Chapter 9

They arrived at the club nervous and excited; Morganville had closed this club years ago because of the vampires taking advantage of the girls and guys who were intoxicated. Now though the Club was open and lights and music were bounding from the building.

Claire hoped out of the car and stood there staring at the club, it was so cool. Shane came up behind her and kissed her neck.

"Let's go." He pulled her toward the building with Eve and Michael in tow. Claire was on edge though, she knew Francois and Ysandre would be here and looking for her and Eve. She looked at Eve and gave a weary look. Eve knew what she was thinking; they had to find Ysandre and Francois. The plan was different now; they had no idea of how to kill these two. A stake or beheading certainly would not suffice to do the job right.

Shane and Claire enter the club first and music blasts in their ears. Shane looks around with a watchful eye, Claire is surprised. She would have suspected Shane to get all giddy for this club but he was all business. Kind of a turn on at the moment. Claire kisses his neck. Shane frowns.

"What was that?" he asks.

"Just that you were all business and no play. It's a turn on Shane." She exclaims. Shane smiles at her with a look of triumph. Claire rolls her eyes. "Common Shane, let's go." She pulls him toward the bar. Michael and Eve come up behind them with smiles.

"This is amazing CB!" She yells. Claire laughs.

"Well we need to find Ysandre and Francois. I think that Eve and I should stay together. Don't Shane." She looks over at him who has a stern look on his face. "I'm serious though Shane, we need to stick together. We know each other's powers and abilities so well it is as we were the same." Shane looks back at Michael who has the exact some look on his face.

"Boys," says Eve, "we can handle them. We are more powerful than them and they know it. They don't want to kill," she looks at Shane and Michael, "us."

"Fine, but we are going to be watching you two with Sam." Michael nods over toward Sam at the end of the bar. He is watching the crowd. Shane and Michael walk over to him and sit on either side.

Claire looks at Eve with an unsure look.

"Eve, how are we going to find them?" she asks. Eve shrugs.

"Well, we might as well dance first."

The girls go onto the dance floor dance together. Eve holds Claire's hands and they dance together. Claire starts to laugh at Eve when she gives her seductive eyes to Claire. Claire looks over by the bar and no doubt spots Shane, Michael, and Sam watching them. Keeping their eyes on the two most powerful beings in the room. Claire winked at Shane, who smiled. Claire turned back to Eve and gasped.

Behind Eve by the fire exit were two people, one with blonde hair and one with dark hair. She knew it was them. She didn't even have to search their minds again, she could tell by their unique scents. Claire nodded behind Eve. Eve frowned and made a move toward Claire then turned around sharply and slide down the front of Claire. Claire smirked at Eve's subtleness in the situation. Eve comes back up and starts to sway with Claire.

"You sure?" She asks. Claire nods.

"No doubt."

"What should we do now then?" She nods toward the bar. Claire shakes her head.

They'll get killed. WE need to do this ourselves. Eve, you need to transform us.

To what though Claire? What will kill them? Claire ponders this a moment. She thinks back to what Amelie said. Anything that would be of help no matter how little it may be. She has an idea.

Eve we are going to go to the bathroom. When we get there, and Francois as I suspect he will, think. Think of something that will kill the Asiman. Eve makes a small whimper but nods in agreement.

Claire looks over her shoulder at Shane.


She gets a nod from him and the two girls walk over to the bathroom. They walk past Ysandre and Francois hoping one will follow. Claire smiles as she sees that Francois will follow them while Ysandre will stay there staring at the people dancing.

Claire opens the bathroom door and ushers out all the girls in there.

"Girls, she is going to blow. I mean, she had so much. I don't think you'll want her to yuke all over your beautiful costumes." Exclaims Claire. Eve exaggerates her nausea and runs to the sink. The three girls walk out and in comes Francois.

Claire turns around and smiles.

"Thought you'd come." She says plainly. Francois smiles.

"Well, with you two as such easy prey, how could one resist. Now," He takes a step toward her, "come with me and no one will die. Well," his long fangs come out, "not all of them."

Claire shakes her head.

"Doesn't work like that Francois."

"Oh Claire," he says, "still so insecure and strong all at the same time. You know a part of you is weak, the part where love is. We knew that would be the case so we have some," he smiles, "methods that will ensure the both of you to come with us." He snaps his fingers and screams start to echo through the building. The door opens slightly. Claire and Eve frown. They take a step toward the door but Claire freezes. She grabs Eve's arm and shakes her head. Eve frowns but stops.

"Let them go Francois." Says Claire.

"Oh Claire, we won't play this game anymore." He opens the door all the way and they see a wolf-like creature circling unconscious Shane, Michael and Sam. All the guests had run out. Eve grabs Claire's hand and hands her the dagger. Eve touches it and it shines with a red liquid flowing through the blade. Claire looks down at it and smiles. Eve winks and transforms into a human sized wolf. Ysandre looks over and growls. Eve walks out of the bathroom leaving her to Francois. Francois watches Eve exit and then looks back at Claire.

"So, we have found our weaknesses have we?" Claire swipes the dagger at him but barely misses his arm. Francois smiles and suddenly starts to glow. "Hun, this is going to take more than a couple swipes to kill me." Claire plays with the dagger in her hand and starts to circle him. She watches him and knows his every move. He jumps for her but she is already out of the way before he even moves. HE goes again but this time Claire stabs his leg and pulls it out again. Francois screams out in pain. The dagger suddenly grows in her hand to a sword. Claire looks at it and groans.

"This looks so geeky Eve!" She screams. She hears a growl and knows Eve just snickered. Claire looks over at Francois and sees that he is slowly healing. He looks at Claire with a distraught expression.

"How did you get that?" he asks.

"A friend." She swipes at Francois but he dodges it and falls to the ground. Claire hears a yelp from outside and freezes. She looks out the door and sees Eve on top of Ysandre. She smiles. Francois grabs her arms and throws her against the bathroom stalls. She grunts out in pain but is on her feet in mere seconds. That blood was finally getting used. She looks around for the sword and spots Francois with it in his hand and walking over to Shane and Michael. Claire doesn't think. She runs at full speed to him and grabs the sword and stabs him through the heart. She feels the power in the sword start to work so she pulls the sword out and holds it tight. She looks at Eve who is on top of Ysandre still, growling at her.

"Atta girl." She says. Eve wags her tail. Claire walks over and stabs Ysandre through the chest. She transforms back to her blonde self and blood comes out of her mouth.

"Oh girlies," she sniggers, "do you think that was enough to kill us? It takes much more." Claire frowns and looks behind her at Francois but he is gone. Claire looks around and sees Shane, Michael, and Sam finally coming to. Claire rushes over to the boys and goes down on her knees to look at them.

"Shane? Michael? Sam?" She shakes them and Shane slowly opens his eyes. He looks at Claire confused then his eyes go wide and he looks around and sees the bloody sword in her hand. He looks at her.

"Claire what is that?" he asks.

"Huh?" she looks at the sword. "Oh, that's a poisonous blade that could kill any mythical creature." She looks over at Eve who is still in her huge wolf form over Ysandre. "It works best though if you know where to stab or what to cut off. Francois escaped." She says glumly. She rushes over to Sam because he isn't stirring well. She shakes him. "Sam? Hello! Open your eyes!" She exclaims. She spots his eyes flutter underneath and she breathes.

Michael comes up and places his hand on Sam's head. He takes the pain and heals his Grandfather. Sam's eyes open instantly and he looks up at us all. He sees the sword in my hand, but just as he does it transforms back into a dagger. Her dagger now. She twirls it in her hand again and watches Michael help Sam up. Sam nods at him and turns toward Eve and Ysandre and stops short.

"Eve?" he asks. Eve wags her tail and growls. Claire smiles.

"Yeah, that's Eve. She's beautiful isn't she?" ask Claire. She really did think Eve was beautiful in her raven black coat of fur. She looks fearsome and yet gentle. Sam walks over to her and pats her back. Eve backs away and transforms back into her true form. Michael rushes over to her and holds her tight. Sam takes Ysandre away without a fight, she is barely alive. Claire knew she would escape but she knew it had to happen. She could meddle with the future, but there were consequences for that and she was not about to mess with what she had seen. Claire turns to Shane, he is watching her.

"Do I have blood on me or something?" she asks. She looks over her body and yeup, she has blood. Claire looks at it and wants it off. She looks up at Shane and they lock eyes for a second. She runs up to him and he holds her tight. She wraps her arms around his neck and holds her body against his tight. She doesn't want to let go. She was still scared deep down, Francois was right. He could see it in her. The fear that love brings. The fear of losing it. She breathed deeply and slowly. Shane nestles his face in her shoulder and kisses her neck.

Shane I love you. She says to him. She sends him an image as well though. An image as well though, one that he doesn't know.

She looks at him, the only smile that makes her knees wobble and creates a flutter of butterflies in her stomach. The boy who had looked at her and saw the beauty and brains together, not just the brains. The boy she loves.

He looks back at her, as the only girl who really understood him. Who got why he was so angry and protective. Why he was the way he was. He loves her for that; the girl he will always love.

The church is filled with tears of sadness as well as joy at what has happened. Claire's father walks her up to Shane and gives him her hand. They step up to the pew together; to fight and love in life together, and to bring joy to one another.

They kiss as the minister pronounces them husband and wife.

Shane looks at Claire and is left speechless.

"How'd you do that?" he asks.

"I know a lot more now that I am the Prophet Shane. I just have grown into it. I don't look into the future though, the future lets me in and I look around for what is important and vital. You needed to know this." She says. She kisses his neck softly. He pulls her up to his lips and he pulls her in to a kiss.