All right here's the second making memories of us story

"I now pronounce you Mr. and Mrs. Taylor. You may now kiss the bride," the minister said. Mac and Stella's lips were just about to meet when, BEEP, BEEEP, BEEP!

"Ugggh," Stella moaned angrily. Then, she smiled once she smelled pancakes, strawberry pancakes.

It had been almost a week since Stella 'woke' up and she had fully recovered.

Well, she wasn't fully recovered, and she never would be; most nights she would have a dream about Nick killing her or at least abusing her worse then he actually did.

And then there were the good dreams; about her and Mac and their future. The dreams were about how they would get married and have children. She knew that her feelings for him would never stop growing bigger.

And last night, Stella had one of those dreams.

"Good morning beautiful," Mac smiled as he climbed into bed and kissed Stella in the cheek, "Breakfast is ready."

Stella smiled and gave Mac a kiss on the lips, "Thanks," she said.

After, they both ate and showered and then they were off to work.

Once they got to the lab, they walked in hand in hand. They walked to Mac's office and Stella gave Mac a quick kiss on the cheek.

"I'll see you after shift," Stella said.

"No, today we get new cases, and you and me are going to be on a case, alone," Mac gave a little smile to Stella and gave her a kiss on the lips.

"When are we going to get Nick?" Stella asked.

"Stella, like I told you before, he's in Greece and I am going alone in two days."

"Mac, please let me go with."

"No Stella, he already hurt you once, and I'm sure he's not afraid to hurt you again. Look, I just want you safe."

"Mac please, what are you going to do without a Greek Translator? And not to mention, what are you going to do without me? See if I come with, you and I could go alone, since I speak Greek."

"Stella, no it's too dangerous for you to go."

"Mac I can't stay here alone, I'll miss you too much."

"Fine Stella, but you and I both are bringing our guns and you are not going to be more than five feet away from me."

How does she do this to me? Mac thought to himself.

"Yeah!" Stella screamed and jumped up and down, "Thanks Mac!" Stella said and gave him a not so short kiss on the lips.

"Ok, we need to get going on this case because tomorrow we are taking off so we can pack. We'll leave Danny in charge while we're gone."

"Mac, I love you so much!" Stella screamed and jumped up into Mac's arms with her legs around his waist. He gave her a quick kiss and put her down

"I love you, too," Mac whispered across Stella's lip's, which sent shivers down her spine.

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