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--Chapter 1


No one can tell you what forever is like. Or at least, no one who is actively sought out. Forever is a strange word. Mortals throw it around carelessly. To them, forever ends when they die or, more frequently, when a new fascination steals the lime light. No creature possible of forever, is human. The human mind is too fickle and too delicate to embrace the notion of a never ending life.

"Are you sure this will work?"

"When will they get here?"

"How did this happen?"

"Will he still be the same?"

The voices were raging around him, sharp and too loud. He was magically secured to something hard. Someone has been considerate enough to place a pillow under his head though. He barely noticed all this under the pain. A burning pain from the inside out. He remembered starkly what had happened.

Voldemort had happened. He, Harry, had just killed the man. He had turned to assist in finishing off the rest of the Death Eaters, when a cold hard body had slammed into him. Hitting the ground with a blinding flash of pain as bones broke, he barely had time to process what had happened before the creature had ripped into his throat. A horrible gaping wound was created as the vampire drank from him. He felt the weight thrown harshly from him before the dark closed around him.

All he knew now, was pain. Harry was well aware he had been bit by a vampire. He was aware that his friends were allowing him to be turned. He was aware of his heart beating harshly, trying to churn out the congealed mess that was now his blood as his veins cauterized and hardened. He was also aware of his bones snapping together and fusing back into their natural shapes as his flesh knit back together. What he didn't know was, why they hadn't killed him. Why would they allow him to become a blood crazed new born? He didn't want to kill anymore. He was tired of killing. His only goal he had ever known, was to kill someone. He had thought he finally had a chance to stop killing. He didn't want to separate anymore mothers from their husbands and children. He didn't want anymore orphans. He didn't want anymore men to cry over the loss of their family. Why did they let him live? Why would they allow him to become a force almost as bad as Voldemort?

Albus Dumbledore has made many mistakes in his exceedingly long life. He was painfully aware of each mistake he had done. Each person he had wronged. Each sacrifice for the greater good. He was tired of being the one who had saved the world from a man he had just wanted to love. He was tired of being the one who had to make the decisions that sent abused boys back to hateful people. He was tired of sending a man he thought of as his son out to spy. He was tired of looking at the world as a chessboard. He thought though, that just maybe, he could set things right for at least one of his mistakes. Harry Potter would finally be allowed to leave. He could finally be left in peace. No more killing. No more grief. Forever. All he was waiting for, was for the Cullens to arrive. In his long life of over a century, four more hours had never seemed so long.

"Oh he's fantastic!" Alice giggled as she danced around the London street. It really was a shame they couldn't stay to shop for a little, but they had to hurry. She could already see the awakening. "I think everyone will love him! We'll have to assist him with his schooling though, if wizards are really as backwards as Carlisle says they are."

Edward tried to force his way into her mind to see the new fledgling, but was blocked by a view of the Tibetan alphabet. A low grumble of annoyance escaped him before he reined in his wandering mind. "You take too much joy in surprising us, Alice."

Alice's smooth dance like steps twirled her around her family. She stopped in front of Rosalie. "He'll be a wonderful addition to our family. Don't be harsh to him. He's a had a very long life for being so young." The blonde snorted delicately and turned her head to the side.

"Are we almost there Carlisle?" Emmet asked, nearly bouncing with excitement. Jasper chuckled quietly, the high of emotions from Alice and Emmet enough to lift his spirits high.

"Albus said there would be a rather large and rather noticeable man waiting for us down near the pizzeria and record store." Carlisle said.

"Oh! Could that be him?" it was Esme who finally noticed. The man was huge. He was tall and built like a mountain. He had a wild mane of hair surrounding his face and head. The moleskin jacket with more pockets than was normal though, was what really stood him out. "I thought moleskin jackets like that haven't been worn in centuries?" Esme murmured from Carlisle's side.

"This Dumbledore fellow did say that the wizarding world was behind, didn't he?" it was Rosalie who spoke up.

"Well, let's go talk to him." Emmet grinned as they neared the wild looking man. This person was even bigger than he was!

"Are you here to meet us? A Mr. Albus Dumbledore said there would be someone here to meet us." Carlisle spoke up.

Hagrid's face was lost in a sea of dimples and facial hair as he grinned hugely. "Right. You lot mus' be th' Cullens! I'm Hagrid. Pr'fesser Dumbledore'll be waitin' for us. This here's th' Leaky Cauldron. We'll go through and be on our ways." Swinging the door open, he ushered the vampires into the dim pub.

Edward and Jasper both were amazed at the pure goodness that this man radiated. Very few dark thoughts plagued his mind. The few that did, were of the type of darkness that war puts into beings.

"We'll be takin' th' floo. Dumbledore opened up th' 'ospital wing fer ever'one to get through terday. Take a pinch o' powder, toss it in, step in, and shout where's yeh wanna go. Ye'll be wantin' ter go to 'Ogwarts Infirmary." As he talked, he grabbed some powder and thrust it into the roaring flames of the pub fireplace. The flames instantly turned green. "Who's goin' firs'?"

Alice squealed and jumped forward. "Me!"

Albus turned as the fireplace roared and turned green before a spinning squealing mass was chocked out of the fireplace. As the small person came to a standstill, he looked down at who he assumed was one of the Cullens. A small beautiful girl that had a fae like quality surrounding her. She was still giggling, her eyes shut in her amusement. When they did open though, they were a brilliant amber color. Almost like molten gold. "Welcome. I'm Albus Dumbledore."

The small girl flashed a brilliant smile full of teeth too white to be natural. "I'm Alice Cullen. The others will be here shortly I'm sure."

Sure enough, the fireplace soon expelled more figures. Albus watched as they each came to a stop gracefully. All six of the Cullens were beautiful; dazzling even. "I am Albus Dumbledore. It is a pleasure to meet your family Carlisle. Who are the new additions?"

Carlisle stepped forward with a smile. "It has been a long while Albus. Last time I saw you, you were still red on top." They both shared a chuckle. "This is Emmet, Jasper, and Alice. I changed Emmet myself, but Alice and Jasper found us. And you have found us another, it seems." Carlisle turned doleful eyes back to the ancient wizard.

Everyone watched as Dumbledore seemed to sink into himself. Suddenly, the old man in front of them, seemed far too old and frail to stand unassisted. "Ah, yes. Harry Potter. My biggest achievement and failure of my life." he whispered. "Come. I will explain to you in Madame Pomfery's office. His heart will stop soon." Albus wearily showed them to the door of the office which were next to a partitioned area.

"Is this where he is?" Alice asked curiously.

"Yes. We have silencing wards up. We didn't want to disturb anyone else that may have need to come into the wing." Albus explained quietly.

"I would like to see him just a moment. Then we can go into the office." Carlisle mumbled gently as he moved toward the hanging cloth. He silently pulled back the curtain and his eyes widened as his perfect sight took in the tragedy that was supposed to be a seventeen year old boy.

A small body thrashed on the bed, held securely onto the bed with cords. Across any surface of the skin that showed, scars crisscrossed and cruelly told the story of the poor boy's life. As the pale body managed to turn halfway over, belt lashes could be seen covering the back. On the arms, runes of various origins lined the soft flesh of the inner arms while tortures scars of a knife ran alone the tops. On his right hand, "I must not tell lies" was firmly imprinted, while on the left, it looked like someone had rained searing hot dimes on the hand. On his muscular chest, "FREAK" was carved deeply, framed by more belt lashes and knife wounds. As the boys overly large shirt rode up, a star shaped wound could be seen: the exit wound of a bullet. His face was beautiful though, even through the pain. Nothing marred the skin of his face except for a quickly fading lightening bolt scar.

"What happened to him?" Rosalie asked shakily as she stepped backwards into Emmet's hold.

"All will be explained. Please follow me." Albus sighed quietly as he shut the curtain and opened the office door.

"You knew?" Esme growled lowly. "You knew that poor child's relatives despised him? Considered him a freak? Hated him? Abused him? And you still sent him back?" her low growl had reached a shriek by the end of her line of questions.

"Then you expected him to fight your war? Something he had no desire to do? Something he shouldn't have done with the condition he's in?" Edward snarled.

Jasper was gripping the arm chair harshly, trying to contain himself. He felt Alice's hand stray to his to loosen his grip, but her fury added onto the others, wouldn't allow him.

"You call beings like us monsters. You're the real monster." Rosalie hissed.

"You'll never see him again." Carlisle barked, his normal soft-spoken manner forgotten.

"You're lucky we don't kill humans." Emmet growled.

"Albus! He's awake!" Poppy came busting into the door, panting.

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