Japan sighed and knocked on the door to Germany's house before the colourful sign (clearly Italy's work) that stated he should just come right in. Japan had been invited over for dinner by Germany to discuss plans for the future, but he had no clue that Italy was also attending. Then again, he thought, Italy was staying over at Germany's house quite a bit recently. It almost made him think that their was something going to between the two.

Shrugging off that though Japan entered the house, he stepped our of his shoes, inclined to stick to the custom in his own home and put on a pair of slippers he had brought. Upon entering the next hallway in search of the blond man and his strange companion Japan heard strange noises coming from the kitchen.

As he neared the door he heard a satisfied moan, and then a voice that could only belong to Italy. "Na~ It's so good!"

"Just a little more." He heard the German man grunt. Japan's face went red as Italy gave a sharp cry weather in pain or pleasure he couldn't be sure.

"German~y. Look at it, it's all red and swollen. Kiss it better for me~"

"Here, I'll just wrap this around it."

Italy gave another yelp and a moan. "You still have to put in. Japan will be here any minute and if we don't finish... Just let me put mine in it's smaller and can finish faster, it's getting so hot in here. Plus yours is so large and can hardly fit! "

Japan couldn't believe what he was hearing! Italy and German! In the KITCHEN of all places the sacred kitchen! Japan knew that because of this he would not be able to eat dinner here.

"For once and for all mine is the best and and bigger is better. Now let's see..."

"Germanyyyy~ Smaller and faster is the way to go. I should be first on top."

Japan nearly chocked.

"I'm on top and that's final."

Japan knew he had to stop this, he hear Italy yelp again then a large crash and decided to enter. Japan opened the door and burst into the room. He slowly took in the scene. Italy sat on the ground, fully clothed, one hand cover in a cooling cloth the other was bright red and had the start of a nasty burn. Scattered around him was two variety of sausages, one large and long, the other medium and thin. A frying pan lay upside down with it spilled contense, Germany also fully clothed stood above the Italian man.

"Now look what your greediness has done! Now we can't get Japan to test what sausage is better Italian sausage or my bratwurst!" The German yelled at the crying man on the floor

Both of them turned toward the door and looked at the red faced japanese man.

"Na na Japan~! Your going to love the food we made, but you can't have the sausages. German wouldn't let me cook mine first and now their everywhere."

"Idiot! The only reason i wouldn't let you make them first is because you burned yourself on the stove. Then you tried to get my bratwurst off and ended up not only burning your other hand but ruining all the sausages."

They both turned back to Japan. German looked at his friend. "Hey Japan are you alright? You look a little red."

"Excuse me." Japan said fleeing the room. He was never litstening at doors again.