Icolo is the guild whose members are named for stars.


34. Stars

Alkaid thinks it's a stupid idea. Sirius thinks Alkaid should try it out before she denies that the idea has any merit. Alkaid cheerfully amends her protest; it's a stupid idea and Sirius is stupid for liking it. Meanwhile, Taihaku watches the show calmly from the sidelines, waiting for the usual argument to ebb a bit before he steps in and convinces his fellow Emperors to try it anyway.

Antares, the one the idea came from originally, watches the members of the guild he founded bicker and squabble like children with a mixture of amusement, exasperation, and a shot of liquor. One Emperor is loud and brash, not to mention a chronic liar. Another is blunt and stubborn, refusing to back down for an instant when he believes he's right. The third is unflappable and stoic, to the point where it's a surprise that he holds any motivation at all to keep his throne. Today they're all in fine form, but was this really the Icolo Antares wanted?

…Still, at least they're lively. Maybe Antares should suggest the three Emperors fighting in the same party more often! Ha hah hah ha!