Right Place, Right Time

AN : This is my first ever fic. In fact it's the first thing I've written ever so please be gentle! However feedback will be very much appreciated, including constructive critisism, so go nuts.

It's set around Season 3, just after "Dream A Little Dream". I started thinking it over after watching "Everybody Loves A Clown" and "Born Under A Bad Sign" in quick succession.

Disclaimer – I, sadly, do not own Supernatural or any of the characters. It all belongs to the wonderful Eric Kripke.


Chapter 1

Jo Harvelle glanced up at the door to the bar as she heard it swing open, and gave a cursory smile to the man who'd walked in. Susie, the other bartender working tonight turned to serve him as Jo got back to work clearing glasses from the sticky tables, trying to ignore the familiar feeling of disappointment that it wasn't him. Of course it wasn't, it never was. Jo cursed inwardly for letting herself hope, if only for a moment. Nearly a year had passed since he'd walked out of the bar, with only an "I'll call you later" that they both knew was a lie. But even now, every time she heard the creak of the door in the dingy bar her stomach lurched and a part of her hoped, just a little, that he might come strolling in, as cocky and as devastatingly charming as ever, green eyes sparkling.

He just made her so mad! Not even at him really, more at herself for still thinking of him like she was some silly schoolgirl with her very first crush. She was a grown woman for christsakes! She could hold her own against the truckers that passed through the bar, she'd seen things that would make those burly men whimper like little children. And she could probably kick most of their asses if she had to. Hell, she already laid a couple of them flat out in the bar when they'd gotten a little too friendly at closing time. Luckily, Mike the bar owner found it fairly amusing that this tiny blonde girl could be so tough, so he would usually just roll his eyes, chuckle, and let her get on with it.

Jo didn't really care, she was used to the odd looks from other people. She'd spent her whole life feeling like the freak. That was one of the things she liked about the Winchester boys. When she was around them she wasn't the freak, everything felt normal. The hunting, the demon talk, the walking round armed to the teeth, it all seemed like the most natural thing in the world. And even though she knew it wasn't what what most people would describe as normal, at least she wasn't alone. They, he, understood.

Still, she told herself, that was all in the past now. That "I'll call you later" had of course never happened. Days had run to weeks, weeks ran to months. She heard bits of news about them every now and again, then her mom had told her about Dean's deal. Bobby had filled her in after the whole Gate-opening debacle, and Jo had resigned Dean to the 'If Only...' pile. She knew he only had a few weeks left, which was why she'd found herself dwelling on the 'what if...s'. At least that's what she tried to tell herself, pretending she'd not spent the whole past year daydreaming and longing for him. For him to charge into the bar, sweep her into his strong arms and tell her everything would be ok. She knew it would never happen, that she had to move on with her life. Now if only she could stop herself thinking about him...