My first lemon please be gentle I happen to love when Edward has his 'happy time' ;) and so I decided to write one myself. Hope you like.

Edward's POV

I should leave now, watching Bella like this was wrong, but I couldn't help myself.

I had caught her once and watched, loving her little moans and whimpers, loving that watching Bella as she gets her release gave me the best release I'd ever experienced.

I had promised myself that I had been caught off guard and that was the only reason I hadn't given Bella the privacy she deserved.

But I had found myself coming home from hunting earlier then usual, unconsciously hoping to catch another glimpse.

I had discovered that Bella was truly as frustrated with the lack of contact in our relationship as I was, I found her touching herself almost every time I went hunting.

And that was how I found myself sitting on the branch of the tree which hung before Bella's bedroom window, peering inside at the dead of night. The rustling of leaves and Charlie's snoring were my background.

I couldn't help but think what a blessing that window was, for it hid my grunts and moans of pleasure from Bella, and thus meant I could continue to watch her undetected.

But I silently cursed the barrier that held me from my love and that masked the smell of the sweet nectar that was her flowing juices.

I heard Bella's breathing become laboured as she trailed her finger nails across her nipples, through the thin fabric she was wearing.

I watched as they hardened from her ministrations, Bella cupped the clothed mounds in her hands, gently massaging and continuing to run her fingertips over her pert nipples.

She caught one pointed little peak between her fingers and twisted, hard, causing her back to arch off her bed. I felt myself harden at the sight.

She did the same to the other nipple and massaged them again until she grew tired of the minimal contact.

She pulled off her thin cotton top and revealed to me two creamy mounds topped with rosy pink peaks, hardened from her arousal and the cold night air.

My own arousal was clearly evident and straining painfully against my jeans. I stroked myself through my jeans and grunted at the feeling, imagining Bella's hands on me and mine on her.

Bella seized both her breasts with her hands and massaged them roughly, pinching her nipples between her fingers and rolling them simultaneously, I heard her whimper softly at the sensation.

I unzipped my jeans slowly, never taking my eyes from Bella's glorious body and sighed softly as I released my erection, freeing it from its prison.

Bella's hands, hands I had previously thought so innocent, trailed down her body, painfully slow as I hesitantly stroked myself, reluctant to gain my release before Bella found hers.

Bella's sinful hands stroked herself through the fabric of her cotton shorts, sighing at the feeling and whimpering my name. Her eyes were closed and her head was thrown back, her hair splayed out across her pillow.

I stroked myself again, slowly, matching Bella's teasing touch.

She grasped the waist band of her shorts and pulled them off, her body now spread out, naked and waiting.

Her eager fingers found her clit and rubbed gently, a mere butterfly touch. Her other rose to her breast again and played with her nipples roughly, twisting, pulling and pinching to both her and my own delight.

Her fingers grew in momentum as they rubbed her clit and she gasped and whimpered. My name spilling from her plump lips and hers from mine, as my hand pumped my shaft, matching her pace.

I watched in fascination as she pinched her clit painfully hard and moaned in pleasure, the smell of her arousal hitting me. My mouth watered at the delicious aroma and I found the monster within me beg for a taste.

Bella scraped her nails against her clit as I spread the moisture at the tip of my member about and pumped harder, imagining Bella's warm mouth. I could feel a coil tighten within me and I bit down on my marble lips, wanting to hold off on my release, to come with Bella.

As Bella worked her clit faster, her other hand travelled down her body and rested just before her clit, before plunging her finger deep within her.

I pumped harder, desperate for release as Bella writhed and moaned in pleasure. She pumped her finger within her, adding a second and pinching her clit harder.

Her body rose off the bed and began convulsing as she continued plunging her fingers in and out of her.

My own body began to tremble, and I felt curious warmth spread throughout me as my release hit me, but I never looked away from Bella as she rode out her own release.

She collapsed back onto her bed, her body coated with sweat and her fingers with her juices.

I pulled back up my jeans and zipped them hastily, taking a lasting glance at my love as she pulled back on her top and shorts.

Until next time, my sweet, I silently bid my Bella goodbye unbeknownst to her.

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