RAIN — by BandGeek99

This is my first poem ever that I liked enough to publish online. I hope you people like it just as much!

Anyway, it's told from Roy Mustang's POV. Not really meant to be a slash or shounen-ai type thing, but if that's your style, feel free to view it that way. Its up to the reader how they want to interpret it.

Please-- enjoy. ;)

Whenever it rains,
Whenever the sky opens,
I remember you.

It rained that day, too.
The rain hid all of my tears
The day that you left.

I remember that
You kissed your daughter goodnight
And your wife goodbye

You said you'd be back
By the time morning approached
And I believed it.

I should have stopped you
If it meant that you would live.
But I never thought...

That night you were dead.
She didn't understand that
You were gone for good.

You were still so young
With so much life to live.
You weren't supposed to...

When you were buried
I couldn't get over it.
You truly were gone.

When they had all left
I saw "Brigadier General"
Carved into the stone.

I looked to the sky.
"It's going to rain today."
I let loose a tear.

So I won't forget.
I will never forget you
As long as there's rain.

Brigadier General Maes Hughes.
Rest in Peace.