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"Bella", he hissed, swivelling in his chair to glance behind him "your father is in the other room".

Bella giggled at Edward's frightened expression, he was two foot taller then Charlie and his very voice was deeper but he was still terrified of Bella's father.

"You don't really mind that much", Bella whispered, sweeping her tongue over his ear "Do you?". She glanced down at his lap to his very obvious erection and giggled again.

Bella strolled back to the counter where she was making Charlie's dinner and began waving her hips to 'Bullet proof' again.

She stopped abruptly when Charlie entered the room, pulling on his jacket. He mumbled something about going to La Push because of a burglary and was gone before Bella could respond in any way but a sweet kiss to his cheek.

Alice, who was outside patrolling the area and scanning the future for Victoria, she informed Edward that Charlie would take at least a half an hour and that she would be back in exactly the same amount of time, she was taking a break.

Edward took only a moment to consider Alice's thoughts before roughly pulling Bella to him, "Tease", he growled, grounding Bella's ass against his crotch.

She smirked confidently and replied "Got a reaction though didn't it?".

Edward ignored her words and turned Bella so she was facing the kitchen table, sweeping his hand across the table and knocking the dishes to the floor. Bella bent over instinctively and Edward playfully palmed her ass.

Edward kissed Bella's neck gently, sweeping his tongue across her ear as he pulled her panties to her knees.

Bella remarked that he ought to hurry and he forced her raised neck back against the table before placing another gentle kiss to her neck.

Edward swept his fingers against the inside of her thigh, kneading the flesh tenderly before Bella begged him to move his fingers higher.

Fluid crept down Bella's legs and Edward felt no need for any more foreplay, swiftly plunging his fingers into the crevice between her thighs.

His fingers were quick and he was too eager to prolong her orgasm, he pinched her clit roughly before having the satisfaction of hearing her moans as she came.

He jerked his zipper down, fumbling only slightly at the thought of Bella pulling his zipper with her teeth.

Edward continued to plunge his fingers inside of Bella, admiring the sight of her chest rubbing against the wooden table.

He removed his fingers from her dripping pussy and moved them to her breasts after pulling down the collar of her shirt.

He pushed himself into her entrance and thrust against her in abandon, he hissed as Bella reached down to her clit and rubbed in a quick circular motion.

Bella's hand reached down past Edward's leg and swept her fingernail gently against one of his balls.

They tightened immeasurably as she rocked back against him and it took only one more swipe against her clit before Bella was chanting Edward's name, her juices flowing over his member.

Edward came with only a few more thrusts into her and his howl of exquisite release was ear splitting to every dog and wolf in the vicinity.

Charlie strolled back into the house only two minutes later with a six pack of beer tucked under his arm to see Edward reading to a particularly lazy Bella, sprawled out on the couch, her head resting in his lap.

Charlie sat immediately in his armchair and both Bella and Edward sighed with relief that Charlie hadn't noticed that every dish that had been placed for his dinner was now scattered on the kitchen floor.

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