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SUMMARY: Bella is attending a party...and Mike is really annoying her. She grabs the first guy she sees, and whispers the 6 words to him. The handsome stranger agrees, and Bella is free from Mike for the rest of the night. Will they stay together? Or is it just a favor for a stranger?

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Why am I here again? Oh yeah-for the little pixie. How did she even get me to come. I think I agreed mostly because it was really late, and I was really drunk. I even agreed to let her dress me. So now, I'm in a strapless midnight blue mini-dress. I HATE THAT PIXIE!!!!! I stood with a drink in my hand, looking down at the innocent bottle of beer. I hate this right now. I hate the place where the party was at. I looked to the dance floor, where Alice was grinding onto Jasper, her boyfriend, and kissing him roughly.

"BELLA!?" I heard the one voice that I REALLY didn't want to hear. I smiled tightly, and looked at the golden retriever boy. Seriously, he should get a golden retriever, and go onto that really old commercial where the people and dogs look alike.

"Mike. Hi." I said through clenched teeth. His eyes widened as he took in my whole appearance.

"So...what're you up to these days?" He asked, eyes trained on my chest. I rolled my eyes, and smiled tightly again as he looked back up to my face for a fraction of a second.

"Just waiting for my boyfriend." I said quickly-OH NO!!!! Since Jake there hasn't been anyone!!!! I don't even have Jasper as an excuse, because he and Alice are getting married, and Mike's invited(Alice was very annoyed, but agreed anyway). And I didn't have Emmett either, mostly because he wasn't here. Plus, it was his wedding anniversary, with his wife, Rose.

"Oh-well, while he's gone, you want to...meet me in the bedroom?" he wiggled his eyebrows very unattractively while a guy leaning on the wall snorted, and chuckled.

"OH MY GOD! Is Jessica Stanley dancing naked?!" I lied, shocked as Mike turned around, "Be my boyfriend for 5 minutes? To get away from him." I begged the handsome stranger. PLEASE let him say yes!!!

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