Chapter one

Claire's POV

Claire's phone rang.

"Hello?" She asks.

"Claire its Amelie. Come over here and bring all of your friends." The phone went dead. Claire stares down at the phone, not sure of what to think of the phone call.

"Who was that?" asked Shane. Claire was sitting on his lap. She looks up at him with a frown.

"Amelie," she says, "she wants us to come downtown for some reason." Shane frowns at her and shrugs.

"Yo Eve, Michael!" he yells. "We are wanted downtown. Best no to keep her waiting eh?" he asks Claire. She smiles at him.

"Why aren't you a smart little cookie?" she teases. He rolls her over underneath his body. She laughs at how he acts, like a child yet it has an appeal that she yearns for. Eve and Michael come out from the kitchen and Eve makes a sound deep in her throat.

"So now, if you two are done," she sneers at Shane, "I would like to get this over with and go back to my day." They all went out of the glass house. Eve runs up beside Claire.

"CB, you know what's up?" asks Eve. Claire shrugs and turns toward Michael.

"Michael, you have any hunch on what this may be for?"

"What?" Eve starred at him,

"No, I have no idea."

They all pile into Michael's car; Eve riding shotgun and Claire and Shane in the back. Shane takes Claire's hand and she leans on him with a smile. He smiles back. Eve is talking about some weird thing but Claire isn't listening.

"Claire, hello!? Claire!" She yells her name.

"What Eve?" She jumps startled by Eve's voice.

"How's school?" Claire frowns at the question, confused.

"What? Oh, good." She thinks about it though, there is something that she needs to tell them, but she can't remember. She groans when the thought comes back into her mind. "Shit, I have to meet my parents for dinner." Shane looks at her.


"Hmm oh I don't know boyfriend, anything you can think of?" Shane rolls his eyes and looks at her. She laughs.

"Seriously though? They still ride you about me?" She nods.

"Oh yes. Mom is kinda taking it better, in a way. Dad though, he is another story. His baby girl… dating a killer." She smirks. Shane looks at her unimpressed.

"Hah good one CB," Eve smiles. Claire returns it and looks at Shane. He stares at her.

"Well, at least I can protect you. You should tell them that, yeah!" He says as if a light bulb went off in his head. "Tell them I can protect you! Dads love that crap!" I kiss him on the cheek.

"Guys, we're here." Says Michael.

They get out of the car and lock the doors of Michael's car. Claire turns to catch up with Eve but Shane grabs her and swoops her into a deep kiss. She wraps her arms around his neck and he places his on her hips, such a gentleman. She smiles at that thought. She pulls away still smiling.

"Seriously Shane?" says Eve. Shane shrugs. "Common, let's go." Eve takes Michael's hand. The walk up to the front doors to see Sam waiting at the door for them. Claire looks at him and can sense something is up. Everyone can sense that when they see him, but then again, it is Sam and something is always bothering him.

"Man, take long enough getting here. Come," he turn and opens the doors, "Amelie is waiting for you." They all follow Sam up the steps.

Claire had been in Amelie's office before She remembers the first time she was brought in here. Myrnin.

Amelie waits in her chair as still and calm as she has ever been. To her left is Myrnin while Oliver hovers by the bookshelf. Sam shuts the door behind them and stands leaning against the door.

"Good, you're here Claire." Amelie stands up, clasping her hands in front of her. "Now, I have some news," she looks at Claire, "that you won't like." Claire bites her lip.

"And what may that be?" she was almost too scared to speak, but her words found her voice. Amelie continues to stare at Claire. She takes in a deep breath.

"I need all of you to change." Claire frowns, but knows she has more to say. "I need you all to change into what you have been destined for. Your destiny is calling for you three to become what you are meant to be. I need you to accept that it is time to become Vampires." Claire's eyes go wide and she feels her legs tremble, but doesn't fall. She refuses to fall.

"What destiny? My destiny is to go through college and get married and have kids and just…die eventually. Why can't that be our destiny?" She pleads. Amelie just shakes her head.

"Claire, we do not have time for your questions. This is important; you must accept your destiny." Claire looks over at Eve, who through her make up looks pale and shaken by this sudden news. She turns to look at Shane. He looks at her with a fear in his eyes. A kind of fear that she has never seen before. She takes his hand, knowing he needs to know she will never leave. Never desert him. He feels her gaze and looks at her, his sullen features show nothing of what he is thinking.

"Claire," she turns to Myrnin, "destiny cannot be ignored. It will upset the balance of nature. Yes, we have unsettled the balance of nature for who we are, but do you want to unsettle it even more so?" he asks. Claire looks around, helpless on what to choose.

"Now, you must know that what you will become, it is not like the rest of us. You will be unique, all four of you." Claire sharply looks up at Amelie.

"The four of us? How? Michael is already a Vampire." She says. Amelie nods.

"True, but he is not at his full potential yet. None of you are. Now, I need an answer." She says sharply. Claire goes to answer but is interrupted.

"Okay. Change us and set destiny upon us," Shane says mockingly. Eve and Claire just stare at Shane, dumbstruck by what he has said. Claire turns back to Amelie, who has a smile powering over her pale lips.

"Good, you four are about to enter a world of such detail, lust, and hunger. Be warned. Now," she turns to Claire, "I will change Claire. We must do it this hour, the moon is high and we are strongest at this hour." The four vampires pounce on the four teens and bite deep into their necks. Claire feels the pain so sharply that she gasps out in pain. She closes her eyes, refusing to see the rest of her friends go through this. Eve whimpers and then she goes silent. She feels her mind go wobbly and shaky, and then she meets the darkness.