A/N: Well, this one is kinda like Maximum Ride, but it's my own story. Hope you like it!


Fire Phoenix


If you had the chance to become one of the worlds most powerful, would you take it? Even if it involved pain, loss, and even no home, would you still take it? I would say no, if I were you. 'Cause, I have it, and I didn't even want it. I still don't want it. But I had no choice. And, who knows? Maybe you're just like me. . . But, what, and who am I? My name is Aura Phoenix. I'm fifteen, and an orphan. I don't know who my parents are and I'm constantly on the run.

Oh, and one other thing: I'm not even human.

Fire Phoenix

Chapter 1. Kidnapped

Drip, drip, drip. That is the sound that I have been listening to for the past hour. I'm in a small cave, my back against the cold, hard rock wall. Why am I in a cave? Because I'm a run away. Why am I a run away? Let me explain: My father is the head of a secret facility. The facility is underground, making it hard to find. And hard to get in and out of. But that's the point. Once you're in, they don't want you out. The secret facility is made to create a super human race. The government doesn't know about it yet. Apparently, my father is planning on telling them once his plan is a success. But that's just it; he's already succeeded. It's just that his successful experiment is no longer there. And guess who the experiment is?


Yes, you're probably thinking, "Why in the world would a father do that?" That was the exact question I asked myself the day I was locked in a cellar. But, that was ten years ago. I was five. An innocent, helpless five year old girl. That's changed. You see, he thought he was making a super human race that only he could control. But it didn't work that way. See, what people would call me would be a 'mutant.' My skin is slightly harder than the average human, my reflexes are sharper, I'm stronger, I can see better, smell better, and I heal faster. But that's not it: I can also control fire. I'm the only one I know of that lived through the process of an ability. I consider myself lucky.

I was able to escape a few months ago, and I am now staying in this elegant, dark cave. I live on my own, and I try to stay away from my fathers agents as much as possible. I found them a few days ago, and barely managed to escape. I can fight, but obviously that's a bit difficult against several grown men.

I stood up, and rubbed my hands against my dirty jeans. I grabbed my beat up bag and threw it over my shoulder. After arguing with myself on which way to go, I finally walked to my left, going down a narrow, dark path in the cave. I could see just fine, but the lighting changed, showing me that it was darker. I walked a little ways before I was able to see the first bit of light. I walked towards it, memorizing everything. Once I was out I could see buildings, homes, cars, and people. People who didn't know what was going on around them; people that didn't bother to see what was going on around them.

I walked out, and tried with all my might to blend in. I probably didn't, though, considering my condition. I had a few scrapes; bruises; my long, dark brown hair was slightly tangled; my clothes were ripped in places; and I even had some blood on them. Not exactly what girls in the twenty-first century wore. I knew I was getting stared at, but I ignored them, and just kept walking. I have to get new clothes, I thought to myself. I finally found my way out of the crowd, and walked towards a little shop. I walked towards the back, and went up to the back door. It was locked, as usual. I placed my hand on the door, and melted a piece of it off. I stuck my hand in, and opened the door from the inside. I walked in quietly, and looked around the little kitchen. I grabbed a few donuts, bottles of water, and some sandwiches. I stuffed them into my bag, and looked around. No one seemed to be there, and there weren't any cameras. So, I hurried out of the small kitchen, and placed the piece of wood back in place. I new it was no use, but it was better then finding a hole in your door.

I ran out from behind the little shop, and started up a hill. No one ever came up here, and when they did, they were usually just kids. The hill was covered in dirt, trees scattered in different places. There was one cave near by, and it led to where I was staying. I walked towards it, and walked in. Now, I would usually check and make sure if someone was there. But, I didn't. So, when I walked in, I was launched up. Guess what I was in.

A net.