Welcome one, welcome all, to my new story! As some of you already know, I'm a big fan of Carlisle and Esme from Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Saga. There is very little information about their past and them falling in love, so I wanted to give their backstory a shot. This will mainly be about Esme's past until they become a couple, but I am working on a story about Carlisle's past as well. Thank you for reading, my lovelies!

August 12th, 1903

Columbus, Ohio

Platt Family Farm

"Try and catch me now, Esme!"

"No fair, William! You got a head start!" I laughed as I chased after my best friend. We were playing tag and I was desperately trying to catch him. I suppose it was foolish; I in my dress and church shoes, William in knickers with bare feet. But he cheated, and I couldn't let him win that way!

My curls were pulled back, yet they managed to stray a bit and were bouncing by my face as I continued to propel myself forward. Perhaps that should've told me to stop, but it didn't.

I chased William up the hill by the side road next to my family's farm. As I was running, something caught my eye. There was a man walking under the trees next to the road. People had passed through here before, but there was something different about this man; He seemed unconditionally benevolent.

He was also very pretty, like an angel. I had heard stories about God sending some of his angels to Earth to watch over us, but could I really be seeing one?

That's when I fell.

Carlisle's Point Of View

What a beautiful day, in a beautiful town. I truly felt at peace as I strolled a bit leisurely to one of my rare dayshifts. I was trying a different path today; I had never seen this part of Columbus before.

I had been a tad depressed lately; I had no companion that I could keep close to. Though I was never judging towards other vampires, I found it difficult to befriend those that didn't agree with my "vegetarian" lifestyle. I did know plenty of humans at the hospitals I worked at through the years, but it was very dangerous to become attached to humans. Plus, I would eventually have to leave them with no detailed explanation or way to contact me. I couldn't put anyone through the pain of losing a friend if I could avoid it. So I decided it was best to be friendly, but not too friendly. I couldn't be rude, but I couldn't entice much more than I naturally did.

Then, almost as if they could sense my arrival and the melancholy coming from my body, I heard the laughter of children. Two, if my ears were right.

"Try and catch me now, Esme!"

"No fair, William! You got a head start!"

I chuckled as I saw a little girl, maybe eight or nine, running after a friend. He appeared to be the same age, but perhaps a smidge taller than most. The girl was running in a little navy dress with a pair of nicer shoes on. Oh, I hoped she would stay clean for her parents!

I stood for a minute to enjoy the delight. I was particularly drawn to the girl; she seemed so happy and determined! Yet because of my predatory vibe, the girl- Esme, picked up on my presence.

As she was running up a hill, her head snapped in my direction. She looked at me with a blend of surprise and fascination. Sadly, she didn't register that she was still moving, and as she neared the top, the poor thing lost her footing!

Oh, torture! I wished that I was able to move at my speed. But no, I painfully had to watch the sweet girl stumble and roll down the hill! Thankfully, the boy jumped out of the way before two children would be hurt. The girl slowed to a stop and immediately began sobbing. The boy was soon at her side.

"It's okay, Esme. Everything will be fine. I'll get somebody."

I shouted to the boy. "Stay there, I'm coming to help you!"

I took to the speed of a fast human (or a very slow vampire). It was interesting; maneuvering my way to the children while somehow staying within the safe shade of the oak trees, but I did it.

"Hello young lady, my name is Carlisle. I work at the hospital here in town and I'm going to help you with your injuries."

"So you're a doctor?" I laughed lightly at her question.

"Indeed, I am."

"Are you any good?" Oh, to be young again! To speak so candidly and yet remain so endearing.

"I like to think so." I smiled gently at her. She seemed pleased enough with my response and waited patiently for me to begin.

I inspected her carefully. There were no apparent fatal injuries or broken bones, but it was my duty to be extra attentive to the wounds of a patient. "Turn your head slowly, please." No sign of trauma to her neck. "I'm going to press very gently on your head. Tell me if it hurts, okay?" She nodded a little weakly. The dear was worried about pain, poor girl.

I was more careful than ever. I gingerly pressed on her scalp as I used her hair for insulation to keep her from noticing my abnormal temperature. "Anything?"

"I'm a little sore."

"Is there anything wrong with her, doc?" Little William called from beside me.

"I don't see anything serious. She's a little bruised, maybe. But I think that your friend will be fine. Just rest a bit more to be safe, and be careful on that hill!"

"Yes sir." Esme mumbled.

"Would you like any help home?"

"I live just a minute or two away, doctor. My friend, William can walk me."

"If you insist." I lifted the girl to her feet and after a goodbye, I began to walk away.

She called from behind me. "Sir?" I turned to face her. "Thanks." She smiled in such a charming manner.

"Think nothing of it…Just promise me that if you start to feel any worse once you're home, that you'll be sure to tell your parents." She nodded once more before taking off with the boy.

Yet as I walked away, I swore that I heard a childish whisper.

"Hey, William? Do you think God would ever send an angel to Columbus?"

So you see, in my universe, Carlisle and Esme met BEFORE she broke her leg! XD I hope you enjoyed this chapter! However, I would like to apologize about length. My chapters are gradually getting longer as I write them, and sticking around for the rest of the story will be worth it! Again, thanks for reading, and please review! Even a simple "I really like this!" gives me a boost. Have a nice day! =D