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Epilogue: Talent Show.

It was strange how fast the next 16 months past. Strange at how fast Jazzlyn grew. I felt like I was getting old watching her.

She spoke her first word a week before her first birthday. It was Bella. Well, it sounded more like "Bah-ah." Bella was so happy and I felt awful. Weren't babies first words suppose to be "dada?" Was it Bella who held her all the time? Was it Bella who spent just about her entire paycheck on toys and clothes for her. Was it Bella who Alice yelled at all the time for spoiling her? I didn't think so. All Bella did was babysit – on rare occasions – when Alice and I wanted to go out. Those 4, maybe 5, times must have had a big impact.

Anyway, a few months after Jazz's birthday, there was going to be a talent show. The grand prize was $1,000. I obviously wanted to win. I wanted to buy something for Alice. Anything she wanted.

I spent weeks writing a song for her. I even took guitar lessons. All for her. Finally, the night before the talent show, I had the song finished and memorized perfectly.

I didn't tell Alice that I was going to perform in the show. So it was a surprise for her when they called my name to come onstage. It wasn't until I got up there and strung the first note on my guitar, that I had a whole different idea.

"Well," I said into the mic, "I was going to perform a song that I wrote for Alice, the love of my life." I saw Alice in the audience, saw as the tears slowly started to slide down her face. "But now I have a much better idea. Alice? Could you come here. And bring Jazzy."

I watched Alice get up – with my daughter in her arms – and come on stage next to me. I kissed her before taking Jazzy.

"This," I said into the mic, "Is Jazzlyn. My beautiful daughter who I love so much. I wouldn't have her – I wouldn't be standing here tonight – if it wasn't for Alice." I gave Jazzy back to Alice, took her hand in mine and then took the mic off the stand. "Alice. I love you, so damn much. More than my own life. And I promise to love you like that forever – every single day of forever. You mean the world to me. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?"

Alice was crying harder now. I almost was too. "Jazzy, I love you too. The same way, if not more. You're the father of my baby. Of course I'll marry you." She kissed me passionately.

I won the talent show and I did spend my money on Alice. I spent it to buy her ring. One that would stay on the third finger of her left hand for the rest of eternity.

The End. I hope you liked my story!