The sun was setting as the day went, nearly perching over the innumerable tall towers Coruscant flourished. The evenings glow casted over the cities with its resplendent colors of gold, making the time period on the planet more noticeable. But Ahsoka needn't worry; time was the least of her worries at the time being.

Turning away from the scenery, Ahsoka switched her attention to the Main hanger's current occupants. There was three Tector-class Star Destroyers, arriving three hours ago, were still on stand by on Curoscant's hanger bay—still no change. And neither of them was the Destroyer Ahsoka was searching for. Huffing into a fit, Ahsoka was beginning to agitate, worse more impatient. Clones from around – heavily absorbed with their data pads or carrying cargo rations aboard awaiting Venator-class Star Destroyers– paid the small Togruta no mind. The wars of the Clone Wars had only just begun and already it had spread like a disease across the galaxy, so of course the last thing anyone would worry about was reasons why a youngling was roaming through a military area without standard authorization.

Within a month the wars have become the main concern for all political affairs—those, too, of the Jedi council. Nearly all knights were called to action, and under the chancellor's direction, Lord Palpatine, the Jedi were given special ranks amongst the Republican military. And many were eager to fight for the democracy and justice the Republic stood for. Planets were in need of guidance, people were in peril, and an unknown force was the cause of it all.

Now, Ahsoka, a youngling, thirteen-years old, and ever so eager to learn the ways of the Force—and as many would say—too curious for her own good. And since no one has yet to vouch to be her teacher, or assigned to, Ahsoka was kept in the Jedi Temple. Her home.

Still, on a different mind, Ahsoka feared the day she too would be brought into this horrible mess as well. She would refuse, but she had her duties as a Jedi to stand for justice and peace. She didn't want to be entitled a coward. And she didn't want to let him down, of all people.

Master Plo Koon.

Cutting through the atmosphere, a Venator-class Star Destroyer began to dock in the last vacant area. The thruster's solid roar slowed to a monotonous hum after port, sending tremendous winds of grey dust in all areas. Ahsoka nearly flew back when she ran dangerously too close, her headtails whipping back like braids. When it was finally safe to continue, Ahsoka almost tripped on her two feet from a bad start.

Finally. And I was beginning to think he wouldn't show up.

The bottom hull of the passageway dropped, followed by waves of marching troops returning to their home to rejuvenate from the battle grounds of carnage. Ahsoka ran past them, ignoring the stares and comments, and prowled towards the only Kel Dor aboard the ship. It was master Plo Koon, who, after speaking with his admiral, turned to Ahsoka instantly, his surprised look made Ahsoka pick up her pace.

"Master Plo Koon!"

The Kel Dor had little time to properly greet the youngling before he was tackled into what he guessed was a hug, although she had to go on tiptoe to reach above his waist. The youngling never realized how tall the Kel Dor had become. It's only been a year since their last encounter. She thought about it, and eventually refreshed. Looking up to the Jedi council member, Ahsoka smiled her feral teeth brightly.

"You're home!"

"I take it this is to be my warm-welcoming," Master Plo spoke. It was music to Ahsoka's ears.

"If you think it necessary, then yes."

Removing her grip, Ahsoka trotted after the Jedi master cheerfully. How long has it been since their last encounter, Ahsoka hadn't a single clue.

But he was here, and that was all Ahsoka ever needed.

"So how was the mission, any success?"

"We've yet to find Separatist activity so far in last two months, and the Separatists-supposed trade routes Intelligence gives us is flawed immensely."

"Sounds very . . . unreassuringly."

"Indeed it is," Plo Koon agreed. "And after so many futile searches, I find myself stressed beyond good meditation."

"You could stay for awhile!" Ahsoka bolted, taking the opportunity to ask. "If you're done with you're military duties then we can dine in one of the Temple refectories, I heard they're making scrambled hawk-bat eggs."

"I'm sorry, but my true intentions of returning were to refuel before departure."

"Oh. . . "Ahsoka couldn't hold back her frown. She was really hoping they could catch up for lost times. It has been a whole year since she's last spoken to him. "Are you sure you can't stay for a couple of hours to . . . at least . . . talk."

"I'm afraid not, little one."

Ahsoka was unable to compress her emotions at the nickname, giving Plo Koon a stern look. Plo Koon caught it just in time.

"My apologies—Ahsoka," he corrected himself. "You must control that prideful temper, though. Even the most sensible master known in the Jedi Order will find that unfit for proper apprentice."

"My temper is in check, I have you know."

Under his Antiox Breathing-mask, Ahsoka sensed an amused grin.

"You're mocking me."

"On the contrary, I'm just surprised by how you've haven't changed a bit since the last few months we met."

Last few months?

"Last few months?"


"I don't recall having any conversations in the past few months since the war."

"I do."

"Well I don't. And that's just it. We never get to spend as much time together as we did back then. You used to visit me a lot."

"Ahsoka, the Republic is in need and I cannot ignore my civil duties as a Jedi. You should know."

Ahsoka nodded, saddened by the Kel Dor's declaration. But it was the next sentence that really made Ahsoka's day.

"You could come with me?"

The words tingled Ahsoka's headtails into a frenzy, a sure sign of shock. She never left the safety of her home—for stars sake, venturing through the docking bay was the farthest she's ever gone. And she wasn't planning on going a who-knows parsecs further now.

"You think that wise, master. I mean—I'm too inexperienced! I—I—"

"We'll be able to catch up. And besides, you'll get some hands-on experience on the way. Take it as one step closer to getting noticed by a Jedi master." He was really trying to get her into it. Poor Plo Koon, if only he knew. Or perhaps he did. Perhaps he did see the despair Ahsoka was feeling right now through the force. He is a Jedi council member.

"I guess," Ahsoka spoke. By now most of the crew had returned with more ammunition and supplies. Ahsoka realized she was running out of time.

"It'll be fun to leave Curoscant. I'm positive you've always wanted to leave this place," Plo Koon came again. The youngling was taken back by how hard he was trying. Did he really want her to go? Was he trying to make up for not being able to be with her now? And furthermore, did he really think she wanted to part ways from the only home she ever knew?

Ahsoka inwardly frowned.

No. She never thought of such a thing. The only highlight in this situation was being with him, and not stuck back at the Temple alone. What was she to do, she was unsure of. If it weren't for her disgraceful affections and attachment towards the man, this situation would be less of a difficulty.

Controlling the countless waves of the Force that surrounded her, masking it into calm sereneness, and after going over what little options she could come up with, Ahsoka mouthed what she feared would later be a regretful action.

"Okay," Ahsoka slowed, "I'll go."


Ahsoka pained. He was happy with this, but Ahsoka wasn't. She didn't want to leave home.

This was completely not what I was going for. I wanted to catch up, but instead I'm recruited for a goose chase . . . What the kriff just happened?"

When the Star Destroyer did depart, Ahsoka took a moment to look back at the cities of Curoscant as a gesture of small farewell.

Why do I feel like this will be the last time I'll ever see this place again.

Ahsoka caught herself instantly.

-Be calm. You're a Jedi, being calm should be easy.

Ahsoka already knew, however, that that sort of task was too difficult for her to accomplish. She could never stay calm, patient, and collective. It was her nature to come at an obstacle headstrong and negotiate later. Perhaps that's why no one wanted her, she was too. . . wild—from her description.

Feeling the sudden change of climate, Ahsoka detected the Star Destroyer leaving Curoscant's atmosphere and entering space. Watching most of the troops working at their posts, Ahsoka did her best to do the same. She came up next to Master Plo Koon, looking attentively towards him. Her eyes glittered with admiration towards the Kel Dor. His erect stand was perfect, face deep in concentration and focus, and carrying such a strong understanding with the force that has graced him a seat among the Jedi council. Even these men, as Ahsoka became infused with their thoughts, respected him. That was when Ahsoka wondered when others will respect her as much as he. She could only wish.

Suddenly, Ahsoka felt a touch. Not a physical touch, a different touch only a force-sensitive would feel. Ahsoka picked her head up innocently, and saw that Plo Koon was looking at her. He smiled. She flushed.

"Exciting, no?"

Ahsoka shrugged. "It's okay. . . I guess."

"I'll try to make things more enjoyable to you're taste then, Little Soka?" His voice teased.

What would be more enjoyable to Ahsoka was a nice lunch with him. But she dare not say that out loud, he'll be displeased and she didn't want that. She didn't want him to notice her attachment, her shame.

"Let me know when you do," Ahsoka yawned, pretending to be bored and diverting her attention. Plo Koon nudged her arm playfully. Ahsoka smirked and giggled happily.

Returning to his original attention, Plo Koon focused towards the bridges' front view intently as if searching for something Ahsoka could not detect.

"Commander, how far are we now from our destination point?"

"About five parsecs more, sir," the clone dressed in grey answered, saluting.

Ahsoka approved the information, the sooner this mission was over the sooner her and Plo Koon can go back to the temple together, alone, away from the war. Yet after another parsec, Ahsoka struggled with herself to keep patient. The entire time she was standing there, the Kel Dor was occupying himself with his crew. Ahsoka couldn't take it anymore, and decided to take action.

"Master Plo? So about catching up—"

"Hold on a minute, Ahsoka—Commander, make sure our shields are ready to operate at full capacity once we've arrived!"

"Yes, sir."

Ahsoka furrowed her brows. She watched him speak to another clone about intel sources, sources she'll probably have to study later, and waited for her chance to cut in. She tried again.

"Um—master . . . ?"

Plo Koon turned and recalled Ahsoka. "Sorry Ahsoka—not right now." He said and whipped back to two more clones.

"But you said—"

"Ahsoka," Plo turn again, concerned. "Not right now."

Ahsoka huffed and crossed her arms. Childish it may be, but what else could she do. She wanted to talk, to catch up for lost times. She knew better than to be selfish, but right now Ahsoka wanted to fuss, her eyes were stinging. But she hid her problem well enough for him not to catch on. If he was paying any attention to her anyways.

She decided to make herself useful, but even that was a mistake. Once she tried to help with cargo checks, connections, and battle strategies, and all of them ended with her being turned away with, "It's not you're business, kid." But Ahsoka knew better. She wasn't a fully trained Jedi, nor a helpful hand in war, so why bother with her. The dark concept stung Ahsoka deeply, seeing it necessary to remove herself from the upper levels and find refuge in the Main Hangers—hiding herself under an AT-TE.

As the stars twinkled in the vast darkness dwelled in the galaxy, Ahsoka stared out through the opened dorsal main hanger doors of the Venator-class Star Destroyer. It was here where she kept to herself from those around, afraid and in need of solitude where her personal affairs could be kept in secrecy. She desperately needed to be left alone, earnest to absent herself from the mental stress and anxiety of the occurring conflicts, to where – like many others – she could grasp upon the spiritual atmosphere where everything was clearer in perspective. Ahsoka allowed a grumble of stress pass through her pale lips, her mind still in conflict. How could she have not said no? Was the question that continued to repeat in front of her. She could be in her room studying and practicing in the Jedi dojo right about now, but instead she was lied to go on this blasted mission and be judged so cruelly.

"Stang. Master Plo. This isn't . . . what I had in mind," She crumbled.

But even after his false promises, Ahsoka couldn't stay mad at him. She never could, and never would, not after everything. And she was so certain—after many years of contemplation—that he was the right master for her. Despite her highly energetic and slight arrogance – she was confident without a shred of doubt. Plo was always the patient man, even in the stress of conflict or pressure, he came through with tactful resources and usage of the force. This, thus, placing him amongst the highly respectful Jedi council. But council or not, Ahsoka always respected Master Plo Koon deeply and honorably. And knew that if anyone could handle her, it would be him.

But right now Ahsoka was starting to re-examine Master Plo as she sat herself further under the AT-TE. She knew it was too good to be true for the idea of her to bond with Master Plo during the mission. A mission that would require the Kel Dor's full attention, but was discouraged when after several attempts to converse with him were constantly interrupted by the clones and their requests for the Jedi Master's wisdom and tactic ideas. When it came to strategy planning and sorts, Ahsoka did not carry the creative strategic mind Master Plo Koon seemed to carry, and when a clone would ask her advice, Ahsoka admitted honestly for her disability and was left with disappointment, a feeling Ahsoka felt sting her pride—and Plo Koon. Yes, it was her first time up in the front-lines– however, that was no excuse for her to be mentally deficient.

In the midst of her recollection, Ahsoka forgot to the notice a presence coming in close. Using her echolocation ability, with much concentration, Ahsoka could determine the location of her future guest. She wasn't anxious, she knew who it was, and question was however: how in heck did he find her?

"Ahsoka," the voice called out in a strong tone.

Ahsoka turned, and smiled weakly, waving the Kel Dor towards her as he came into view, Master Plo Koon. The Kel Dor came up to her in a kind gesture, standing next to her sitting figure at the same time looking down at her with a curious expression with his arms tucked behind his back.

"Master Plo Koon, do you have business you need to finish in the hanger bay?" Ahsoka asked kindly, masked. Hoping that the Kel Dor wouldn't becoming suspicious.

"I should ask you the same question?"

Stang. Ahsoka gave him a blank stare.

"What are you doing in a place like this?"


"What for?"

The Togruta teen tucked her head down, afraid of explaining herself further. After re-thinking the situation, the whole issue felt stupid now. Ahsoka patted at the free space next to her has an open invitation.

"Master, please sit with me."

The Kel Dor slowly dropped his hands to his sides, his perception confused by Ahsoka's guarded behavior. He did not object to her request, sitting himself to her left, goggles never retracting from Ahsoka. Ahsoka took a small glance, making sure that her friend was still there before taking a breath of content.

"Have we reached our landing point yet," the Togruta diverted quickly to keep off suspicions. He could easily read her like an open book. She couldn't detest that sort of relation; however, that happens to those who are truly close companions.

"Almost," Plo Koon replied. "Though I've spent most my time searching for my missing observer."

"I'm sorry, master."

"Next time you feel the urge to leave, please inform me."

Ahsoka had to keep from rasping. He can not be serious?

She nodded with better encouragement.

"I will master."

Whatever happened to the tranquil mood died down soon after, and everything else became awkward. Ahsoka changed her way of sitting after a minute of doing nothing in the silence. She did her best to hide her inner turmoil, fabricating the force around her to steady. It didn't work. Plo Koon could tell, whether it was her stiff body language or the mood.

"I sense you're inner trouble, the force surrounding you is in chaos," he perked up.

Ahsoka gave the ground a dirty look.

"I'm fine."

Plo Koon placed a firm yet gentle grasp over Ahsoka's left shoulder. Ahsoka nearly shivered at contact. "As you're friend," Ahsoka mentally cringe at the emphasis on the 'f' word. "You can always speak to me in personal troubles."

"Thank you master, but really I'm fine."

"Then why are you hiding under an AT-TE?"

After a long, small moment, Ahsoka blurted the truth. "You seemed so occupied with you're duties to the troops and all that I figured I would be less of a bother if I wasn't tagging along."

The master's face fell back in shock. "That is preposterous; I am never bothered by you're company, young one. You should know that."

"I just don't want to . . . ," She had to fight the urge to bite her bottom lip, "damage you're reputation you have with the troopers."


"The troopers," Somehow Ahsoka managed to get the words out more thoroughly. "They look toward you're guidance as it were to save the ends of this war, while they look down on me with disappoint because I carry no warfare intelligence. I'm ashamed."

"Do not take it personal, Ahsoka. Besides the subject, this is exactly the reason why I brought you with me." Ahsoka became confused. Plo Koon explained. "Experiences counts more than what the archives can provide, once you have a taste out in the battlefield then you'll be able to craft your own abilities into your own uniqueness."

"I guess, but what if I don't," she frowned, still looking toward the down-side instead of the up-side. "Once I become you're padawan, how am I-"

"Padawan? Plo Koon interjected, a little bewildered and at a lost.

Ahsoka stared at him. "You are taking me as you're padawan," she searched for the answer, but was diverted. "Aren't you?"

"That is up to the council. I may sign up for one, but it is likely it won't be you."

"Why not!" Ahsoka jolted up from his words, regretting it entirely after hitting her head against the hull of the AT-TE. She winced and rubbed it tenderly, knowing that she would feel that later on the days pass. Plo Koon sat her back down and rubbed the back of her head like a father would to ease his child.

"Are you alright?" he asked with a soft tone. "I blink, and you ram yourself head-on with the AT-TE."

"I'm fine. I'm fine," Feeling for the back of her head, Ahsoka winced from the sting. She pretended it didn't hurt as much as it really did. That would have made it even more childish. And she didn't want to look weak in front of the Jedi Master. "I'm fine."

"No. You're not. Come here," he held out his hands for her to come closer to him. Ahsoka, hesitant at first, returned to Plo Koon and allowed him to massage the back of her scalp in a tender manner.

"What am I to do with you, Ahsoka?"

Ahsoka dropped her head from his watchful eyes as a shameful answer, pressing her forehead against his chest as he rubbed her migraine, secretly blushing from the close contact and humility.

"I'm sorry."

She was a fool, she thought after mentally scolding herself.

How could she have thought luck would come by so easily? Of course she could not be his padawan. Facing the facts, Ahsoka realized she was never that elusive when it came to revealing her affections to the council member, what many at first thought was out of gratitude for finding her alone and helpless back on her home world – Shili. She remembered when she was little that she was on her own in most of her childhood, fending for herself in the carnivorous infested terrain of Shili, eventually earning herself a kill at a young age – her headdress proof of her prowess accomplishment – until she was too weak and on the brink of death, until a stranger wandered in her distress and nurtured her, saw her abilities, and took her to her home. After that, Ahsoka became very close friends with Master Plo Koon, closer than any one in either of their lives. Time to time, Ahsoka did wonder the whereabouts of her biological parents, but grew to the master her father figure. He was all she needed.

"Could you. . ." Ahsoka face burned. Her throat dried nervously, Ahsoka swallowed. "Could you massage my headtail like you did when I was little?"

Ahsoka felt his hand touch her headtail, and relaxed as he gave in to her request.

"Thank you."

For a while the two looked up to the stars in wonder under their seclusion, ignoring the duties of war and relishing in what calm tranquil still lingered in all the bloodshed spilled in wars wake. Ahsoka felt Plo Koon's presence her heaven, every time he would be with her, she could be comfortable and be herself. She wanted this peaceful moment to never end as she laid next to him comfortably, uninterrupted.

"The stars are bright this evening."

Evening? Has time really gone by so quickly, it was hard to tell since they were up in space, and without a proper watch and time period, it was hard to distinguish exactly.

"They are aren't they," Ahsoka smiled.

He said something unintelligible under his breath. Ahsoka asked him to speak again.

"Even in complete darkness, purity of life will still live on in days."

Ahsoka cocked her head to the side, bewildered by the wisdom.

"What are you trying to say? You know, sometimes you're words can be a bit too much for me."

"Good. Children shouldn't understand the wisdom of a wise aged man such as I."

Ahsoka elbowed Master Plo Koon in a playful manner. "Master!" she giggled. "You're not that old. And I somewhat understand the logic of you're wisdom in respect."

"I have a mind you do."

Rotating, Ahsoka turned on Plo Koon.

"So. . . "

"What is it?"

"About what you said. The whole purity of life in darkness and all."

"I thought I heard you say you understood."

"Somewhat – remember – I understood somewhat," Ahsoka smiled slyly.

"I meant how darkness cannot fully overwhelm a heart, no matter the personality. There is always good in everyone, even the most savage beast."

"Hmm . . .," Ahsoka contemplated for awhile. "I have to disagree on that.'

Ahsoka heard the man raise a brow at the disagreement; he didn't expect an argument. When Ahsoka saw the reaction she held up her hands as means of defense.

"Don't get me wrong! I'm more of the cross between – or – in the middle-"

"Sort of like on the fence."

"Sure sure, whatever. But you see, to me, if there was the vilest creature known to the galaxy existed, I doubt it could possibly carry any sense of humanity."

"Yes, but such a creature cannot exist, or, even survive in this time. There are a lot of good people out there, Ahsoka."

"Like you," Ahsoka noted.

"Like me, and you," he pointed to the stars, "everyone."

"Psh yeah, definitely shows in the war."

The Master Kel Dor sighed with a heave, straining to keep up with the child. Ahsoka couldn't help it though. She was more open-minded than most, seeing things differently in comparison, perhaps that's why she became more advanced than most.

With a 'humph' the Kel Dor lifted himself from his sitting, with his grasp still over Ahsoka's shoulder, pulled her up after him as well.


Ahsoka went stiff, the idea of leaving their spot didn't suit well with her.

"Where are we going?" Ahsoka had to ask, trying her best not to reveal her distaste.

"To the bridge, I can't leave my men unattended."

Under the sympathetic and understanding façade, Ahsoka dreaded going back to the place where she felt like a lower life-form.

The bridge was bustling with the clones, navigating and co-operating with the instruments to ensure a safe passage. The men tended to the ship as if their life depended on it. Funny, too, it didn't seem like anyone in the bridge were in need of help.

A clone admiral, easily determined from his counterparts with the mustache upon his chin, was the first to greet the two Jedi as they continued through the bridge.

"General, we are arriving at our destination momentarily."

"Good," Plo Koon acknowledged, playing with the tip of his Auxiliary mask. "Begin tactic positions on both east and west and proceed. I want little casualties as possible, so we'll be taking defensive positions up front."

Ahsoka found that hard to believe from her point of standing. There were three Venator-class star destroyers with enough fire power to decimate anything in their path, so why did Master Plo Koon want to take precautions. She had to ask.

"Master Plo Koon," Ahsoka moved in before anyone else got to him. It was a first out of the whole trip. "Why are we taking safety procedures, I don't think this mission requires such care."

"Do not underestimate the enemy Ahsoka, that sort of blind arrogance could very well lead you to your own demise," Plo Koon lectured.

"I'm sorry."

"It's quite alright; you've learned you're lesson, now take it to heart."

"I will master Plo," Ahsoka smiled brightly, warmed by his praise. "Always."

"Sir," a man came up. Ahsoka inwardly scowled. "We've arrived with enemy contact"

"Put the shield online and continue forward. Do we have enemy contact?"

"We have one Destroyer-class and three Minificent-class star frigates in sight, sir."

Plo Koon fell deep in thought.

"What is it, Master Plo?" Ahsoka asked.

"It strange," he answered, "Though we've proven there are Separatist activity in this sector, there is no evidence of any act of transactions. Could there be any transport cruisers of sort?"

"No, sir."

Despite the lack of hands on experience, Ahsoka abled herself to understand what was really happening. There were no transporting cruisers, meaning that there weren't any transactions taking place at all. Could it be . . . no. Their intelligence couldn't have been found out by the enemy. Ahsoka looked towards her Master Plo Koon for reassurance, searching for anything that didn't prove her right. She found none.

"Master?" Ahsoka asked, anxious.

"Something's not right," Plo Koon stepped forward and ordered the troops, "Proceed in defense formation. I want all shields on now!"

The cruisers pressed forward, arching past the meteor trail that was dangerously too close.

Ahsoka was already having a bad feeling, and anything else she felt was evidence.

"I have a bad feeling, Master Plo."

"As do I, Ahsoka. "

As if it were on cue - or the perils of the end, two more warships entered from hyperspace. It all came fast, even Ahsoka blinked once, fires were already shot and cannons were dispersed. Ahsoka froze in shock, and then it hit her like a punch to the face.

This was her first time in battle.

Her lungs caught breath, and Ahsoka couldn't help but weakly heave to herself as her ship rocked and moaned from enemy fire, all basic training and calm demeanor crumbled at her feet, revealing a scared Togruta sprawled in the middle of the bridge. Plo Koon didn't even notice, of course, he was too busy ordering the men to revert into attack positions and open fire at incoming enemy.

Taking a large gulp of air, Ahsoka tried to speak.

"Master," she whimpered, painfully, nearly tripping towards him before getting a good grip on his arm for support as the ship rocked once more, more violent than before.

"Be calm," he said. Ahsoka was taken aback by his words. How could they be calm at a time like this? Wasn't he afraid? Did he not understand that if any enemy attack would hit them at the right moment, then they would die or get vacuumed by space?

"But," Ahsoka tried, "the enemy – they knew of our plan, what-"

"I know, Ahsoka. I know." The ragged tone was stone, and for the time – between the frequent rocking - the small Togruta could not determine the master. He was too calm. "There's nothing we can do about the situation now, our new objective now is to escape with our lives."

"Yes, master."

"Prepare fighters; Wolf Squadron will be led by me. Move," The order came in fast, yet the men were already mentally prepared to do what Master Plo Koon asked.

Ahsoka stared at the man before her in awe, never had she seen such living being be so calm and collected, especially at a time such as this. That image – along with the voice inside – reminded her that she could never be like him. .

With a sudden quake, Ahsoka was whipped and nearly ran into the Kel Dor council member, and nearly took him with her.

"Having fun."

Ahsoka spat a nasty glare. "How can you be so calm?" she demanded, further falling into the safe embrace Ahsoka stole into.

"I'm not calm. I'm just better at hiding it, is all."

Ahsoka was surprised, she couldn't even sense it. Breaking like fragments of glass, Ahsoka at last saw the dread – but not fear.

"I'm going to leave Ahsoka, and you need to stay here," a warm hand placed itself on top her forehead. She didn't like it. "The commander will watch over you in my place."

"Wait!" Ahsoka took a step back. To her it sounded like a good-bye – and a possible farewell forever. "Where are you going?"


"Out there!" she pointed a finger to the battlefield ensuing in space. "You're crazy."

"There comes a time when one must-"

"No, I don't want you to do that," she nearly shouted, ignoring conduct of authority all together blindly.

Plo Koon raised a brow. "Calm you're emotions, little one."

"No, I wont. Especially when it comes to you're safety."

"May I remind you that you must abide by authority."

"But I care about you." Ignoring her place, Ahsoka raised her chin against the council member. "I forbid it. I don't want to lose you, Plo. This war has taken you away from me, and I'm afraid I'll lose you forever. I. . . I love you."

Dread and fear was what defined the facial fragments that made Plo Koon's face. She sensed his fear. And his regret.

"Ahsoka, you're going against the code. You're not minding your own words."

"I am, too! I don't want you to go away forever, I want you to stay with me!" Out of impulse, and a wave of emotions, Ahsoka stomped her foot against the metal surface of the bridge, leveling her defiance another level. A ravaging ripple in the force amplifying her feelings made its way to the council member in the most sickening revulsion. After Ahsoka realized what she had done, she wasn't sure if he was about to snarl.

"Ahsoka, control yourself!"

Ahsoka snapped still, mouth wide opened, shocked with mixed feelings. He never yelled at her before.

Plo Koon rubbed his mask to ease himself, and then turned his back to her coldly. "When I return, we need to talk." He left.

Ahsoka, embarrassed, watched everyone else do their work, not even muttering her pitiful existence towards them. Trembling, almost shaking, Ahsoka bit back the tears and faced the battle going on in the galaxy. But she wasn't paying attention to that, more to what she has done.

I yelled at him. A Council Member. It wasn't my place, never my place. Oh no. He knows. And My anger, I threw my anger at him like a savage.

Ahsoka wanted to cry, but she willed herself not. Jedi don't express themselves like that, especially crying.

She sensed her Jedi friend finally depart with his team out into that bloodbath. In an attempt to make amends she tried to reconnect towards him, offering her apologies. But she was discouraged, and the Kel Dor zipped past the front-view of the bridge to distance himself. He was disappointed with her.

"Hey, kid."

"Yes," Ahsoka muttered, not even bothering to turn around.

"Stay close to me, and don't worry. I'll keep you safe."

"Thanks," Ahsoka mumbled, uncaring if the clone noticed her displeasure or not.

"All cannons. Fire!"

Ahsoka felt the ship hum and discharge its destructive artillery at the enemy. Ahsoka felt a rush of vibration reach up from her feet to her headtails, which hued into a softer blue in lush.

Ahsoka watched the blast hit the shields protecting the separatist war-ship. It barely left a mark on the blasted thing.

"No effect, sir. They're defenses are heavily more advanced. And the formations is too strong, unbreakable!"

The admiral scrunched. Ahsoka felt his anxiety all too easily; she didn't even have to try.

"Keep firing. We can't have them thinking they have us yet boys."

"Sir, yes, sir," cried the entire bridge.

But it was a singe in the back of her mind, and a minute to get a solid look at the outcome going on in the outside that informed Ahsoka what was to come next. It was too late, though. With a blast that rocked the entire ship into a frenzy, it tipped and moaned as it dropped in a blaze. They were sinking. Ahsoka had to grab onto the edge of the bridge from keeping herself from sliding and falling on the roof which now became the flooring. The whole bridge crew had little time themselves, and those who weren't quick enough flew across the bridge and out of Ahsoka view. But she heard them shrivel in the back, the sounds of their death audible only her Togruta species could hear at far distance.

Ahsoka soon realized that this was the end.

Funny. I should be crying, but instead I'm too frozen in fear to even move. Not that I could anyways.

Before finally letting go of her holding and allowing herself to part ways with the galaxy, Ahsoka sent one last message to the Kel Dor in mind.

I'm sorry for being disappointing Master Plo Koon.

At that, her fingers released their grip on the edge. Ahsoka fell with the ship as another blast blasted its way to the bridge. Cold alluring Darkness consumed Ahsoka's consciousness into nothingness after that.

Hopefully this will show the kind of attachment Ahsoka has for Plo Koon which will affect her later in the story. But that's all I'm revealing for now.

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