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Alchemy, the science of understanding the structure of matter, breaking it down, then reconstructing it into something new. It can even make gold from led. But Alchemy is a science. So it must follow the natural laws of equivalent exchange. To obtain, something of equal value must me lost...

"Alright Al, this should do it," Edward Elric said to his little brother Alphonse. Al turned and looked at Ed. "You ready?"

"Mm.." Al uttered shaking his head "yes." Edward and Al were both in an abandon house with tons of books of alchemy. While reading through the piles and piles of books, Alphonse had managed to stubble upon a book which told of how to get to "the gate."

"Don't be scared Al," Ed told his little brother, his golden eyes a blaze with determination. "I know we've got all the components right this time. And soon you'll be back in your real body."

"But brother," Al began. Ed turned and glared at Al. "What if this doesn't work again. What if this ends up worse than what happened last time?"

"Don't worry about that Al I won't let anything bad happen to you again I promise. If anything like that should ever happen you know I'll go for you," Ed reassured Al, softening his gaze.

"That's not what I mean brother," Al began. "You deserve to be here more than me. If that should happen again brother let it take the rest of me."

"Al you know I can't do that." Ed said looking away from his brother to hide his hurt.

"But why not Ed?"

"Because Al, you're my little brother." Ed paused and balled his hands up into fists. "I won't forgive myself from letting that happen to you."

"Brother..." Al trailed off.

Ed said nothing and walked into the center of the room where he and Al both drew out a transmutation circle. Al walked slowly behind Ed, with his head down. Ed bent down so that he was on his knees. Al did the same thing but refused to look up. "This should open up a way for us to get to the gate," Ed reassured Al. Al glanced at Ed. "Once we get to the gate we can open it, get your body and I will put you back into your body. Once that's all done we'll leave, do you understand me Al?"

"But brother what about you?" Al asked. "What about your arm and leg? We should get that before we get my body. I'm sick of seeing your arm and leg as auto mail and I know you don't like it either so let's just-"

Ed cut Al off. "Al that's enough." Ed flashed a smiled at Al. "I actually don't mind my auto mail. It sure makes me one hell of a fighter and I'll be damned if I get my limbs and you don't get your body." Ed explained. Al sighed. "First you then me OK Al?"

Al shook his head once more. "Alright."

Ed looked down at the ground at the circle. "Let's get this done and over with." Ed clapped his hands together. Al and Ed both put their hands flat on the circle simultaneously. The circle began to glow a golden color. Sparks began to rise from the circle. Soon the sparks began swirling in a circle around Ed and Al. They both looked at the swirling sparks with amazement while still keeping their hands firmly on the ground. Suddenly, the golden sparks changed color turning into a dark red, almost black color. Ed started looking around frantically, almost panicking. A black hole emerged in the middle of the circle with tiny little black objects emerging from it.

"Waugh!" Al exclaimed. Ed whipped his head in Al's direction. Al's armor body was being engulfed with the tiny black things and being pulled towards the hole.

"Al no!" Ed cried out. Ed took his hands off the circle and reached out toward Al, desperately trying to reach him. "Damn it!" Ed's arms couldn't reach Al. Ed started to stand up, hoping he could run towards Al. "What the?" Ed yelled. He looked at his legs to see that the same tiny black things that got Al were starting to wrap around his right leg.

"No! Not again!" Ed shouted trying to free his only flesh leg. "Not this leg too!" But no matter how hard Ed grabbed at the black things and tried to pull them off, more black things wrapped around more of his body. "DAMN IT LET GO!" Ed screamed as the black things began wrapping around his arms.

"Brother!" Al yelled as he was being dragged into the hole. "BROTHER HELP!" It was too late. Al's armor body was completely dragged down into the hole.

"Al!" Ed yelled as the black things engulfed most of his body. "Alphonse no!" Ed squirmed and struggled to break free. But it was all in vain. Silent tears began rolling down his face. "I guess this time, they're taking us both completely.." Ed stopped struggling and continued to cry as the black things dragged him down into the hole. "I'm sorry Al. This is all my fault." Ed began. "I should have never tried this.. At least we'll be together with our bodies," Ed said aloud.

"Right?" Ed whimpered as he faded into the darkness of the hole with the black things still tightly around him.

The hole closed up and with it the sparks began to calm down to a mere static ball. "Edward! Alphonse!" Roy Mustang yelled, torching the door, turning it into ashes as he, Riza Hawkeye and Alex Louis Armstrong stormed into the room.

"Colonel!" Riza exclaimed, rushing to Roy's side to protect him.

Roy, Riza and Armstrong stood flabbergasted as they watched the remaining sparks die out and the transmutation circle disappear.

"Colonel, you don't think that they'd..." Riza asked as her voice trailed off.

"Yes Hawkeye I'm afraid it's true." Roy said grimly.

Armstrong tensed beside Hawkeye and Roy.

"The boys have tried to bring their bodies back from the gate. But this time, there's nothing left of them." Roy uttered.

"There must be something we can do!" Armstrong said, slamming his fists on the wall behind him, making most of it burst into dust.

"No Armstrong, we cannot do that," Roy said as Hawkeye noticed a book open on the bare ground. She walked towards it and knelt down to pick it up. "What they did was strictly forbidden. They knew the price. They did it of their own free will."

"Hold on a minute Colonel," Riza said walking over to Armstrong and Roy, reading the open page of the book. "Take a look at this."

Riza handed the book to Roy. Roy took the book and he and Armstrong began reading the page. They both gasped.

"So." Armstrong began. "That's what they were up to."

"They wanted to go to the gate, not try to bring their bodies here." Riza concluded.

"Hmm.." Roy uttered, staring at the page of the book. "I'm not sure if this is forbidden or not. But it looks like they still wanted a way to get their bodies back."

Riza, Armstrong and Roy all stood there silent for a while, thinking about what they should do.

Shinigamis are the spiritual protectors of the real world. They serve to balance all the souls that are mixed together in this world..

"What? What's going on here?" Mayuri Kurotsuchi demanded as he entered the Research and Development headquarters. He was a mad scientist that wore captain clothing. His face was white with some black and he wore what appeared to be a weird hat. His skin was also mostly white. "Nemu!"

"Captain," Nemu Kurotsuchi began as her captain walked up to her with a very pissed off look on his face. Nemu was the vice-captain of squad 12. She had long black braided hair with purple colored eyes. "We have detected something very unusual at the entrance of the pass way between the real world and the Soul Society."

"Something usual?" Captain Kurotsuchi asked as his facial expression became some what calmer.

"Yes my captain," Rin Tsubokura, a worker of the Research and Development said timidly. He had shoulder length hair with some hair tied into a pony-tail in the front of his head. He walked over to the largest computer in the room with his captain and Nemu following. Two red dots were on the screen. "As you can see here," Rin began pointing at the red dots. "You can see that there is someone at the entrance of the pass way between the real world and the Soul Society."

"We scanned these two figures to see if they were a threat of course," Nemu said, cutting off Rin. "They show no sign of possessing reiatsu but it does show that these two do posses some kind of power."

"Some kind of power? No reiatsu?" Captain Kurotsuchi said frustrated at this new knowledge. "How can that be?"

"We are trying to find that out captain." Rin replied calmly. "As Nemu said, they do not have reiatsu but something else. None of us have ever seen anything like this."

Captain Kurotsuchi tried to take all this in. Soon his pissed off expression changed into a smirk. His smirk slowly changed into a smiled, then he started laughing menacingly. "Excellent!" He exclaimed. "We must find whatever those things and bring them to me at once!" Captain Kurotsuchi commanded.

"We were already on that sir," Nemu replied. "We have sent a message to head Captain Yamamoto concerning this matter. He thinks that we should investigate these strange new creature."

"Who did he send?" Captain Kurotsuchi hissed at Nemu, now angry again that he was not informed of this first.

"He sent Captain Hitsugaya and vice-captain Rangiku Matsumoto to accompany him." Nemu answered.

"I see.. So they sent the runt and his lackey." Captain Kurotsuchi replied with a dark chuckle.

"Well I also heard, Captain, that the substitute shinigami Ichigo Kurosaki and some of his companions also went with Captain Hitsugaya as well." Rin added timidly.

Captain Kurotsuchi laughed once more. "No matter. I will still end up with this specimen and dissect it to find out what this thing is!" He continued to laugh menacingly.

'How did I ever end up working in a place like this?' Rin wondered to himself.

Edward slowly regained conscientiousness. He stood up and looked around. "Where the hell am I?" Ed asked aloud. As he looked around he saw absolutely nothing at all. It was almost as if he was in a place of nothingness. His eyes suddenly fixed on a figure face down on the ground far off from him. He squinted to try to figure out what it was. A wave of shock burst through his veins as he realized what it was. His legs ran involuntary towards the object. "Al!" Ed stopped running and slowly approached his brother. "Al.."

"Ugh..." Al uttered as he too began regaining conscientiousness.

"Alphonse!" Ed exclaimed hearing his brother.

"Brother?" Al asked sitting up.

"Al!" Ed yelled as he jumped on his younger brother's armor body.

"Ed what are you-"

"Al I'm so sorry!" Ed apologized through his tears. "I thought... I thought I really lost you this time..."

"Brother. . ." Al said encircling his brother with his arms, hugging him.

"Al. . . I promise I will never, ever do anything like this ever again."

"It's alright brother, at least we still have each other."

"Yeah..." Ed began. "After all we're all we've got..."

Suddenly, the ground beneath the two began shaking rapidly. Al released his brother as Ed jumped up. "What the hell?" Ed exclaimed. In front of Ed and Al, the place where they were was beginning to split in two. The more the place began to split the more violent the shaking got. Abruptly, a door bigger than any that Al or Ed had ever seen began to emerge from the crack in the ground. Ed and Al stood awestruck at the size of this door. Soon the shaking stopped and the door was fully above ground level. Ed calmed himself down and began walking towards this huge door.

"Brother wait!" Al screamed, grabbing Ed's arm. Ed turned to face his brother, his golden eyes lit up with fear, confusion and curiosity. "Brother please," Al began to beg. "Don't go near that thing."

"Al I have to check this out. It may be the door to finding your body," Ed said sternly.

"Brother. . ."

All of a sudden, the door began to crack open. This action caught both the Elric's eyes. Ed ripped his arm away from Al and stood protectively in front of Al, ready to face whatever was coming out of that door. The door fully open. A light so intense caused both Al and Ed to look away.

"So I take it you're the ones causing all the trouble," A white-haired boy said as he stepped out of the door way. Ed stopped shielding his eyes and look at this boy. He was shorter than him and by the look of it younger. He wore strange clothing and had a sword that hung at his side. His glare at Ed was as cold and hard as ice.

Ed's eyes swelled with new found anger. 'What's with this kid?' Ed asked himself.

"Ah come on Toshiro, lighten up will ya?" An orange haired man said as he too stepped out of the door way along with others. Some appeared to be wearing the same clothing as the white haired boy but others appeared to be wearing different clothing.

Toshiro's glare quickly shifted over to the orange haired man. "I told you for the last time Kurosaki, my name is Captain Hitsugaya."

The orange haired man just shrugged his shoulders. "So then," Kurosaki began as he reached for his sword that hung on his back. "Just who the hell are you?"

Ed became enraged. "A hell of a welcoming," Ed said sarcastically.

"Oh it seems like small fry has a bit of an attitude Captain," An orange haired women said who was standing next to Toshiro. She wore almost the same clothing as Toshiro.

"Brother please control yourself," Al said, seeing his brother getting worked up.


"WHAT? Did you just call ME an old hag?" The orange haired women demanded to know as she too began getting angry.

Al sighed. 'We haven't known them for even a minute and brother's already gotten them angry.' Al thought.

"You heard me!" Ed yelled.

"That's enough," Toshiro said, drawing his sword and pointing it at Ed. Ed stopped and stared at his sword. "My name is Toshiro Hitsugaya. I am the captain of the tenth squad. Who the hell are you two?"

Ed sneered, "I'm the Fullmetal Alchemist Edward Elric."

"And I'm his younger brother Alphonse Elric, nice to meet you," Al said bowing his head in respect.

"Al don't show them respect!"

"Wait a second," Another orange haired women said. She was wearing what appeared to be normal clothing. "You're the younger brother?" She asked pointing to Al.

Al nodded. "Don't say anything more please or you'll get brother angry," he said pointing to Ed. Ed glared at Al.

"It seems highly illogical that you are the younger one seeings how big you are," a man said. He was wearing normal clothing and glasses. Ed turned his glare to the man wearing glasses.

"So who are all you?" Al asked quickly before Ed could say anything.

"I am the vice-captain of squad ten and my name is Rangiku Matsumoto." The orange haired women who was wearing clothing like Toshiro said.

"I'm substitute shinigami Ichigo Kurosaki," the orange haired man said, tightening his grip on his sword that hung on his back.

"I am a quincy, Uryu Ishida," the man with glasses replied, adjusting his glasses.

"Um, my name is Orihime Inoue pleased to meet you," the other orange haired women said, bowing like Al to show some respect.

"Call me Chad," A man who hadn't spoken yet said. Al and Ed looked at him. He also wore normal clothing but his eyes were covered by his hair. He looked very muscular too.

'I wonder if he's stronger than Al.''Oh no, please tell me he's not like Armstrong..' Al thought.

"You're coming with us," Toshiro commanded.

"Tch!" Ed exclaimed. "Like hell we are!"

"Alright since you won't come quietly I guess we have to use force, don't we?" Ed and Toshiro glared at one another, waiting for someone to make a move.

'What is this shrimp's problem?' Toshiro and Ed thought together.

"Wait please listen!" Al yelled. Everyone turned and looked at Al. "We don't want any trouble! We just want.." Al trailed off.

"I want to get my brother's body back so if you don't mind moving so I can get it!" Ed yelled running at Toshiro.

"You're a fool!" Toshiro yelled at Ed as he too ran at Ed. Ed clapped his hands together.

"Brother, wait, we can sort this out!"

It was too late. Ed and Toshiro were too close for anyone to stop either of them. Suddenly, blue-white colored sparks began to start flying around Ed's arm. His glove burst off his hand and his arm turned into what appeared to be a sword type thing.

"What's that!" Ichigo asked, amazed at what Ed just did. Toshiro shocked too hesitated on swinging his sword at Ed. Ed took this opportunity and swung his arm at Toshiro. Toshiro tried to dodge it by jumping back. A cut emerged on his shoulder and a little blood began oozing out.

"Captain!" Matsumoto yelled, reaching for her sword. Toshiro put a hand up that told her to stop. Ed began smirking.

"Just what the hell are you?" Toshiro asked forcefully.

"I told you, I'm the Fullmetal Alchemist." Ed said holding up his arm, the light reflecting off the blade part of his arm as if on cue. Toshiro's gaze became hard and cold once more.

"An...Alchemist?" Uryu questioned, adjusting his glasses once more.

"Stop fighting!" Al yelled. Everyone's attention was focused on Al.

"Al... What's gotten into you?" Ed asked.

"Brother, we don't have to fight they aren't our enemies." Al said firmly. This took everyone by surprise.

"Al how can you say that just look at them!"

"They are just as confused about us as we are of them brother, why don't YOU take a look!" Ed turned around to look at the group of strangers. Their eyes were indeed filled with confusion.

"But it's not just confusion in their face Al, I can also see the anger, the lust to fight," Ed said glaring at Toshiro. Toshiro's gaze never let up it's cold and hard look. "Especially that one just look at his face! His eyes are like ice!"

Toshiro smirked, his eyes never changing. "What the hell is so funny!" Ed demanded to know.

"You're facial expression is no different," Toshiro stated.

"Great here we go again." Ed began. "Every creep I meet always wants to tell me how I'm like them."

The smirk on Toshiro's face faded. "You like me? Yeah right I am so much better than something like you!"

"Please let's listen to Al!" Orihime yelled.

"Or-? Orihime?" Uryu said shocked. Orihime never really yelled like she just did.

Just then, a heavy pressure surrounded the area. "What? What am I feeling?" Ed asked aloud. Orihime was force to bend her knees and everyone else couldn't move.

"Everyone get ready!" Ichigo cautioned, his knuckles white from the tightness of his grip on his sword.

Holes began to open up everywhere. All of a sudden, a huge ball of energy flew out of one of the holes and began speeding towards Al. The ball of energy was too quick for Al to get out of the way. A huge puff of smoke appeared where the ball of energy made contact. Ed stared horrified.

"Al! Alphonse, no!"

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