"Eh? You were never in Konoka-san's control?" Everyone looked at Setsuna and Konoka.

Setsuna blushed a bit as Konoka looked down, "I'm sorry…"

"Don't be Konoka!" Asuna turned towards Setsuna, "If you were never in Konoka's control, why did you attack us?"

"I…" Setsuna held Konoka's hand, "It was my fault Kono-chan became like that so I wanted to fix it like I said."

"Did you have to risk your life though?" asked Yue, "You could've died Setsuna-san."

Setsuna used her free hand to scratch the back of her head, "I uh…wanted to see if Kono-chan would turn back to normal if I did that. Sorry if I scared you…"

"Scared us?" Everyone made Setsuna stand up and took turns hitting her.

After the last member hit Setsuna, Konoka ran towards her.

"I guess I deserved that…" Setsuna rubbed her cheek.

"You owe us an explanation Sakurazaki. What did you do to make Konoka be like that?" said Chisame.

Setsuna looked at Konoka then to the ground, "She uh…saw something that I can't explain to anyone else…"

"Which was…?" they all looked interested.

"A picture of my family…" Setsuna muttered, only Konoka heard her though.

"Why did you have to keep that a secret?" asked Konoka.

"My clan told me that if anyone knew about my family, they'd be cursed to death and I didn't want that to happen to you…" Setsuna looked into Konoka's eyes.

"That's all?" Asuna put her hands on her hips.

"Eh?" Setsuna looked at them.

"You did tell us before that your clan hated you for having white wings didn't you?" Yue drank her juice.

"They probably said that to make you not trust others." Haruna smiled at her.

Setsuna looked down again, "No…I…I told someone before and they died a few weeks after…"

"Maybe that person was sick?" Nodoka brought a hand to her chest.

Setsuna shook her head negative, "She was the same age as me at that time…not only that she was also a member of the tribe...I only had a few friends before when I was still in my clan…she…was one of the few and died a few weeks after I told her about them."

"Maybe she was being hunted?" said Mana, "Crow demon tribes are often mistaken for giant crows you know."

Setsuna shook her head again, "No…the clan would kill anyone that finds out about what happened…no matter who they are…"

Konoka hugged Setsuna, "It'll be alright Set-chan…"

Setsuna gave Konoka a weak smile, "I hope you're right…"

Negi looked at Setsuna's old photo, "Setsuna-san, these two are your parents right? Who's the boy?"

"My…older half-brother…" Setsuna smiled at the memory, "It was only my human mother, demon father, older half-brother demon and myself."

"Your brother was a demon wasn't he?" Evangeline crossed her arms, "Things must've been hard."

Setsuna nodded, "It was but we still managed to make it through…but…that day…" Setsuna stared to tear up.


"On that day…everything ended…"

Little did they know, just outside of Mahora, groups of demons were waiting.

"Boss, she's telling someone about you-know-what."

"Understood. Seems like we'd have to teach her what happens when she tells her 'friends' about that." the leader smirked.


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