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"I can see some outcomes. There's a few involved where Harry stays with us and those two boys that were taken are returned just fine. But for that to happen, we need to plan." Alice stared into Harry's eyes steadily. "We need to wait for everyone else to get home before anything is done. I'll send your letter and you calm down, ok?" She waited until a reluctant nod was given to her from the small vampire. "Good. Edward, see if you can help him calm down. I need to go make some calls to the rest of the family to get them home as soon as possible."

-Chapter 13

- Distraction

Hermione tried to push down her rising panic as the week passed and no reply from Harry arrived. She knew she shouldn't have told Harry. But he had needed to know. This involved him just as much as it involved the Weasley family and her, but she may have been hasty when she wrote to Harry. Now all she can do is watch the skies and wait for Hedwig to appear, and hope that Harry did nothing rash.

Alice stared at Edward with heavy eyes. "He's going to act hastily if you do not help keep him calm until we can form a full plan."

Edward sighed heavily, feeling the need for the human movement. "What am I supposed to do with him?"

Alice glowered. "Something. Because otherwise he leaves tonight and there's a high chance that he won't be able come back."

Harry stared at his belongings he had amassed among the shelves of his room at the Cullens'. The act of unpacking had been difficult. He never had unpacked anywhere before. Not at the Dursley's. He never even fully unpacked at Hogwarts. To have unpacked here, he had declared this place as home. And now he was thinking about leaving this place. This place he had started to call home. This place he had felt comfortable. This place he had found love. And he was going to throw it all away for his past. A past he would hardly remember come enough time. However he would still remember long after he left, no matter how old he was, Edward and his love.

"Harry," Edward whispered in his ear, breath ghosting along the shell of the shorter boy's ear, teasing a soft shiver through Harry's spine.

"Edward." Harry gasped, startled. It was the first time in a while that he had not been able to differentiate from the wind and Edward's footsteps.

"What are you thinking?" Edward murmured into Harry's ear, feeling the smaller body uncoil and mold to his.

"Options," Harry replied vaguely.

"Options that include running?" Edward inquired archly, allowing his mouth to take on a mind of its own, and began to gently suckle and bite at the shell of Harry's ear.

Harry gasped and arched reflexively into the taller vampire's body, feeling a stirring hardness to which his own body responded. "I don't want to."

"Then don't." Edward growled before pushing Harry to the wall, hard enough for paint chips and drywall dust to rain around them as the wall shook, reveling in Harry's gasp and low-pitched groan. He pushed his lips onto Harry's, enjoying the answering movement against his own mouth.

"What other options do I have?" Harry whispered as Edward trailed harsh suckling kisses down his neck, pushing up into the taller boy's seeking mouth and against his body.

"You can have patience." Edward growled as he guided Harry roughly towards the bed, enjoying the way the smaller body writhed and bucked against him in response to his ministrations as he pushed the smaller boy down.

"Not something I'm good at." He whispered as he finally freed his mouth long enough to pull at Edward's ear, enjoying the raspy groan his efforts won him.

"Then let me show you." Edward hissed as he carefully started to disrobe the smaller lithe body under him, hands and mouth trailing roughly, smoothly, and slowly across each patch of skin that was slowly revealed. He palmed the hardness in between Harry's thighs, pushing his own answering need against his partner's thigh as he continued to slowly torture needy gasps and groans from the body beneath him.

"You're just trying to distract me." Harry growled, bucking up against the hard body hanging over him, gasping in pleasure at the hands cupping him, the mouth suckling on him, and the hard length pushing against his leg.

"I'm obviously not doing a good enough job if you're still able to think." Edward promptly dipped his mouth to Harry's waist, mouth the hardness through the thin material of Harry's briefs, smirking at the hiss that he was sure was a smothered yell. Not giving Harry another chance to think, he quickly pushed Harry's briefs off and pulled the hard length into his mouth, rejoicing at the vocalization he heard from above.

"…oh…" it was barely whispered, the soft sigh slipping from Harry's mouth as Edward sucked and traced his opening. "Edward…"

Edward smirked around his length, the sight enough to pull another groan from Harry. "Let me show you what you need to be thinking about." He whispered as he removed his mouth and started to stretch his smaller lover.

Hermione rejoiced as she saw Hedwig's ghostly form on the horizon. Throwing the window open, she greeted the bird before hastily ripping the rolled parchment from a thin leg, earning an angry squall and a barely missed beak. "I'm sorry Hedwig." She breathlessly whispered as she sprang back with the parchment firmly in hand. Ignoring the haughty departure of the bird, she ripped the parchment open, irrationally hoping for an answer to all the problems that had erupted in the past month only to silently cry at the five angrily scrawled words.

I'll take care of it.

Demetri stared sullenly at the two red head boys they had. Harmed, they held no bargaining power. A fact the two seemed to be well aware of as they made every effort to verbally make the Volturi's lives hell. "Shut up." He finally hissed at the two as they threw yet another insult at him.

"You hurt us,"

"And not only will you upset your masters,"

"But Harry won't feel as inclined to cooperate."

Demetri growled at the dizzying way the two spoke. He knew their taunts held truth though. That did not mean however, that he could not shut them up. He stared around at the small cave they were waiting in until further orders from Aro, Marcus, and Caius arrived. He saw nothing suitable with which to shut the two up. His eyes fell upon their shoes and the socks that showed above the trainers. With a nasty smirk, he swiftly divested them of their shoes and socks ignoring their protests. He then swiftly shoved the socks and tied the shoelaces to prevent the two children from spitting the fabric out. "Just because I can't hurt you, does not mean I can't think of other ways to shut you up." He hissed out, smirk curling his features at the mutinous glares he was now given from the silenced pair.

Alice quietly stared at the assembled family in front of her. She was relieved Edward had managed to keep Harry at the house.

"So what do we do?" Harry asked, squirming impatiently in Edwards arms.

"This will be easier if we go after them before they return to Italy. They have not left England yet. They have barely moved from the school grounds. Where could they be?"

"Hogsmede." Harry murmured his squirming ceasing. "They are in Hogsmede."

"Then we will go to Hogsmede." Carlisle stated, watching the various affirming nods from his family. "After we are done there, we will all come home." He looked pointedly at Harry.

Harry smiled and leaned into Edward, feeling the arms around him tighten. He liked the idea of that very much.

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