Kate & Castle

It was finally done. Kate gave a sigh of relief as she finished the last chapter of "Heat Wave". It had been a satisfying, if a little sad conclusion. Nikki was someone with whom she could relate. Both women had tragedy in their pasts, a tragedy which had shaped their present and their future. She wiped away a tear for Nikki's partner Alex who had died during their escape from the psycho. She knew that Nikki was destined to always be alone. Besides how could she be slightly slutty if she found true love? Kate was glad that Castle had resisted the temptation to have a long death scene for Alex. It just seemed fitting that there was no closure with Nikki.

She thought about her own life. Would she mirror Nikki and not get the happy ending? Up until recently she had been sure that she was going to end up alone. If she allowed herself to look at her past objectively, she would have to admit, that being alone was what she had wanted. It was easier to keep life at bay, rather than to embrace it. Meeting Castle had changed that for her. His irrepressible love of life now infected her. He had pulled her out of her placid existence and pulled her into a happier world. A world where the girl got the guy, Good triumphed over Evil, and the Bad Guy got put away. She knew that sometime soon reality would reassert itself, but for now she was content.

"A penny for your thoughts Kate" his voice interrupted her thoughts.

"This is good Castle. I know I am going to regret saying this but it is probably one of you best works."

"Well Kate, I can't take all the credit. I was inspired."

A horrifying thought seized her mind. "Does this mean we are done?"

"Well, Detective Beckett, I don't know.." he teased. He stopped and looked seriously at her, "No Kate we won't be done. Even after all that has happened, I can't imagine my life without you in it, at least in some capacity. Even if it is just me following you around like a faithful puppy dog. There are more Novels to be written, Kate."

Kate's face fell. She knew she should have never let Rick in.

"Castle, do you ever think out me, in a non-inspirational way?"

"You always inspire me, Kate, but" he reached over and touched her hand." I think about you every day."

"Do you think about us, you know, together?" Detective Beckett blushed.

"More than I will comfortably admit. I mean men think about sex like every minute of every day. And you will admit I am very much a man's man" Castle quipped.

"Do you wonder what it might be like?"

"No" he said unequivocally

"NO?" Kate was shocked.

"Kate, I know what it will be like."

Kate did not miss the 'will be' in his sentence. It gave her a shiver." So what might it be like?"

"Chapter 30."


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