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Bella's POV

It's been 17 years since he left me in the forest, telling me that he didn't want me. He left me alone in the cold wet forest. But I knew why.

I was human, a klutzy, fragile, insignifigant, little human.

But, that was 17 years ago, before I found out aout my only reason to live. Edward didn't only leave me, he left his daughters.

When he left I was nearly catatonic. Charlie attempted to send me back to Renee, but that was a . I threw a temper tantrum like a 5 year old until he agreed to finally let me stay.

Then, two weeks later I found out about Sammi and Mandi.

Charlie kicked me out when I told him. He said things no daughter should ever hear her father say. When I told him that Edward was the father, that was the biggest mistake, he hit me and sent me tumbling down the stairs. I figured because they're half vampire that they were fine.

The day I gave birth was the day I was turned into a Vampire. I can't really recall and of first thing I remember was waking up and seeing my girls sitting there waiting for me to wake up.

They were the most gorgeous little girls. They already had long flowing locks and looked a few months old because of their vampire genes.

Sammi had big brown eyes that faded to green around the iris, dark bronze curls that fell just above her shoulders, she was average height and was curvy but lean, she was pale but not as pale as Edward and I. She has Alice's personality . She loves clothes and shopping. She's quite the fashionista, but she only ever wears jeans and band tee's. Samantha also writes. She's always filling a notebook with story ideas and songs.

Mandi was almost the opposite. Her hair was strawberry blonde with deep bronze highlights and went to the middle of her back. She is just as pale as any other vampire. Sammi is only a half an inch shorter than Mandi is. She is more of a girly-girl She always wears stillettos and miniskirts. But if you cross her she will put you through hell. Her temper is worse than Rosalie's.

My girls know every thing except the name of their father and his family. I loved that family as if they were my own.

All I have now are my girls, Samantha Alice Esme Swan and Meranda Rosalie Elizabeth Swan, But they're all I need.

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