Author's Notes: Inspired by "The Soft Spot" by Horky, I decided to try it myself. It's more to let out my muse because it's been keeping me up late at night with all sorts of scenarios for my recent obsession, Cloud and Tifa. I didn't want to write a long story for every drama scene I play out in my head and I didn't want a bunch of one shots littering my page. So here is a combination of both.

It goes the same way as Horky's. In your reviews, you can leave me: a prompt, a challenge, a scene you want played out, a setting, a song, something, and I'll write it with the romance of Cloud and Tifa. I'll add some of my own.

Summary: What kinda flowers suit a girl like Tifa?

Notes: Italics here mean thoughts. You can interpret this to be AU or not.

Tifa's favorite flowers were lilies. It was strange because a girl like Tifa didn't seem to match with lilies. Why?

Because they were Aeris's favorite flowers. And everyone who has ever known the two women knew that they had nothing in common but their ability to attract everyone to like them. To the core, the two women were different.

I mean Tifa's eyes are red, Aeris's eyes were green. They're complimentary colors for a reason!

While Aeris wore all pink, Tifa wore all dark colors. Aeris was the girly girl, Tifa was the tomboy. And while Aeris preferred the pacifist approach to solving a problem, Tifa mainly resorted to her fists to solve a problem. The girl in pink would be outgoing while Tifa mainly resorted to being a keen observer to understand a person before she approached them. They seemed so different.

Aeris was all seemingly innocent. She seemed to match a flower easy to approach, pure white, need of much care, and seemed to outshine everyone. Tifa was a girl who seemed like a flower with thorns. For Tifa, a flower that blended in relatively easy in the background but when found seemed to be more beautiful than the ones that stand out. Her flower wouldn't be white either, it would be red. It would be red not because Tifa was stained with blood, but because it represented the passion she has for the things she cares for, the fury she burns in her fists when she's fighting, and of course, her eyes.

Thus, Cloud found it strange, for in all the years he and Tifa has dated, he has found it strange to buy her lilies for any occasion. Up until now, he has bought her lilies. It wasn't because he agreed that her favorite flowers should be lilies, like Aeris, but because it was the only flower he knew his girlfriend liked. And what kind of boyfriend would he be if he bought the girl he's in love with a bunch of flowers she might not even like?

Still, as Cloud traveled from work and back, he found himself on the lookout at the flower vendors for any type of flower more suited for Tifa. He would travel briskly but upon seeing the sight of flowers, he would halt. Now he wasn't going to briefly gaze at the flowers, he looked into every bunch in hopes of finding a flower suited for his girl. Remember, Tifa's flower, in Cloud's opinion, blended in but when found, seemed only better than those that shine brightly.

Why couldn't Tifa tell me her favorite flowers were anything but lilies, just so my life could be easier instead of looking for flowers?!

The day Cloud did manage to find a flower most suited for Tifa was hectic. It was Valentine's Day! And every florist he has gone to had run out of the white lilies that Tifa [and Aeris] liked. Of course when he asked who had bought all the lilies, they described his best friend, Zack Fair. Cloud cursed his best friend.

I mean it's Valentine's Day and he can't leave a single flower vendor with a bouquet of lilies for the rest of us whose girlfriends love lilies?!

Of course, there were always good reasons. Zack decided he must have a hundred bouquet of white lilies for this special day because he was going to propose to the girl he loved. This meant he has gone to at least every florist in a five mile radius to fulfill his request.

Cloud was running out of time. It was almost six and he still had to go back home to change and pick up Tifa for their date. He needed flowers! There was only one more florist before he was out of options.

No luck. No lilies. Cloud almost screamed. He cursed Zack Fair once again. He also cursed the fact that Tifa had to like lilies!

However as he was about to storm angrily out of the flower vendor, he stopped. He had been quickly thinking that he could drive for a few minutes out of town to buy a bouquet of flowers and be a few minutes late to pick up Tifa, or rush to get ready to pick up Tifa. There, he agonizingly stared into the plethora of flowers stacked unevenly against a wall.

There, Cloud found a flower that seemed to match Tifa.

It was red, not deep like blood but light enough that it reminded him of a ruby in the light. It was sprinkled a little with gold flecks. The way the petals were arranged reminded him a little of the lilies Aeris liked. They had been blending in with the masses of roses, violets, lilies, and god knows what else.

Cloud reached over and pricked himself on the stem as he pulled the flower out of its container. It had thorns!

I didn't want to go on my date with some cut on my hand like some pansy!

He ordered a bouquet and asked what kind of flower it was.

"Oh it's just some type of lily. Not a lot of people buy these kind of flowers but they smell really good." The cashier replied.

Cloud smiled when he was handed the bouquet. His search was over! He has finally found the flower most suited! And it was a flower no one seemed to buy because there was no other girl in the world like Tifa.

They're lilies! They will fit in with what Tifa likes…it just has a twist in a favor I like!

Notes: I don't know what kind of flower that is. I made it up. Hope you enjoyed!