Okay, let's try this 100 themes thing again. Only this time it'll be .hack//GU (though I might be branching out to the rest of the .hack universe, we'll have to see) AND I made sure to do a quarter of them in advance already! Eh heh hee...

Oh right. They won't be in order either. Thought it'd be fun to mix 'em up some. Enjoy!


Disclaimer: I do NOT own the .hack franchise...and now I've made myself sad.


Everyone joins The World in their own way.

1. Introduction

This game's graphics were amazing! The stonework looked so realistic; no, perhaps better than realistic! Not a single stone was out of place. The water flowing in the channel around the edge of the room burbled merrily to itself as it flowed; you could almost feel the coolness of the water. And this was just the entrance…what would the rest of this world look like? She couldn't wait to see it.

First, however…she looked for the character he used. She knew he had the same name as on the site where they had met (she, too, was using the same name for herself here), and he had described a few details…tall, a long coat, green hair…

He found her first, of course. She had been so distracted by her surroundings that he had approached her without her realizing it. He looked just as he always sounded; dignified and poised, yet not unkind in the least.

"I'm here, Sakaki," she said, putting on a genuine smile – and here, where another could see it! - for what felt like the first time in ages.

"Indeed you are, Atoli," Sakaki replied, his own smile bright.

He took her hand. He was so gentle…

"Welcome, Atoli, to The World."