all, he was a wolf demon. He was able to transform into a wolf but, he was bigger, stronger and had sharper claws than a normal wolf. No human knew about these creatures, along with many others, and he wasn't able to finish off the outsider that was against their laws. A half demon, made from a human mother and demon father. Her parents were taken care of but, she escaped and it was Ookami's mission to destroy her. Humans and Demons weren't made to be together. Humans were afraid of anything stronger and smarter than them and killed off many races.

"I'll get that damn girl, no matter what." Ookami growled, and disappeared into darkness.