Me: Wow another idea?

Setsuna: What are you doing to Ojou-sama?

Konoka: Yeah, what are you planning on doing to us again?

Me: Nothin'. Just went back, checked some old reviews, and thought that I could use the ideas. Great idea no?

Random people: Sure!

Me: See? Anyways, hope that you like this new idea! Please enjoy it!

Summary: Konoka gets so jealous of Setsuna that she uses her powers for evil. Thinking that it was her own fault, Setsuna joins Konoka. What will the Ala Alba do to bring them back? Will Konoka and Setsuna come back or will the outcome turn out for the worse? Not a great choice of words for this summary but please read and review! Thanks KonoSetsuna and Lance58 for this idea, sorry it took so long though!


"I'm so sorry everyone…" Setsuna slowly turned her back on everyone, 'This…This is all my fault. It should be my responsibility to fix it. Please wait for me Kono-chan!'

"Hey Set-chan…come here." beckoned Konoka, seductively.

"You're wrong! There could be a way to save them!" said Negi.

Just as Konoka was about to kiss Setsuna, she gently pushed her away, "If this is what you're after then I'm sorry but I can't love you like this."

"Are you serious? You seen the way that they are! We can't even come near them anymore!" said Asuna.

"Set-chan…it's your fault…IT'S YOUR FAULT!" screamed Konoka, unleashing her magical powers.

"I could always shoot them from afar." suggested Mana.

"That won't be necessary." Evangeline turned towards everyone, "All we have to do is make Konoka face reality. In other words, make Setsuna confess."

After realizing that she just did, Konoka crawled towards Setsuna's dying body, "Set-chan…" she touched her face, "No…no…NO!!"

"It can't be…" the Ala Alba looked at Setsuna's body in a pool of her own blood with Konoka crying next to her, "SET-CHAN!!!"

After a light blue light died down Setsuna was as good as new.

Setsuna slowly opened her eyes, "Ko…Kono-chan?" she put her hand on Konoka's shoulders gently.

Konoka looked at Setsuna as they smiled, "Thank god!" Konoka hugged Setsuna tightly.

"Now I can tell you. I can tell you that I love you."

"I'm so sorry Set-chan…I'm so sorry!" Konoka cried in joy, "I love you too!"

Me: Wow…bad prologue ¬¬ anyways, yeah thought that I could make a better prologue while listening to Requiem for a dream, but it didn't turn out that well (sweat drop) Oh well, hope that you all like this new idea! See ya all later!