Chapter 9 : Mr. Sketchit Gets Hitched

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" You will marry my daughter. "

The words cut Tracey like a sharp razor blade. Never in his mind did he relate a secretive chocolate factory with marriage. And it wasn't like the words formed imto a question. It was a statement, and it sounded like a command.

An even bigger question managed to form in his head, though - Rowan had a daughter ?

He shook in his clothing, shocked by the mere thought. Grampa Sammy stood silent and decided that the only place that was safe to look at were his hands, which he did with a weird fondness. Rowan looked confused at the expressions of Tracey and Samuel, but furrowed his eyebrows as he cleared his throat. " I don't understand why you look so glum, Mr. Sketchit, " he said gruffly, stroking his mustache. " You're very fortunate. I'm letting you marry my oldest daughter, and she's such a sweet beauty. "

" O-Oldest ? " Tracey stammered. "How m-many daughters do y-you have, Sir ? "

" Four, " Rowan replied, a smile tugging on his lips. " I got my way with my lady a lot before she decided to leave us nine years ago. " He sighed almost sadly. " They're all beautiful girls, Mr. Sketchit, and I love each and single one of them, but I don't see any of them very often because of my work. And all of them are being provided with the lap of luxury, but it's time that I gave my oldest daughter a husband. "

" B-But what if I don't want to marry her ? "

Rowan's face darkened. " You don't have a choice in the matter, " he stated sternly. " In three days' time, you two shall be legally wed, and she will be Mrs. Sketchit. And if you refuse, I will make you stand at the alter with the butt of a loaded shotgun pressed against the back of your head. " He chuckled at the sight of Tracey's terrified expression. " You don't need to be so nervous, though. I'm sure you two will get along wonderfully. " The man turned to the door. " You may come in now, sweetie. "

The door creaked open, and Daisy slowly trotted into the office, looking embarrassed. She cringed as she met Tracey's gaze with her own, but tried to look like her usual self as she planted a nervous smile on her face and waved. " Um....hi, Tracey. "

Everything suddenly went black for the young boy. He stared at everything for a few seconds beofre he slowly fell into Nothing Land.

" Tracey ! Tracey ! "

" Mr. Sketchit ? "


Tracey slowly woke up to the voices of Daisy, Rowan, and Grampa Sammy. He sat up in a sitting position and looked at his surroundings. The smells of Venomoth balls and mustard made his nose itch, which startled him. He was back home in his own pile of patched-up blankets. Everything was the same, only now a famous candymaker was examining everything in the lab. " Hn. You two don't seem to own a lot, " the old man commented, turning to Samuel. " I suppose that's all right, though. Daisy has always been interested in the simple life of the country folk, haven't you, Daisy ? "

The girl stood silent as she furrowed her eyebrows at her father. Grampa Sammy burst out laughing before he smacked Rowan on the back. " Yes, Tracey can give Miss Waterflower all of the mustard packets we have ! " he replied, chuckling rather loudly. " He's a nice, little boy who's a bit obsessive with his pencils and his doodling, Tracey is. And besides that, he keeps me out of trouble all the time ! "

Rowan chuckled. " How splendid. I guess I don't have to stick around here until the wedding. I can go back home, serve myself a reflecting glass of brandy, and watch Brock dance around in a sombrero and a fake mustache before going to sleep tonight. And Daisy could stay here until the wedding and make herself at home. It'll be like a sleepover for her. "

Grampa Sammy nodded in agreement as Rowan took his leave before he finally comprehended the words about twelve seconds later. " Wait....what ? "

" Why didn't you tell me that your father was an international Mr. Candyman ?! I thought you could trust me ! "

The future couple laid in different spots of the room - he was nestled in the pile of raggedy blankets, and she was curled up on the small couch under a warm quilt. Samuel had retired to his tiny room hours ago, leaving them to fend for themselves. Neither one of them had said a word since Rowan left the lab to amuse himself, and they were both distraught by the idea of getting married so soon.

" Why didn't you tell me ? " Tracey repeated in an anguished voice. " Daisy, why didn't you tell me ? "

" Because it's none of your damn business, that's why ! " Daisy snapped, glaring at Tracey. Her expression immediately softened as she spoke the words, and she buried her face in her hands. " I'm sorry, Tracey, " she apologized, slowly looking back up at Tracey with her teal eyes. " I guess that introducing my dad wasn't the top priority on my list. Please don't think of him as too intimidating, though, because he really is just a sweet, overprotective old man. He's like...a grizzly bear. You don't hate me now, do you ? "

Tracey shook his head. " Of course not. I've had a lot more frightening experiences than spending the day with your father. After all, I did travel with Ash for six months. That should say more than enough. "

She giggled softly, and he crawled over to the couch and positioned himself next to Daisy's feet. The girl giggled a little more loudly as she laid Tracey's head on her lap and started to run her slender fingers through his thick, black hair. " Oh, God, I'm starting to feel like Misty, " she murmured before winking at Tracey." You know, only without having a bug being shoved into my face every five seconds or having to lead my guy friend to the potty. "

" Ha-ha, that sounds just like Ash. Teenage love can be pretty dense, I remember. "

Daisy grinned. " What are you talking about, little boy ? You're barely out of your kiddie diapers yourself, Tracey, sweetie. At least I have more adult experience. I'm, like, a wizard. "

" With your father's whimsical white mustache, " Tracey teased.

" Shushie. I'm not that old yet ! "

They both laughed at that, and Tracey positioned himself so he was closer to Daisy. The night was filled with giddy chattering. He talked about his sketches, the Orange Archipelago, and the simple life that he enjoyed living. She talked about swimming pools, sunny beaches, and several of Misty's embarrassing secrets. It was the most enjoyable night that Tracey had in a while, and the same thing could be said for Daisy.

After a long time of talking, the two young adults laid as best as they could on the small couch. Tracey yawned softly as he leaned against the arm of the couch. " You know, Daisy, I've got some people that you would want to meet. There's Gary, the lovable grandson of the Professor. You might've met him before, but I'm not sure. "

" He's the one with the spiky hair, right ? "

" Uh-huh. " Tracey smiled gently. " He's also Ash's former rival. And there's also Gary's girlfriend, Dawn. They met in Sinnoh while she was traveling with Ash. She's a really nice girl. I'd think you'd like her. Dawn gets into Contests and cheerleading and all of that stuff. And she's only eleven, so you could dress her up to look like a princess and both of you would enjoy it. "

" Well, that's all fine and dandy for the day, but I wanna dress up something even bigger during the night. "

" A giant teddy bear ? "

Daisy giggled as she snuggled up closer to Tracey and placed a finger to her lips. " Ummm, nope. All I want is my shining knight in armor, Mr. Sketchit ! "

A small gasp came out of Tracey. He quickly untangled himself out of the quilt and returned back to his pile of patched-up blankets. A scarlet shade spread to his pale cheeks as Daisy looked at him, puzzled. " I'm sorry, Daisy, but I think we should both go to bed now. It's already two-thirty in the morning. So...good night. "

He turned his body away from her so he wouldn't have to see her expression, which surprisingly, was fury. " What the hell is wrong with you ?! " she demanded as tears started to well up in her eyes. " I know Dad might be forcing us to marry, but I thought you loved me ! "

" I do love you, Daisy ! " Tracey cried, tears forming in his own eyes. " But you've gotta understand that I've pretty much lived the hobo lifestyle all my life. And marriage is a big step....for both of us. We're young. You're supposed to be a swimsuit model or something like that, and I'm supposed to be an artist with the intentions of owning a pencil factory. "

" Honey, you've got to stop thinking about pencils so obsessively, " Daisy clucked as she crawled over to Tracey's side and wrapped her arms around his neck. She wiped her tears on his shirt and laughed. " I'm sure everything'll go well. In karma, what comes around goes around, so if we're having a shotgun wedding, at least we won't have to worry about struggling. "

Tracey slowly nodded. " I think I understand, " he murmured. " Sometimes we don't always get what we want in life, and that's a really good thing, I guess. "

" is...."

They shortly fell asleep afterwards, sleeping near each other with ease.

The next morning Grampa Sammy woke up Tracey and Daisy by poking them with the tip of a broom. " Hey, you two lovebirds, it's time for breakfast ! " he chirped, jabbing Tracey in the stomach with the broomstick. " You've already missed the most exciting news. I heard that Sinnoh's smallest boy is running through his life from a crazed Army lieutenant. Hehehe....the media these days. "

Tracey rubbed his eyes and looked up at the Professor. Samuel's eyebrows were furrowed, and he scowled as he smacked the boy's head with the broom. " That newspaper's made my hands itchy again. I don't know if that paper boy's trying to make my life miserable on purpose, or if it's the company's fault, but I should be wearing rubber gloves when I'm going to read the newspaper from now on. By the way, Tracey, where did I place my rubber gloves ? "

" Gary says that you gave Ash your rubber gloves a couple of years ago when his old ones were set on fire. "

" Hn. Well, I know what I'll be doing all day....unsetting those gloves on fire. I guess I'll leave you two by yourselves for a couple of hours. Maybe I'll get some new mustard bottles while I'm at it. Yes...I'll see you later, Tracey. "

He left a few seconds later, and Daisy turned to Tracey as she yawned. " Ohh, does he usually wake you up like this, Tracey ? " she inquired rather groggily.

" No, he usually throws the alarm clock at my head, " Tracey chuckled, grinning. He ran one hand through his hair while placing the other hand on Daisy's shoulder. " Just a typical morning. It'll get noisier if Gary and Dawn come over in jolly moods. "

Daisy snorted teasingly. " Don't underestimate me. I have three younger sisters. Noise doesn't bother me. "

" You're stronger than I thought. "

" Duh ! "

They started another round of giggling that morning without even eating breakfast. As expected, Gary and Dawn came over to the lab to chat and congratulate Tracey of his so-called victory. Tracey introduced Daisy to the two younger teenagers, and they all managed to get off on the right foot. Dawn even allowed her elder woman to play with her hair, a thing that she was most protective of the world.

The bluenette squeaked in delight as she felt soft hands go under her hair. " Wow, Daisy, you're so talented ! " she cried happily, clapping her hands. " How are you so good with this ? "

" Well, Dawn, honey, I've had plenty of practice, " Daisy replied. " Two of my sisters always begged me to do their hair when they were little. A lot of times I screwed up, though. Teachers always tell you to follow your dreams and practice makes perfect and all that preppy crap, but you never believe them until you're older. It's weird. "

Dawn nodded. " Yeah, I suppose so. Do you think it's philosophical ? "

" Mm-hmm, like, totally. "

From a small distance, Gary glanced at his senior. He chuckled softly as he crossed his arms in pure satisfaction. " You've got it good, Sketchit, " he commented. " She may talk in a weird way, but that Daisy isn't a dummy at all. You'd think so, but she knows how to hold herself strong with plenty of pride. I think for a forced wedding, it'll turn out well. "

Tracey blanched slightly. " Yeah, I guess so....."

" Dude, what's wrong with you ? You've got a hot chick dangling on your arm like a Mankey. "

" No, no, it's not like that. Pre-wedding jitters. "

" Ohhh. " Gary's frown turned into a broad grin. " I see. Well, Tracey, all I have to say to you is that this whole ceremony's going to go quickly. You'll be married to Daisy before you know it, and it won't bother you at all withing two weeks. " He shrugged. " Teenagers can sense these things, believe me. "

And before anyone knew it, the three days had passed, and the wedding ceremony had commenced. Daisy's sisters, Gary, Dawn, and even Ash all participated in what would be the best day of Tracey's life. Rowan and Grampa Sammy sat on the front benches of the seating arrangement, each with tears in their eyes. Daisy walked down the gravel path wearing a simple white dress with a lace collar and a necklace with the Cerulean City's gym badge dangling on the chain. She held a bouquet of sakura blossoms in her hands as she grinned and waved and eventually stood next to Tracey.

He was wearing a rented tuxedo and his usual sandals, palms drenched in sweat, cheeks flushed and scarlet. Daisy turned to him, and all fright evaporated from his face as his eyes met with her own. The local priest let them exchange their scribbled vows, and helped them be joined together. And when the priest asked, " Do you, Mr. Sketchit, allow yourself to be hitched to Miss Daisy Waterflower ? ", Tracey proudly said yes without a falter, and Daisy happily followed suit when the priest asked her.

Soon they were legally married, and they disappeared into the woods skipping merrily and holding hands. It was an absolutely corny sight, but neither husband nor wife seemed to care. He had the woman of his dreams, and she was Mrs. Sketchit. Gary was right - Tracey wasn't bothered at all by the thought of marriage, or having a piece of costume jewelry placed on his finger for the rest of his life. It was okay.

Later that night when everything else in Pallet was sound asleep, Tracey and Daisy were laying in a small motel room covered by nothing but a single blanket, if that was actually possible to visualize. Daisy wrapped her arms around Tracey as she yawned softly. " I love you, Mr. Sketchit, " she whispered.

" I love you, too, Mrs. Sketchit, " Tracey mumbled wearily, grinning.

Daisy also grinned. " And I'm so glad that Dad didn't force you into the candy business, but what are you going to do for a job ? "

" I got an offer from a pencil business earlier. They want me to run a pencil factory. Isn't that great ? "

" That's awesome ! "

She hugged Tracey and squealed in delight before finally nodding off to sleep. The grin on Tracey's face turned into the evillest smirk that could ever have been thought of him, maybe even eviller. A pencil factory would eventually turn to a pencil army. A pencil army would eventually turn into many pencil armies. And Tracey would be at the head of those pencil armies, patiently waiting to overcome the world with the doodling greatness, a strong leader with a strong wife by his side.

Yes, things were bound to get better. For a nineteen-year-old boy with a delusional influence from a crazy chocolate factory, Tracey Sketchit would prove to the world that his sketches and pencil armies were the best, and absolutely no one would defy he made plans for laser-eyed robots in his blissful sleep.

The End.